Seductive Summer Scents | Calvin Klein Euphoria

Calvin Kleine's Euphoria

Seductive Summer Scents | Calvin Klein Euphoria


Presented in an unusual but statement designer perfume bottle – customary for anything Calvin Klein – its contents will not disappoint the perfume connoisseur. 


The Art of the Perfumier should be celebrated but they would rather you dab their product on your pulse points.  This is obviously the aim of the inventors of Euphoria by Calvin Klein.  In their perfect world, the scent was created wafts through the best times of you, the client’s life.  One day its aroma will remind you of a time, a place and, hopefully, of a special happiness too.


Perhaps hotter temperatures expand and enhance this fragrance but we see it as a year round perfume too – it wouldn’t clash with the smells of a traditional Christmas for instance. That said, Euphoria, Calvin Kline, is simply perfect for summer wear. 


Don’t expect a completely different scent.  It could remind you of other scents you have owned.  Its ingredients have been the basis of some of the world’s most seductive scents.  Scintillating Sandalwood and the sexiest ingredient of any perfume – pure frosted musk.


Calvin Kline’s Euphoria is available at leading department stores.

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PerfumeFan profile image

PerfumeFan 7 years ago from New Jersey

I have this scent. I usually wear this during summer.

5 years ago

The best perfume out there!!! I love it you can use it for any occasion, just like your fav piece of clothing that you can dress up or down.. 10/10

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