Excessive Underarm Sweating: Solutions That Work

Excessive sweating in the regions of your underarms and hands can be an embarrassing and socially awkward problem.

This sweating is a condition called hyperhydrosis, which goes unaffected by even most clinical strength deodorants. If you suffer from this problem it may effect how you choose your wardrobe, to how confident you feel meeting new people.

Sweat Shield

Sweat shield is a unique product that allows a person to use a wipe under the arms a few times a week.

Product users have reviewed this product with great results, especially those who's underarm sweating was unresponsive to conventional anti-perspirant.

Botox Cosmetic Injections

An exciting, long lasting treatment for hyperhidrosis of the hands, underarms, and feet.

Reported to last for 6-8 months, with an estimated cost of $1,400.

Retrodermal Curettage

This is a surgical procedure, where a Doctor removes many of the sweat glands in the afflicted area.

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS)

Although most experts do not recommend this procedure, it is sometimes used as a last resort to those with severe sweating that is unresponsive to all other treatment options.

This procedure targets the nerve on either side of the body and blocks the stimulation of the sweat glands. 

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