What men should know about their eyebrows

Advice about eyebrow grooming for men

Eyebrow care has become an important part of the grooming process—equal to shaving—with well-groomed eyebrows making for a clean, well-groomed, polished look.

Eyebrows accentuate your face and play a key role in your expressions. They can convey a multitude of emotions--surprise, sadness, anger, excitement, worry, happiness---much better than words can, yet for the longest time they've been overlooked by men and have been allowed to grow wild.

Until recent years, eyebrow maintenance was considered by most men to be a girly thing and just the suggestion was enough to raise a few male eyebrows. Thankfully, the trend is changing and being in charge of your eyebrows is coming into fashion.

For men, grooming is not about getting thin, arching eyebrows, but is about removing excess hair from around the brows and bringing out the natural shape.

To get an idea, check out a few celebrity men that you admire as good-looking (a few on the right). Most likely eyebrow grooming doesn't even come to mind when you look at their pictures. They just look good and like they have it together. That's what it's all about.

So, you've decided to give eyebrow grooming a try. Where do you start?

For first-timers I highly recommend that you consult an eyebrow stylist. They will help you to find the shape and grooming method that matches you best. That way, if you decide to go the route of doing it yourself in the future, you'll know what matches you and have something to work off of.

If you're one of the brave ones who wants to go at it themselves from the start, here are the basics about eyebrow grooming.

What to use:

-Plucking: Tweezers can be found at almost any general store or drugstore, but you want to find a good pair which will help save time and nerves. Find one that is precise and has a good grip.

The pros about plucking is that you can focus on smaller areas and hairs tend to grow back slower than shaving. The con is the stinging pain that beginners experience.

When plucking, pull in the direction the hair is growing. It will hurt at first but you will get use to it over time. Pull your skin taut if you have a hard time getting to the hair.

-Waxing: Generally, plucking is the way to go, but waxing is useful for between the brows, and other areas if you know what you are doing. A mistake that is commonly made (if you're doing it on your own) is to remove more hair than you need to.

The pro is that it removes all hair at once, making the process less painful than plucking—although unless you have really thick eyebrows waxing isn't really necessary. Hair removal waxing kits can be found at most drugstores or general stores.

-Trimming: Some times all a person really needs is a good trim to get long and bushy brows into shape.

(Some people shave, but this is inadvisable, as the hair comes back quicker and at once. It also looks bad as, like shaving the chin, the hair roots are visible under the skin.)

How to:

  1. Remove all hair between your eyebrows. Place a pencil straight up from one side of your nose. The place where the outer tip of the pencil meets your eyebrow is where the eyebrow should start. Do not pluck past where the eye and nose meet.

  2. Run a fine-tooth comb through your eyebrows, make the hairs stand up, and trim any long eyebrow hairs with a pair of eyebrow scissors. While how short you trim it really depends on how thick your hairs are and how it looks on you, it's safe to say that if it's longer than a centimeter, its too long.

  3. Remove stray hairs from under the eyebrow and around the outer edge if it droops down. As much as possible, don't mess with the natural shape of the eyebrow. You don't want to end up looking like Jean Harlow or with short eyebrows.

Very few people have symmetric features so don't worry about getting left and right eyebrow exactly the same. Go easy the first time around.

Being well-groomed looks professional and trustworthy. There's no need to shell out big bucks to look good. It's amazing what a world of difference it makes.

And just for the record, long gone are the days when uni-brows were considered acceptable---much less attractive. While some find it “original” or consider it a statement, the only statement they are getting across is...well, nothing at all, because everyone is too busy staring at their uni-brow. To most, a uni-brow is highly distracting, embarrassing, and cringe-worthy. For the love of all that is good and beautiful, ditch the uni-brow.


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