Eyelash Extensions for Katie Price

"Katie Price had 200 individual eyelash extensions attached with specialist glue, to each eyelid.  Her eyelash makeover took place at the end of December 2009 and was featured on What Katie Did Next which was broadcast on ITV2 on 25th February 2010.  The process took just under 2 hours.  Katie selected the longest and thickest eyelash extensions and, whereas most clients have 80 - 120 per eye Katie had 200..." Published with the permission of the Katie Price Gossip website

Eyelashes and Eyebrows Cosmetically Enhanced

Katie has dyed eyebrows and they could have been threaded.  Her eyebrows have definitely changed shape recently going from rounded to straight with an angle.  (Have a look at videos of Katie Price in the Video Bar at the foot of the page to see if you can detect when her eyebrows changed shape).  It is difficult to say - as she can be cagey about how she achieves various looks but Katie has possibly had her eye liner tattooed on too.   You'll notice during episodes of What Katie Did Next that, even when she allows herself to be filmed at home with Harvey and while cooking,  she has eye liner on, dark brows and long lashes.

Eye Eye Katie Price!

Katie Price having all these eye procedures done will encourage other women (and men) to follow suit. Training to become eyelash technicians (the people who dye and add eyelash extensions) is increasingly popular.  It is as if she drives various industries in the beauty sector.  She is missing a trick though - she should have her own branded salons...


Katie seemingly wears false eyelashes on top of the extensions.  You'd think her eyelids would become tired, especially when you consider how much batting of her eyes she does.  If she keeps it up she'll develop muscles in the eyelids.  Imagine that, a six pack beneath her eyebrows.

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