Facial Cleansing Method with Oil (OCM)

Healthful renewal of your skin!
Healthful renewal of your skin!

Introducing A Technique for Renewing Your Complexion

Our skin produces natural oils whose task is to keep our skin healthy and flexible. These oils lubricate the skin, promote healing and help seal in moisture against drying winds, as well as facilitate the assimilation process (in conjunction with sunlight) in producing Vitamin D and some necessary hormones.

While these naturally occurring oils are produced by our skin for its own benefit, a buildup can cause problems including skin blemishes such as acne (pimples, whiteheads and blackheads). The problem occurs when the oils age and become waxy, trapping bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells. Hormonal fluctuations, dietary deficiencies, allergies and stress can all accelerate this process.

Then there are the problems of aging skin, wrinkling, excessively dry & flakey skin, rosacea or eczema. Using any kind of soap, even one which claims to be moisturizing, is not a suitable cleansing method for any of these conditions due to the stripping of oils, an innate property to soap. Aging skin which has begun to wrinkle due to the natural loss of collagen, is greatly benefited immediately by the Oil Cleansing Method. Many people who try OCM also find long term improvement with these other difficult skin challenges.

Most people use soap in order to wash the oils from their skin, but soap removes too much of these beneficial oils and leaves skin dry, unprotected and vulnerable to environmental attack. A preferable technique is to use the Oil Cleansing Method to remove excess oils and wax from your skin without stripping your body’s protective oils completely.

If using oil to clean your skin sounds strange to you, remember that oil dissolves oil and the waxes the oils degenerate into. Don’t panic at the thought of rubbing oil into your skin. The oil itself will not cause blemishes. It will effectively soften and dissolve the waxy oil that is clogging the skin along with the trapped bacteria, dirt and dead cells which are causing the problems.

Oils to Use in Your Cleansing Facial Oil Blend

Natural oils you can use to make your own Cleansing Facial Oil include Sweet Almond, Jojoba, (some prefer Extra Virgin) Olive, GrapeSeed, Apricot or any other good quality, pure oils mixed to your personal preference.

Castor oil is sometimes suggested for OCM regimens, but as it is purgative and mildly irritating to tissues I would suggest keeping the Castor Oil at 1-10% or less of the total mixture. At this low level the properties will serve to stimulate circulation at the surface of your skin for a beneficial effect. If you notice any irritation after OCM, cut back or cut out the Castor Oil. If you have rosacea, a skin condition causing redness and broken capillaries, Castor Oil is not recommended

Sea Buckthorn Oil is a very beneficial healing skin oil, but is also best used in the Cleansing Facial Oil formula in a low percentage. This is because Sea Buckthorn Oil is expensive and has a very orange color due to the antioxidant carotenes that can turn your skin orange and stain clothing in concentrated amounts.

Additional healing ingredients you can include with positive results are:

  • Tamanu Oil (very beneficial)
  • Shea Oil
  • Evening Primrose Oil (helps severely dry & damaged skin, eczema, inflammation)
  • Rosehip Seed Oil
  • Kukui Oil
  • Perilla Seed Oil (strong smell)
  • St. John’s Wort Oil
  • Hazelnut Oil
  • Camellia Oil (useful for eczema, psoriasis)
  • Babassu Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Avocado Oil (very good for dry& aging skin)
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Flax Seed Oil (use for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne & aging skin)
  • Meadowfoam Oil (especially good for aging skin)
  • Oil of Calendula flowers
  • Oil of Chamomile flowers
  • Oil of Comfrey
  • Vitamins A & D & E

In small amounts some pure Essential Oils (not fragrance oils) can be added to your blend as an enhancement:

  • Carrot Seed –for aging skin & wrinkles
  • Palo Santo –highly regarded oil from Equador
  • Helichrysum –highly prized for all facial skin applications
  • Tea Tree –use sparingly, antiseptic, antibacterial
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Neroli
  • Clary Sage


Clean healthy skin!
Clean healthy skin!
Using Rejuvenating oils...
Using Rejuvenating oils...
and pure water!
and pure water!

Glowing & Clear! The Oil Cleansing Method Routine

Apply a generous coating of Cleansing Facial Oil to your face, gently massaging it into the skin. If your skin is blemished and/or very dry use the oil full strength. If your skin is mostly healthy and moist, you can dilute your Facial Oil with an equal amount of a high-quality, pure skin oil such as grapeseed, sweet almond, olive or apricot oil. If you have only one of any of the appropriate oils, try it by itself!

Apply the oil directly over any visible dirt or makeup and massage it well into your skin. Take a little time to work the oil deep into your skin, massaging and relaxing the muscles under your skin as you go. Work slowly and gently… breathe deep, relax and enjoy this deep self-care treatment. Remember the role of stress in aging skin!

After the Cleansing Facial Oil has been worked well into skin and pores and the healing essential oils have been deeply absorbed, lean back in a comfortable chair and drape a steamy, wet towel or piece of flannel over your face. Wring the cloth out before applying to produce a comforting, moisturizing steam bath for your face. This process will help to open pores and allow them to release any trapped dirt or impurities, as well as soothing your facial muscles and nerves.

As the washcloth cools, use it to gently wipe away the remaining oil from your face, together with the dirt, makeup, stubborn dead skin cells, toxins and whatever other impurities have collected on your skin. Rinse the cloth out a time or two and use to gently wipe your face two or three times to completely clear your skin of any residue. The dirt and impurities will come off and leave your skin clean, healthy and glowing.

No soap or other cleansers are needed!

After rinsing well, gently splash cool water over your face to close the pores and tone the skin. Nothing else is needed, though if your skin feels tight you can apply a high-quality, chemical-free moisturizer to top off the process. In fact, the Cleansing Facial Oil itself will work fine for this moisturizing stage… simply take a few drops of the oil and massage right into your newly cleansed skin. Keep working gently until all the oil is absorbed (or pat it off with a warm, moist towel).

You’re finished! Your skin should have a vibrant glow and be clean and healthy without having lost its natural healing oils. Enjoy!

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kay rowe 7 years ago

Very interesting article and I will definitely try the oil cleansing method. And since I am almost out of olive oil, which I cook with, I think I will buy grapseed oil next time for facial cleansing. I really like the nutty taste, and it's great for dipping bread. In.

walksbeauty profile image

walksbeauty 7 years ago from Sapello, New Mexico Author

Thank you... Grapeseed oil is a great one for OCM. It's a light, penetrating oil high in linoleic acid and other essential fatty acids which help strengthen tissue cells and is especially good for sensitive and/or aging skin. And it does taste delicious! A mix of grapeseed & olive is also nice. Thank you for your comment!

Victoire profile image

Victoire 7 years ago from Paris, France

So interesting--I will definitely try it! Hot wash cloths are also great for the sinuses!

walksbeauty profile image

walksbeauty 7 years ago from Sapello, New Mexico Author

That's true!~ You could even enjoy a bit of Rosemary or Lavender Essential oil in the mix and your sinuses would love the steamy vapors.

boneclinx690 profile image

boneclinx690 5 years ago from Neverland

An interesting read but I was under the impression that Castor oil was the staple oil of any OCM regimen.

walksbeauty profile image

walksbeauty 5 years ago from Sapello, New Mexico Author

Hi boneclinx690....

I explain about the use of Castor Oil in your OCM regimen in the section called "Oils to Use in Your Cleansing Facial Oil Blend". These are my recommendations after observing formulas with a high percentage of Castor Oil being very irritating. Thank you for your comment!

Janny Fernandez 5 years ago

Lovely hub with great information.It is really refreshing to see such new methods for Facial Cleansing.I am surely gonna try this one.Seems to be a good method ,I think. Thanks a lot for sharing this hub.Cheers :)


sal 5 years ago

I have rosacea acne and am thrilled to hear about the benefits of olive oil in the healing process...I heard the same oil when massaged lightly on the scalp promotes hair regrowth...thamks for the information...how exactly should one massage the face? Also, is a hot towel recommended for rosacea since heat aggravates the skin...

walksbeauty profile image

walksbeauty 5 years ago from Sapello, New Mexico Author

Very very gently Sal!I do not suggest HOT cloth, rather gently warm. With rosacea always remember *gentle*. Also try Neem since some say rosacea can be a small irritating microscopic bacteria in the skin that neem can ward off.

sal 5 years ago

Hey thanks for the suggestion - will get my hands on neem oil. Talking about microscopic bacteria, I heard horror stories about mites...a probable cause of rosacea (since my dog sleeps in with me), I hear that adding a couple of drops of tea tree oil to olive oil and then applying it on the face and eyelashes (where the mites settle in) make actually kill the mites and clear the rosacea, particularly ocular rosacea. What do you suggest?

walksbeauty profile image

walksbeauty 5 years ago from Sapello, New Mexico Author

That is interesting! Right along the same lines of thought... Neem is very good for this situation as well as the tea tree. I'm sure a blend of them or alternating treatment will work. Keep me posted as getting rid of rosacea is difficult & maybe you're on to something that will work! I do not know about ocular rosacea. Here is some good info on Neem: http://www.directlyfromnature.com/searchresults.as...

sal 5 years ago

Thanks a ton...will keep you posted!

Jen 5 years ago

I also have rosacea and so far the only things that have really helped are moving to a humid climate (summers only, unfortunately) and the sulfacetamide/sulfur cleanser my dermatologist recommended. It does work, but I'd love to find something more natural that doesn't dry out the rest of my skin like the cleanser does.

I'm going to try a mixture of 20% flax seed oil and 80% evoo and see how it does. I've read that sea buckthorn oil kills the mites, if I tried it do you think 10% would be a good amount, in place of part of the olive oil (so 70% evoo, 20% fso and 10% sbo)?

Thank you so much!

Jen 5 years ago

Whoops, I meant to ask also how often should I do OCM? Currently I have to wash twice per day to keep my rosacea in check but I've read OCM shouldn't be done too frequently. Would it be okay to start out doing it every evening?

Walksbeauty 5 years ago

Yes, Jen, I do think the SeaBuckthorn is a very good addition to the mix you suggested. I use it in a blend I apply every day as one layer of my moisturizing (it is so dry here in the highlands of New Mexico I can use a lot of oil directly on my skin)regimen.) It has not made the rosacea damage from the past go away but does seem to help keep it in check from progressing. You can play with the %age of the oils until you come up with one that works well for you.

It depends on several factors how often to use OCM & is a very individualized thing. See if every evening is good for you... Remember for your tender skin be very gentle with all massaging, never use scrubs on the facial skin & use warm, not hot, water & a soft cloth.

Good luck! I hope the OCM helps you. Please let us know how it goes!

sal 5 years ago

what do you do when people comment on your bad skin (rosacea) and your career demands a good image...has anyone cured or completely camouflaged rosacea?

walksbeauty 5 years ago

Hi Sal...

That is a difficult situation & I'm sorry if you're facing that in your life & career. It is unfortunate that appearance when due to a malady like rosacea is such an issue.

I am not able to say whether anyone has completely cleared up their rosacea successfully or not. I do know (and personally use) only all natural mineral foundation or make-up. It does a pretty good coverage job & it is claimed to actually protect skin from the sun & help rosacea go away. I use the brush-on powder & then spray with a natural water-based spray to 'set' the make up.

You might want to try this out & see if it helps. I hope it does!

sal 5 years ago

Will give it a shot, thanks!

profile image

kiranbv 4 years ago

Thanks.. but my question is can a man who has facial hair on cheeks and almost close to invisible hairs on forehead use castor oil? would in such cases increase facial hair? Thanks so much for your advanced responses.

walksbeauty profile image

walksbeauty 4 years ago from Sapello, New Mexico Author

I am not certain Castor Oil has that effect as I choose to not use it. It has a powerful purgative effect I feel is potentially too harsh for delicate facial skin.

Jessica 4 years ago

I just started doing this tonight and I am already thrilled. I started making my own soap a few months ago, and wanted an all natural facial cleanser as well. I have oily skin with flakes... as if that should even happen... and over the last few years my face has developed blackheads everywhere. With regular cleansers the flakes remained, even after washing and moisturizing, but they are actually gone tonight. My face isn't oily either. It's definitely worth continuing. More people should give this a try. I did use castor oil though. I used 1 part castor to 3 parts meadowfoam. I'm amazed at how well this works already.

walksbeauty profile image

walksbeauty 4 years ago from Sapello, New Mexico Author

Glad to hear you're getting good results, Jessica, at the beginning. Keep us posted how things go with time!

Jen 4 years ago

Hello again. I've been using the 80/20 evoo and flax seed oil combo about once-twice a week for awhile now. My skin doesn't seem to like it more often than that, but I also notice more dryness and clogged pores when I stop all together.

I also wanted to let you know that, rather than add it to the other mixture, I purchased some pure organic sea buckthorn seed oil and have been using 2-3 drops directly on my face once or twice per day in place of moisturizer. My Rosacea is GONE! I do have mild breakouts if I go a couple of days without the oil, eat something spicy or have more than 1 soda (my major triggers) but other than that I have no redness or no bumps. It's been amazing!

Candice 4 years ago


I'm originally from a very humid climate and just moved to Southern California and currently seeing a lot of changes in my skin. It is now quite dry and starting to wrinkle rapidly. I'm loving your article and wondering if you wouldn't mind recommending a mixture of certain oils and the percentage used so that I could heal this? May I use it twice a day or should I have another cleanser at hand? I've been washing my face with a natural facial face that has castor oil in it and I am noticing the broken capillaries you mentioned developing around my nose. I had no clue where they came from until I read this. Any input would be extremely appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you!

Halina 4 years ago

I found my oil mix (as advised by another site) was way too drying (castor 25/jojoba 75). I used less and less castor until I was only using jojoba thanks to your article. My face now looks amazing! The only thing I changed was 2 times a week (3 in the summer), I use a light baking soda exfoliation just on blackhead-prone areas. I just couldn't get rid of them with OCM alone--even with the castor oil!

walksbeauty profile image

walksbeauty 4 years ago from Sapello, New Mexico Author


I am so happy to hear you're having good results with Sea Buckthorn~ AWESOME you're having such a success getting of rosacea!

walksbeauty profile image

walksbeauty 4 years ago from Sapello, New Mexico Author

So glad you eliminated the Castor Oil! I know your skin thanks you! Good idea for blackheads, too! All au natural! yay!

walksbeauty profile image

walksbeauty 4 years ago from Sapello, New Mexico Author


I'm glad you stopped using the product with the castor oil. I don't think it helps facial skin issues.

Above, in the article, is a good list of oils that are beneficial. You can formulate one to your liking. I love using a mix of oils since each one provides different benefits.

I, too, moved from a moist environment to a very dry one. I slather my face with salves & oils morning & evening & try to not use any cleanser or soap at all. Too drying! OCM with a good mix of healing oils!

Good luck!

Jennifer 4 years ago

So very grateful for this information! I have been using OCM for a month now and love it, but have noticed in this 4th week that I have broken capillaries showing on my once clear skin. I am hopeful that eliminating castor oil from my routine will help me continue with this method. I have also noticed an increase in pore size around my nose in mouth, which is also unusual for me. I haven't been completing the routine with a cool water wash, so that might be helpful. Do you have any other thoughts on what might be encouraging my pores to stay large?

walksbeauty profile image

walksbeauty 4 years ago from Sapello, New Mexico Author

Jennifer... Yes, a cool rinse afterwards could help & for sure the elimination of the Castor oil which is harsh for facial skin & could be causing the capillaries situation. Are you in a very hot and/or humid environment? Heat, hot water, spicy foods, alcohol, anger, allergies can also cause that as well as the enlarged pores. Drink lots of water & cool down your face when you get overheated. Cucumber & Melon blended & put on the face with some bentonite clay or even just by itself could be cooling & soothing... Good luck!~

profile image

Vim2012 4 years ago

For rosacea I have been using neem leaf, turmeric and holy basil (tulsi) paste daily basis, apply on your face and leave it for an hour then rinse thoroughly with water. I use castor oil on my face and leave it overnight and I also apply neem oil during the day, not daily but during the weekend while at home. I have been using this remedy for about a month now and I can tell you my rosacea has almost cleared. No irritation at all, my complexion has improved a lot and I don't blush at all like before.

zoi 4 years ago

i'm wondering if it is better to use neem oil as a cleanser or as a moisturiser after cleansing?I'm planning on using evening primrose oil as a moisturiser and if neem is so good for rosacea i can use it after my night OCM and primrose in the morning! Btw i'm doing the OCM for 10 days!i have made mistakes though,such as i probably rub my skin too hard and even though i can stand the hot towel ,it shouldn't be so hot for rosacea ...anyway,good thing i read this tonight! thank you :)

Sierra 4 years ago

I have been doing the oil cleansing treatment for about a month. My skin is softer but I still have breakouts.... I have been using a 3:1 ratio of castor oil and evoo and a little bit of tea tree oil- my skin looks healthy but I have breakouts- I have been using that only at night...... Have any suggestions????

Stephanie 3 years ago

For Acne you recommend grapeseed oil, can I just use it straight out of the bottle or dilute it?

Selina 3 years ago

How much of each oil would you suggest? I would be using olive oil and one of the other oil you suggested.

Justice Christensen 3 years ago

I've got rosacea and acne with combination skin, where is a good place to start? EVOO and flaxseed? Sea Buckthorn? I think I should be using EVOO as a base but I don't know where to go from there. Help?

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