Facial Piercings

Facial piercings have been very popular throughout the years and throughout history, including both primitive and modern cultures. Tribes once used body modifications as a rite of passage. They preformed various brandings, scarrings, and piercings.

Tribes pierced the lips of women before marriage, and stretched the piercing to mark the times. They pierced the cheeks of tribe members, and wore bars connecting the piercings.

Nose piercings began 4,000 years ago in Middle East as they were thought to make childbirth easier due to the placement of the female reproductive organs. Rebekah, in Genesis was, even, given the gift of a nose ring. In many cases, in history, facial piercings were the mark of higher rank in society.

Today, we still see these piercings amongst our culture, as well as many other facial piercings. Facial piercings, as well as other body piercings serve as a mere aesthetic purpose.

Piercers of today, do not fall for historic guidelines, but instead, the thinking is rather "if it protrudes, it can be pierced." If you are thinking about getting some facial piercing, you need to think about healing, as it takes greater care in healing a facial piercing, as for the most part, the face is a flat surface. Plus, the face has several vital areas to which blood travels, so you want to watch healing and infections, as well as rejection and migration.

Because modern society is not like the tribes who practiced face piercings, you will want to consider many things if you decide to get  a facial piercing. Consider your job, as most jobs will not allow facial piercings; consider what happens if it gets infected and you have a scar on your face; and consider every possible disadvantage before you get the piercing.

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LabretOff-Center LipSnake BitesMonroe Piercing
Off-Center Lip
Off-Center Lip
Snake Bites
Snake Bites
Monroe Piercing
Monroe Piercing

Various Facial Piercing Placements

Labret- Placed below the lip. Usually centered in the face, but can be off-center as well.

Vertical labret- Pierced vertically through the center of the lip.

Lip- Pierced directly below the lip. Can be centered or off centered. Usually worn with a CBR.

Monroe- Placed to appear as a birthmark, it is usually on the upper lip diagonal the nose. Named after the famous Marilyn Monroe.

Cheeks- Two piercings on either side of the face, to resemble dimples

Septum- Also known as an Earl; piercing directly through the septum of the nose. Usually worn with a CBR or horseshoe.

Nose- Jewelry is placed through the nostrils on either or both sides of the nose. Can be worn with a small CBR or nose screws.

Eyebrow- Piercing can be horizontal, but usually vertical. It's placed on the eyebrow.

Bridge- Pierced through the top of the nose between the eyes.

Vertical Labret and Nose
Vertical Labret and Nose

Healing facial piercings

Healing facial piercings is similar to healing other body piercings. You should use a saline solution or a mild sea salt solution, which consists of 1 teaspoon of sea salt and 6 ounces of water.

Clean the piercing itself, as well as around it with the saline or sea salt solution at least twice a day.

Soak a cotton ball or Q-Tip to clean the piercing. Do not use a towel.

You should, also, clean the piercing daily when in the shower. Gently rub a mild soap on and around the piercing. Push the jewelry in and out of the piercing, letting the soap clean the inside as well as the outside. Rinse the piercing thoroughly, as you do NOT want to have soap left on the piercing to dry. This will severely irritate the piercing, raising rejection rates and causing them to soar.

Do NOT fiddle with the piercing any other time than when cleaning it. Playing with the jewelry will cause irritation and possible migration.

Healing Expectancy

Although the healing time for the different facial piercings will vary according to each person and each person's body. Healing time is, also, affected by your conscious effort to clean and take care of the piercing.

On average, the following piercings heal at an average rate of:

  • Nostril (Nose)- 6 weeks to 6 months
  • Septum- 8 weeks to 6 months
  • Eyebrow- 6 weeks to 6 months
  • Bridge- 10 weeks to 12 months
  • Labret- 6 to 8 weeks
  • Lip- 6 to 8 weeks
  • Cheeks- 6 weeks to 6 months

Tongue and Smiley
Tongue and Smiley

Mouth Piercings

Piercings of the mouth can also be considered facial piercings. These piercings include the tongue, tongue web (frowny), and upper web (smiley).

Mouth piercings are, actually, a very old piercing, dating back to the Aztec and Mayan cultures. Although, there is not any evidence of the people keeping permanent rings, or jewelry, through the piercings, the pictures show priests piercing tongues and drawing blood from the holes.

Mouth piercings are easy to heal as the saliva in our mouths carry strong bacteria that heal wounds quickly. But, even still you need to practice safe piercing aftercare.

To heal a mouth piercing, you can gurgle with an alcohol free antiseptic mouthwash. Healing time it usually 4-6 weeks.

Jobs and Piercings

When you decide to get a piercing, much less one that is visible, you need to think of everything.

If you are currently employed, how will your employer feel about your new lip piercing or tongue piercing?

If you are employed, but looking for a job. Having a visible piercing may inhibit your ability at finding a job.

In many cases, businesses will not hire people with visible facial or mouth piercings. In other cases, the piercings must be removed when on the job. In this case, are you willing to take out your piercing?

You shouldn't remove the jewelry unless the piercing is healed. How will you be able to put in a retainer if it's not recommended to even remove the jewelry the piercing was pierced with?

Sometimes, you can find a job with a visible facial piercing. You just have to be looking in the right spot and hope that it's a job that you enjoy. Because is a piercing really worth not being able to work?

I'm not saying not to get a visible piercing. You just need to think about how it will affect your employment and life before deciding to get it.

Tongue Piercing

Pictures can be found at flickr.com.

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joytohave profile image

joytohave 5 years ago from Independence, Missouri

Got my cheeks pierced 2 weeks ago.Swelling and bruising is gone but red around piercing with no pain.What can I do?

Selina 5 years ago

I got my monroe done awhile ago and it's healed properly but I was just wondering if the plastic, clear, labret is worse for smokers to wear than the metal? I mean, I don't want mouth cancer.... so any help would be great :)

Jono 5 years ago

Whitney05 thank you so much for all your amazing advice... I only have the one eyebrow done but you have told me so much about the things that i never knew especially about snakebites.. Once again thank you

tamia 5 years ago

i just got my labret pierced tonight but the lady made it slanted. i want to take it off and pierce it again tomorrow? will i get an affection?

missyjls 5 years ago

hello, do youu know anything about the rejection rates of horizontal tongue surface piercings? also, would i be able to get it done if i cannot have a verticle tongue piercing due to strangely placed veins?


Rae 5 years ago

I have 21 piercings, all of different sorts and sizes that I did myself. I find it easier to do them myself b/c i'm not terrified and its free ;)

Sammy 5 years ago

hey, i just pierced my smiley about 3 weeks ago and my parents don't know, but i have to go to the dentist soon to get my teeth cleaned, how can i hide it from the dentist?

kelsey 6 years ago

i have my tongue and my belly botton and my monroe done and i have had my nose done 3 times but it keeps falling out idk what's wrong with it i want to get my lower lip peirced but i like this website

Morgan 6 years ago

So, I want snakebites for my 18th birthday (even if it's in December!) and I was wondering if it's best to get one at a time, or both? Does it make a difference? I've wanted them for about four years now, I just wanted to know the risks!Thanks for any help (:

elc97 profile image

elc97 6 years ago

I have my industrail, nose. cartlidge. 1st holes piercied and i was wondering which hurts worse? your industrail of off center labret?

samm 6 years ago

i want to get my septum peirced or a monroe, i was wondering what one usually hurts more, how long they need to heal, how to clean them. Everything you NEED to know.

alaskan 6 years ago


I have been ready your blog and i find it very interesting to have someone who is so very knowledgeable on piercings. Reading threw some of the posts i have some insights. I am a 20 year old with a lip.toungue,and belly button piercing along with 4 very large tattoos that are quite visiable. I work in a very professional environment where peoples attair to work are suits or very nice slacks. How I have learned to hide such things is to purchase things for work that do cover the desired areas for the tattoos. For the piercings, people who have toungue rings or any visible piercings,first off you should always talk to your boss about how they feel about visability of things or if it is an interview to take them out and discuss with them there policies on them. If they let you have them visable as they do at my work, do not play with them and do not touch them. Having someone playing and clicking with there toungue ring is very unproffessional and in the end you will lose the privilege of wearing at at work or loose your job. Work environments are changing as you see tattoos and piercings more aften. Just remember if you do have piercing and tattoos that you should always presume that you will need to take them or our cover them up while in the workplace and it will be held against you to a point at an interview. So if you wish to keep them in at work or get that great job you have always wanted you will need to not only be ok with taking out or covering up tattos/piercings but haven't an excellent resume and references to show your work ethic and drive. Cause no matter what, piercings and tattoos still fall under the rebel/slacker genre and you will have to prove it to be otherwise.

josie  6 years ago

i want to get a monroe piercing i know it takes 6-8weeks to heal or maybe more week to heal but how will i know when its heal

thaonethaonly 6 years ago

I have a very annoying problem that shouldn't be happening.

I got my bridge piercing done when I was 18. Ive gotten little problem from it, a crusty here or there, a bubble here or there, once in a while, but nothing serious that didn't go away on its own. Now, I'm 22, and the darn thing won't stop flaring up constantly, I've tried H2Ocean and all kinds of things all which work temporarily but then it always comes back. I just don't know why a piercing would behave the first 3 years then act up like crazy on the 4 yr, I'm not bumping it any more or anything. It is extremely fustrating because it my favorite piercing, I love it above all the rest, it is pretty much the ONE I don't want to give up (I can hide it so nicely with glasses when I need to) Should I give up? Get different jewelry (I have the same grade of metal in all my other piercings and it doesn't cause them to freak out) Anyone else have this problem???

Daniel 6 years ago

Im getting snakebites today. im soo psyched.

do you think im at a good age to get it? im 15 and really want it. and my boss says im allowed it. and school says as long as i keep the bioflex labrets in im fine.

but i want to become a doctor when im older. so i'll probably just take them out for good then.

ace 6 years ago

i got my tongue pierced about a month ago nd there is now a lump at the bottom bar

Logan 6 years ago

Yeah i recently got snake bites and i haveto hide them from school. so far bandaids have worked but that is really irritating and it makes the holes hurt so i need to not do that anymore. i tried to take the ball off(just for the 6 hours im in school) but they wont come off! i dontknow what happened and i really cant get suspended. can you help me?

Tuga 6 years ago


i got my left ear at 30mm stretched and my right ear at 14mm

would you say ill have to take my tunnels or plugs out while working in a warehouse?

Cat 6 years ago

I've been wanting to get done the "anti-eyebrow" but all I've been hearing is negative things about getting it done. Is there a lot that can go wrong when getting it done? Is it worth it? Btw I have 3 piercings, 2 in my ear I got done when I was a baby. And I got my lip done last year. Pain doesn't bother me lol just saying

Charlie 6 years ago

so far, i have pierced my lip on both sides, my septrum and the bridge of my nose all at once, not the best of ideas to do it all at once and to be honest my face feels sore

Aberforth 6 years ago

I got my monroe done about two weeks ago. I clean it with saline daily and rinse with diluted mouthwash. There is a red circle around it. it is not tender, but it feels hard and is does not seem to be a kelioid because it shrinks when i do a warm compress, but it hasn't gone away. Sometimes when i press the qtip to my lip stuff oozes out so i was thinking it might be abscessed. Do you have any ideas what might be going on? its kind of a problem to go to the piercer as i live over 2 hours away.

rach 6 years ago

i reaally reeeeeaally want dimple (cheek) piercings but i work in a supermarket and well i have 2 visble dermal anchors around my collar and they're already not too thrilled about them. so i'd have to put in a retainer whenever i work if i do, which is weekends and some evenings. would a retainer actually make them less visable? are there any pics around of people with retainers in i can see look at? and is it alright to be wearing a retainer quite frequently?

Rayn 6 years ago

I just got snakebites and they are in the healing process. Do you think it would be okay to just get the ball replaced with a clear one if I wanted to attempt to get a job? Are they less noticeable than the original metal? I know I can't take them out but I was wondering if a clear end might help. I really need a job to get money to pay for my car so I can go to cosmetology school. ( Salons are some of the few places that they really don't care unless they're high class. I'm guessing because hair salons encourage the unusual and artsy)Thankies.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Water is fine. You just don't want to drink anything sticky or thick.

Mell 6 years ago

if i was to get snake bites or a lip peircing in general even though it says not to eat or drink for bout 3hrs after could i still drink water or a tablet in water? what if the tablet tht i drink in water is a vitiman drink sort of thing?? should still at least be able to drink water at least right??

emmi.b 6 years ago

heyy danielle u might have an infection, it could still be healing, you might be allegic to the type of metal/plastic your jewelry is made of, your shampoo & conditioner might have something to do with it as well, might even have something to do with the way you sleep.

u should try cleaning both the earing and all around the peirced spot with himilian sea salt dissolved into hot water(any sea salt is fine himilian is just the best iv found + don't make the water too hot for ur skin but hot enough to kill germs), u could use pure alcohol wipes and a many number of things else just make sure u clean thoroughly. if it gets worse or keeps hurtin and stuff tell ur parents and stuff if ya hvnt already

hope i helped :D

Danielle. 6 years ago

Hi, I'm 13.

I've had my anti-tragus done sense the beginning of december. But it still hurts most of the time, It swells sometimes to.

What should I do?

profile image

jen07 6 years ago

hi, i got my side lip pierced about 3 months ago and have never had any problems with it. last week while on holidays i have a feeling i got bit by somethin at night because when i woke in the morning my whole lip was swollen and there was puss coming out of the outside and inside of it. i was taking antibiotics anyway which seemed to take down the swelling but its still seeping everyday and every morning when i get up my gum has completely covered the back of the piercing. iv tried cleaning it with the solution my piercer gave me and salt and water but nothing seems to be helping?!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

That is odd. So no bachelor's degree. Guess every country is different.

Roosh 6 years ago

Well yeah, basically it goes like this here:

At the age of 16 we leave school (GCSE's).

At the age of 18 we leave college (A Levels or Courses).

At the age of 21 we leave university (graduate).


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Gotcha... So college is only two years?

Roosh 6 years ago

Thanks, this blog and your answers have been very helpful! I will definitely recommend this to all of my friends.

And i live in england so you finish secondary school / high school at 16 :)

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

There will still be a dot, but it shouldn't be anything to stop you from getting the job. You'll just want to take the jewelry out before the interview. Have you skipped grades? I know I didn't graduate high school until 17, with 18 being the average to graduate high school. Most people don't graduate college until at least 21-22.

Roosh 6 years ago


I Just got my Eyebrow pierced about 1 week ago. I think everything is going well, i have a little bruising and dry skin around the piercing but nothing else. Its not that sore to touch or anything. Is this okay?

Also. About getting a job.... I have read All the posts on this page and i cant seem to work one thing out... I am 15 at the moment, and am planning to take my piercing out perminantly when i reach the age for a job (E.g After collage at about 18).

If i then go and apply for a "good job" with no piercing but just the holes (16g) or the healed Holes, will this count as a facial piercing and would i possibly get refused a job?

(Remember after collage i will never put the piercing back in again, i will just leave the holes to close up)

Thank you :)

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Most jobs do not like facial piercings, and you'll have to have them removed for the interview and while at work. It will vary per job and location though. If you left them in, it will definitely hinder you getting a job.

There's no real reason to get it other than you want it..

emmi.b 6 years ago

i really really want a facial peircing like a labret, monroe, nose, tongue or eyebrow but im worried about weather it will look good with my features how it will affect me getting a job and stuff plus im a bit of a facial peircing virgin and on top of that my mum wont let me get a peircing unless i give her a better reason other then i want it. so i started looking stuff up and getting info on peircings and stuff like that i also want my seconds done but i have a strtcher in my ear and my lobes are pretty small, the stetcher is only bout 4ml

can someone help me?

profile image

devliddle 6 years ago

Okay I'm very concerned about my monroe piercing, which I love & really would not like to take out :( I got it pierced about a week ago & it was fine until it started swelling & was excruciatingly painful so i had it switched to a longer bar which was perfect for a couple of days. Yesterday, I woke up to my lip even more swollen than before & the backing of the labret is completely sunken into my lip & now the front is starting to suck in as well.

I thought of going to my piercer & getting a longer bar (if there even is a longer bar) but its so far embedded that's not really possible. I use biotene mouthwash after meals & i use sea salt soaks 2-3 times a day. Is there any saving my monroe? or a way to stop it from embedding? THANKS! sorry about the length hah

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

It's odd the bumps popped up so quickly. Keep cleaning, and see if it's just swelling. If they don't know about the piercings now, they will. It can be hard to hide the piercings that you got. It's not mature to get piercings behind your parents backs, especially if they've said no and/or don't approve. You never know when something may happen that requires more care that they will need to know about.

Michelle 6 years ago

Hey Whitney!

I realized how you're so informative on piercings, and couldn't find an answer to my question so i decided to post here.. really hope you can help me! alright so yesterday i got my smiley AND frownie done, professinally. this morning i woke up with w bump just above my frownie piercing, its not the piercing itself though?! like, the bump is a smidge above the piercing, but doesn't seem to be touching it or anything.. im worried about keloids and blahblah.. i'd rather not go back to the studio because my parents don't know about my piercings, and cause its about an hour and a bit away

thanks in advance, anything would help

Khelsi S. 6 years ago

I have my nose peirced, and 5 peircings in my ears. I want to convince my mom to let me peirce either my septum, or get snake bites. Any tips on how to convince her? [Im fifteen btw. Im pretty much allowed to express myself however but I need my moms permission to get peircings and I cant convince her]

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

I just wrote this hub on hip surface piercings yesterday, you may want to check it out.


Otherwise, it sounds like it could be rejecting. Keep cleaning. It's pretty common to see rejection in surface piercings. Until you know what it's doing, just leave it alone. There are pictures of rejection in the link above, if you want to compare.

Jade 6 years ago

Hey, I got my hip done a week ago (surface), and it was looking to be cleaning normally I was cleaning it twice daily as instructed by the piercer and it was getting less and less sore, but yesterday I noticed that one of the balls has slightly sunken in a bit and is a little redder than the other side, and the actual hole looks almost larger in a way. Do you have any idea whether this is good or bad ect ? I'm really worried.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Pain will depend on the person, so it will vary per person. Some people barely feel it, where others say cartilage piercings are quite painful.

You can cover your ear in piercings- top to bottom- and as long as they are careful for properly, you won't really succumb any ill effects. If you stretch cartilage, I have heard o potential hearing problems, but I don't think that has been proven.

Roxie 6 years ago

Yes, is it one of the most painful piercings? And how many holes are actually being put in your ear?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

What questions do you have about it? It's a series of cartilage piercings with a barbell spiraled through it. Cartilage can take up to 6 months to a year to heal, if not longer for some people. It all depends on the body. Some people have trouble healing cartilage piercings period, and just aren't able to. Typically I'd recommend getting one or two individual piercings and later finding jewelry to fit, but it can be hard with this type of piercing, as if the holes aren't just right for the spirals on the jewelry, it can cause irritation. A good piercer would be able to custom fit jewelry for you, though.

Do you have any specific questions?

Roxie 6 years ago

Can you give me some information on ear weaves?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Yes, you hear a popping noise. It's not necessarily the most painful piercing ever, but it's been the worst of my ear piercings, and I have several. Pain varies per person, though, so keep that in mind; I have a good pain tolerance but remember you have a needle going through a thick piece of cartilage. It can take 6 months to a year to heal cartilage.

Kennedy 6 years ago

Hi. I've heard many things about tragus piercings, & I have some questions.

1) do you hear a popping noise?

2) is it the most painful piercing?

3) how long will it take to heal?


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Pain varies per person. The amount of pain you will experience will vary, and no one can tell you exactly how much it'll hurt.

Sofs[: 6 years ago

Hellloooo :) .

I was wondering if spiderbites or snakebites hurt more since your lip is getting pierced twice. how bad will it hurt? i was thinking of gettin spiderbites or just a lip ring, but i don't want to go through so much pain : | i don't like pain, :|

coco10121 6 years ago

ok so I had this piercing done since the beginnning of december and it recently started getting really hard around the piercing and its red what should I do? is it infected?

mariah 6 years ago

how are you going to get a labret piercing without your mom knowing? you're pretty young and shouldn't get it done in a shady and unsafe environment. i know most places don't pierce unless you're 18 or you have a guardian's consent.

also, all facial piercings are visible. if they weren't visible what would be the point?

Alexi 6 years ago


so im 14, just turned and i want to get a vertical labret.

I wanted it for a while now i got a couple bio flex bars( Or retainer ppl call it) coz my mom wont let me get one of course.

Haven't got it yet but i just wanna know how visible it would be, (Planning to get it and not tell my mom)

So ya thats it im getting it on june 13th if i do decided to get one k thanks :]

elizabethhhh 6 years ago

i just got my monroe done, and my piercing actually goes all the way through my mouth, i can pull it into my mouth all the way, is this normal?

Randi 6 years ago

Jules: The red bump could be a kiloid. It's common on some people after getting a piercing. Not sure if they ever go away, though.

Jake the Snake 6 years ago

In my opinion.... I think anybody with a monroe piercing looks like a whore. I don't know why but that's just how it looks to me... WORST PIERCING EVER!!!

jane 6 years ago

How long do I have to clean a monroe for? It's been almost 2 weeks and I use the mouthwash and seasalt solution...can I at least cut back soon, or do I have to keep it up for longer? It's healing fine-I had to go get a longer bar put in because my lip swelled so much I woke up one day with it in my face and had to pop it out. Now it is doing well (still a little red) and i am waiting to put in a shorter one again.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

There are plastic retainers in which the it has a flat end. Is this what you're tried? More than likely, your boss is just saying that it's still too visible because he just knows it's there. More than likely, nothing will please him unless you fully remove the piercing. I'm not really sure what to tell you.

Michaela 6 years ago

So, I recently got a job that, of course, has a no-piercing policy. I took out my bridge and snake-bites for it, hide my septum and wear a clear barbell retainer in my tongue.

But, my boss says that my tongue ring is still "too visible" for him... any other options I have for my tongue ring? I really don't want to take it out for my work everyday because I know my piercings heal within the hour I remove them... Help? :c

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

I'm glad that you found some answers. As for cleaning other piercings, you wouldn't want to used mouthwash. Most piercings, to include stretched piercings, saline is the best.

lomi 6 years ago

i'm planning to have a vertical labret similar to the photo! thanks for the info! taught me well how to clean piercings. are these steps the same in cleaning stretched lobes? thanks in advance!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

The time it takes to close over will vary per person. The longer it's been healed, generally, the longer it takes to close up. I would recommend removing it, as many employers, do not hire those with facial piercing, but that isn't the same for everyone.

rae 6 years ago


I have a monroe that I have had in for a year now. I have not decided if I will take out for an interview I have in a few days because I am not sure if I will be able to get to my piercer in time to purchase a retainer for it. I was wondering how long does it take for it to close if I decided to take it out?

Sally 6 years ago

I think that the most acceptable facial piercing when looking for a job is a nose stud.

When I was at university I had my nose pierced and wore a ring in it until I graduated and started to go for job interviews. I realised then that a more conservative stud would a better alternative.

I joined a bank on a graduate scheme having worn a diamond nose stud to the interview and still wear the same stud now, five years on.

None of my line managers has ever commented on it and banking is one of more conservative professions with regards to dress codes etc.

I don't think that a pierced eyebrow or lip would be viewed so casually however. In fact I have a colleague who has a labret piercing but she takes it out when she gets to work.

I have worked at the bank with other girls with nose studs and tongue piercings and nothing has been said.

I am now a branch manager and my nose stud isn't having a detrimental effect on my career at all - I can't see myself taking it out any time soon.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Half birthday? No such thing....

Labret can damage braces. If you have braces, just wait.

aisha-sky x x x 6 years ago

hey there i just wanted to ask would a labret do any major damage to my braces??? cos ive wanted one for like 3 years now and i wanted to get it done for my half birthday...:P also how long would it take to heal ??? thanks xx

Amystika 7 years ago

I just want to toss in my two cents here. I have 16 piercings (2 facial...nose and labret) and am heavily tattooed. Times are changing and some jobs do indeed allow for tattooed and pierced individuals to have higher up jobs. I have a corporate job. My boss is very open minded and believes that it is the PERSON that makes the job and what one decided to do with their body is their business. It is unfair tell others that they cannot be successful in their jobs due to their body art.

Secondly, those of you considering an oral piercing. There is no guarantee that they will absolutely cause damage to your teeth and gums. Yes, it is true that they CAN damage the teeth and gums but it really does all depend on your body. I've had my labret for 2 years. It healed perfectly in about 4 weeks and has no caused any problems whatsoever to my teeth or gums. I see my dentist regularly and he has found no damage (visibly or on xray) from my piercing. I do wear a bioplast post so the disc on the inside of my mouth isn't metal which helps a lot in the tooth & gum department.

Bottom line when considering an oral piercing: Be smart. In other words, take proper care daily. Do not touch or play with your piercing until fully healed and check your teeth and gums every single day for sings of potential damage and have your dentist check as well. Remove your piercing immediately at the very first sign of trouble to prevent further damage.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

No don't touch it. Just clean it like instructed and don't fiddle with it

Tee-tee 7 years ago

Whitney u sound lyk u knw a lot about this n i jus got my jaws pierced? Am i supposed 2 rotate them?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

I would be leery of using the cotton ball. You can't make your body heal faster than it will naturally. The only thing I can say is clean it gently. Don't mess with it. Don't pick off any scabs

jo 7 years ago

hi i woke up this morning and pushed the piercing ot alittle so that i can clean the area and wutever the bump was is gone and there was dry blood.. as i cleaned it it started to bleed and bleed... kind of looked like it popped cause there was even lose skin that came off... now i have my piercing hole that looks even bigger then it was when it was pierced... the whole tip of the stone fits into the hole... how do i get it to heal faster.. every time i clean it there is still some blood and fluid that comes out.... i put a cotton ball in my nose tonight that way the stone is not resting on the piercing so hopefully this helps with the healing.. please help

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

I'm quite surprised the piercing is healed after just 5 weeks. It usually takes longer for nose piercings than that. The bump is probably irritation or possible a keloid growing. Is it sore? What does it look like? Don't remove the jewelry bc I don't think that it's really healed all the way; sometimes it looks healed but isn't fully healed all the way through. A little sinking is normal as the swelling goes down, otherwise, not really.

jo 7 years ago

hi i had my nose pierced almost 5 weeks ago now.. i have never removed it.. until now it still hasent completely healed and now im not sure on what to do... I just notcied this morning that there is a bump above the hole... Knd of looks like a pimple or keloid... i know this is not normal any suggestions.. i really don't want to take it out.. I have never had a problem with it except for the fact that it was sinking in a little i was told its normal as it heals... is that true.. please any suggestions would help lots..

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Diluted sea salt will not cause infection or irritation as long as it's diluted properly. High concentration sea salt WILL cause irritation bc it will dry out the piercing, but if diluted properly is perfectly fine. Mouth piercings need mouthwash to ensure the inside of the piercing is cleaned. I wouldn't use a super high alcohol mouthwash bc the alcohol can cause irritation, as well. But a normal mouthwash is fine.

Stefy13 7 years ago

My older brother does tattoos and piercings, along with a lot of my family. And for mouth piercings such as snakebites, any lip piercing its actually not a good thing to use sea salt, it can cause infection really quick and also prevent it from healing the right way. And for the mouth wash its actually best to use clear mouthwash with a higher level of alcohol. I was told this by one of the best tattoo/ piercers on PEI.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

No it is not normal. Most of the time you wouldn't pop the puss. I would definitely leave it alone. Keep cleaning, but it doesn't sound like the piercing is healing normal. Do you have an account with an online picture hosting service, like photobucket? If so, could you post a link to the picture so that I can see what you're talking about exactly?

Alexa 7 years ago

Okay,so I got my monroe done about 5 weeks ago and everything was going good.Onemorning I woke up to getready for school and I noticed this bubble with puss.I went to the doctor and they popped it.Now there's skin and it looks like it's growing on top of my monroe or like my hole is getting bigger because my monroe is getting sunk in.Is this normal?How can I fix it?Help!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

There's nothing that you can use safely until the piercing is healed. After healing, you can use plastic retainers. I have never heard of aquaphore; if it's dry, you may not be diluting the sea salt enough.

jo 7 years ago

is it ok to put aquaphore around the piercing sight.. mine feels relly dry n uncomfortable around the hole.. and the sea salt stings...

jo 7 years ago

hi i got my lip and nosed pierced on christmas eve and was told by my job thatg it was okay. Now they are telling me to take them out when im at work... Which i really don't wanna do.. Is there anything that i can use in place of the fish tale that i got for my lip and the stud with the twisted bar for my nose.... i go back to work on moday so i only got a few days to figure out what to do.. I know i shouldn't change them, but now i don't really have a choice... aby advice would help thxs

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

It may take a little longer to heal, but your saliva generally heals the piercings faster. I wouldn't necessarily use soap. I'd stick with the mouthwash, and the saline for the outside.

nikki 7 years ago

I got my dimple piercings done over thanksgiving break about a month ago.

I followed through the cleaning process everday alcohol free mouthwash twice, antibacterial dial soap two to three times, sea salt soaks once a day.

but my cheeks were so swollen and the piercings so short that they started sinking into my cheeks.

it got so bad that my cheeks swallowed both backings of the piercing.

I went to my piercer and h was able to remove both piercings, but had to cut the inside of my cheeks a little to remove the piercings.

once they were removed, he put longer ones in, the ones i'm pretty sure he should had put in first to allow swelling to go down.

i was able to keep my piercings thankfully becaue i love my dimple piercings.

but the piercings are so long its irritating and will my piercer cutting into my cheeks make the healing time longer?

what should i do? and how should i go about trying to heal the piercing and after care?

will anything quicken the healing process?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

kelly, is the jewelry properly fit? You may want to go to the piercer and see if the jewelry is fitted properly. Otherwise, I'm not sure what to tell you.

Kelsey, there will be some scarring, but the amount will all depend on your body. All piercings have the potential to migrate and reject.

Kelsey 7 years ago

Hey! I have a question-- I got my eyebrow pierced almost a year ago, and I'm still having problems with it. It just doesn't seem to want to heal. I'm not sure if I'm allergic to the barbell I was initially pierced with or not.

If I choose to take it out, will the scarring be very visible?

Also, I read that all eyebrow piercings will eventually migrate out of the skin, is this true? If it is, should I just take it out now before the condition may get worse?


kelly 7 years ago

hey, I'm sixteen and got a monroe piercing the day after thanksgiving. it didn't hurt at all or irritate. I don't even think it was swollen. Anyway, I have braces. yeah, I know it's pretty dumb to have a facial/mouth piercing while having braces. I just couldn't wait anymore, I've wanted this piercing for very long and had my braces for 2 years and 2 months. the piercing has gotten stuck into my braces and gums four times :[ the first time it was the thursday after I got my piercing so six days after. I went to the hospital because I didn't know what to do and I was veryy scared. Once I got home from there, I brushed my teeth then it got stuck again but I took it out myself. After both those times, the piercing didn't feel different, it felt as if nothing happened. I didn't know whether to take it out or not but decided to keep it in because I just adore it and it wasn't [still isn't] infected. kay so, tonight while I was brushing my teeth, it happened again! I was twisting the ball around [clean hands] and trying to get the back piece to uh, get off the braces I guess and after a while it got out. I was moving my mouth around because it felt really different, as I was moving my mouth to see why it was feeling like it was, it got stuck again. I got it off again after panicking for a few minutes (lol). and it still feels different, I just don't know how to explain it. :/ it feels like the backpiece turned around or flipped over. I don't wanna try to "fix" it because it might get stuck again and I really don't wanna keep dealing with it. do you have any advice for me? sorry for typing so much.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Lisp can be a side effect of a tongue piercing. Some people do not acquire one, whereas some people do. It may go away, or it may not. That is hard to tell on just having the piercing for a few days.

nikki 7 years ago

I have a few questions... I got my tongue done two days ago the piercing didn't hurt at all, even after it was done it was just a little uncomfortable to lift my tongue, could I change the balls if i leave the barbell in where it is? It never swelled too bad but it is mostly gone down completely by today. I still have a lisp though..... Is that permanent? I realized that one of my good friends still had one two years after hers was done.

lovemybooks 7 years ago

I just wanted to comment on the job situation. Times are changing! There are so many people with tattoos and different piercings have great jobs! You should check out the book Inked Inc which documents CEO's, Lawyers,Doctors etc that have ink etc.

I am an English teacher with both wrists tattooed and a lower lip piercing. I am employed at a very conservative, wealthy town high school and they are actually very accepting of the tattoos and piercings! I think they realize that they want a more up to date staff and they accept that times have changed. I have never had a bad comment from other staff, board of ed members or parents and kids love them of course!

Just thought I would share my personal experience. It may be a rare one but it is not impossible to find a professional job with this appearance!


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

At 13, I wouldn't recommend a facial piercing. Remember that something 'unique' is not always the best if you don't know proper care and aftercare, as well as a piercer familiar with it. Basically, this is a horizontal upper lip piercing; personally, that's not necessarily the most attractive IMO.

Danielle!!!:) 7 years ago

okay ,

im 13 years old, and i already had my nose pierced, and i wanted to try something new that is unique, i found one and it's called the horizantal philtrum i just wanted to know if anyone knows anythingabout it, my mom is quite conserned and looking for info ,

thankss ..:)

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

You're too young, IMO. Don't know what info you're looking for... Sorry but at 12, you don't know what you want to be. You're not striving for very much.

JessicaEmmxo 7 years ago

Heey Whitney, I like looking over your hubs cos they have a lot of interesting information on them.

Can you give me all the information you know on eyebrow piercings? Im 12 and I am very keen on getting mines pierced. I already have 10 piercings so I know where I am going with it.

When I am older I am going to train to be a tattooist and body piercer, another reason for which I like piercings.

Thanks :) x

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Risk of infectino is there, but generally pretty small. Employers generally frown on tongue or facial piercings; and yes more than likely they'll notice it during an interview. Most companies won't hire people with piercings other than ears. Some people can dvelop a lisp after the piercing, but not all, and the lisp will vary as to how noticeable it is.

tigerxxlilly 7 years ago

ok so i already have my navel pierced and 2 ear piercings and i've been thinking about getting my tongue pierced for awhile now but i wanted to know all the risks first. Like, how common is infection if i follow all the care instructions that the body piercer provides? I was also wondering how long the swelling generally lasts and also how visible it is... like, will employers usually notice it during interviews? And my last question is probably going to sound pretty stupid but i've heard that after you get your tongue pierced you talk with a lisp... does this happen to everyone and if so, is it just temporary?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

It's very rare. Most companies, hospitals, restaurants, and even retail stores do not allow facial piercings or visible tattoos.

Lysine 7 years ago

My doctor has a facial piercing. It's a tiny gold stud on one side of her nose. Small, but still noticeable. I've seen lots of respected professional women with nose piercings.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

I'm not sure I really understand what you're saying. It sounds like it was pierced with say a 14 gauge, and now a 12 gauge piece of jewelry was pushed through the hole. Redness and soreness is to be expected in that case. Keep it clean and treat it like a new piercing.

gothic_beauty 7 years ago

ok i ha my monore for bout 5 months now i just went had it changed out lol i know right..anyway the ring they put in first time was smaller and the ring they just put in was bigger and she had to push it threw .its not red just sore ass hell lol is that normal????

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

it's not normal for keloids to form if it's going to heal right. What does it look like? Is it a ring?

Aprilann 7 years ago

I got a monroe about a month and a half ago and now it almost looks like the surrounding skin kelioding ...is this normal

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

The monroe piercing uses labret studs. They only go so short.

layna 7 years ago

i want to get a monroe piercing (top lip) but ive seen some people with them and there lips are really thin so when they smile you can really see the bar. I don't think this look really nice when you can see the bar stick out loads. Can you get shorter bars so they fit the thickness of your lip?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

My ex was a body piercer so his tattoos and piercings didn't affect him. There are many jobs that don't have a problem with facial piercings. Sorry. Working at retail stores like Hot topic and Spencers are pretty much the only jobs other than construction and tattoo parlors that don't care. I know I worked at a petstore that said no faciral piercings, but the GM didn't care as long as they were removed when the big guys came in, but that's not going to be common. I'm not sure what a potter is, sorry. Most places don't want people with facial piercings because it can affend and piss customers off. I met a lady who asked from a different waiter because he had facial piercings; she said he was ironed and dressed nicely, spoke clearly and was very nice, but she just didn't want to look at him every time he came to the table.

Courtney 7 years ago

okay so ive been reading the ppls questions and your answers, you seem to kno alot and your pretty well informed. i don't have a dumb question like "does it hurt" ummmm HELLO your peircing your body dumbass ITS GONNA BE A SMIDGE PAINFUL, it jus depends on if your to big of a baby to handle the pain. It bothers me a little hearing those questions, if you have to ask you proly shouldn't be getting your face peirced, am i wrong?!?! anyway ha okay so i wanted to get my lip done for like 5years n my ma always talked me out of it, told me i wont be able to get a job blah blah blah. so i did it and i thought it would be cool with my boss.... but it wasent.... so now that iam unemployed, but PEIRCED : ). i need advice/help how do i find a job that doesn't care? i mean i kno the kinds of jobs that are cool with it, for the most part, but most of the time you gotta kno ppl to get involved wth those jobs. how do i do that? Honestly i want to be a potter but i wouldent kno how to go about that either, i ask you because your man is in that loop of ppl nd such im assuming, how did he do it?!? HELP please

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Sure you can take them out, but the holes will probably close up. Best Buy and most retail stores do not allow visible tattoos or facial piercings.

Jessica 7 years ago

I know this is going to be advised against but I must ask anyway. I've been searching for a second job forever and finally gave up. So last Tuesday I had my snake bites done which I've wanted for two years now.

Today I got a call from Best Buy in which I have an interview Wednesday. Which is hysterically ironic to me since I've been trying to get interviews for 6 months now.

Could I take them out for an hour or should I just be ghetto and put bandages over them?

I currently work at Ulta as a beauty consultant and we can wear facial piercings there so I don't see why it would be any different at Bust Buy but I didn't want to chance the interview.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

The pain will depend on your pain tolerance. No they do not numb it. Even if they do it only numbs the outside skin, most of the pain will be on the inner portion.

sammie 7 years ago

does getting your off-centre lip hurt? and do they like numb your lip before doing it because i won't have it done til i know hehe

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

It will be sore. The period will vary that it will be sore, and how sore will vary.

JessicaEmm 7 years ago

I was thinking about getting my right side of my lip pierced, but i don't know if its sore lol.

is it sore, and how long should it be sore for??

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Yep, it may and probably will cause future problems with jobs, but that's just something you'll have to deal with when it comes to you. You're still young, and probably won't keep the piercings throughout adulthood anyway.

Louisa 7 years ago

Thanks for the help :)

i think i will get it done but i will take it out for a job interview or for work in the future and hopefully this wont cause a problem

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Danny, sorry I wasn't able to give you what you wanted to hear. Just wanted to make sure you got the truth. And, if you do have any other questions, please ask.

Louisa, the retainer is still visible, but some companies will accept them but not all. There will still be a visible hole without the retainer. When it heals there will usually be a small hole/scar left behind, but that shouldn't prevent you from getting a job. The piercing with the jewelry in, whether a stud or loop. Just remember you can't use the retainer until the piercing is full healed. Some people can't use the plastic retainers because they can irritate the piercing, especially if you have to take the jewelry out and use the retainer each day.

Louisa  7 years ago

Hiya i've read through the majority of these comments and it's making my head spin to be honest, because now i'm really unsure of what to do. I wanted to get my nose done, in about a week.. but after all of the things that people tell me about getting a good job and facial peircings .. it doesn't sound like a very good idea but i do want it done. If i wore a retainer, would I get a good job with a nose stud? or would they still class it as visable and unacceptable? and another question, if i take it out for a job interview instead of wearing a retainer, or if I don't like my piercing anymore, will the hole be very visable? ..will I be employed? I'm only 15 but I will soon be 16 and I really think that considering all of these points is a good idea before it's too late. Please help?

DannyD 7 years ago

Well, not exactly what I was hoping to hear but thanks for your help anyway haha.

If any more questions come up i'll be sure to ask since this page has helpful info

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

There's really nothing you can do for the piercing until it's healed. If you remove the jewelry while still healing, you will lose the hole quickly. If you use retainers will healing, you will greatly irritate the piercing by removing the jewelry and putting in the retainers each day that you have to.

Once, healed the retainers work great, but you can still see the hole, which most business will still not approve of. And, by taking out the jewelry once the piercing is healed, and leaving just the hole there for work, the piercings may close even after an hour or so, it all depends on your body. Some people can go days without jewelry, and some can't go a few hours. It will also be a concern because it will still be a new piercing, even if it's healed. New piercings, even healed ones, will generally close faster than older piercings.

Really, there's no option that you have until the piercing is healed.

DannyD 7 years ago

I work at a grocery store that has a policy against body/facial piercings and i'm set on getting snakebites but at the same time obviously don't want to lose my job. Does anyone have any ideas that I haven't thought of?!I know that taking them out just for work would be an option but the problem there is the piercing takes 4..up to 8 weeks to heal from what i've heard and you can't take the ring out through that length of time..Cover-ups, anything??

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

You will have the scars from where the actual piercing is, but I don't see why you'd have a big scar. It's up to you as to whether you think it should be removed. I would seek consult of a body pierce to see what he thinks. The bar shouldn't really be rubbing against the middle of your ear- in-between the exit points.

Jay 7 years ago

ive had my industrial piercing for abot a year now, and i know its still healing, but in the middle of my ear where the bar is, is kinda gettin irritated and really sore.. should i take out the piercing or is there anything i can do about it? i don't want to have a big scar from this...

Amanda! 7 years ago

i think that getting a septum would be the best idea for a piercing, because you have a way to hide it in your nose without taking it off. (and, it's a piercing i want, but i don't think i should get it. my parents would murder me.)

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

DO NOT twist or mess with the piercing. Keep your hands off it unless cleaning.

Shyanne 7 years ago

I recently just got an industrial (five days ago) and I was wondering if you should twist the bar. I've read that you should and that you shouldn't, so I'm not sure what to do. What would you recommend?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Alexandra, I would just keep with the antibiotic and clean with saline one to two times a day.

Kaly, you should go back to the piercer and have him change the barbells to slightly longer ones. Most of what you're experiencing is the swelling from the initial piercing.

profile image

kaly1011 8 years ago

i just got my dimples pierced yesterday... ive been using listering but will switch to salt water... i have libret bars in right now.. the piercer didn't put long barbells in tho.. and im afraid they are too tight.. the flat disk in like..sucked into my cheek in the inside.. i try not to touch the piercing but ones ina while i push on the outside ball to relieve pressure.. cuz i feel as if its cutting off the circulation and that the barbell will heal into my cheek!!! what should i do? or will it be fine after a few days cuz of the swelling? THANKS

Alexandra 8 years ago

I got my Monroe pierced about a week ago. It was really red when I first got it done, and now its not very red at all. But I went to a doctor today, and she said that it may be infected and gave me antibiotic for it. She also said to take it out if it doesn't clear up in a week. Is there anything else I can do to not have to take it out? I love this piercing and dont want to get rid of it. None of my other piercings got infected... =(

CICI 8 years ago

I really want to get a monroe piercing I don't know if the piercing on the bottom directly from the top is a monroe piercing but I don't know which one (top or bottom) will look right...I'm scared. :(

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

There will be a scar to some degree, but unless there is complication there probably won't be that visible of a scar. I had my labret pierced for less than 2 days and there is still a mark on my face. I just didn't like the piercing and removed it. My ex had his labret for years and he still has a mark, but you can only see it if you're close or are looking for the mark.

stav :] 8 years ago

umm, well, i really want to get a lip piercing. like the one on the side. but. if i decide to take it out forever, will i have a scar forever? <3

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

You can potentially prevent infection by proper cleaning, but not over cleaning. Rejection is not somethign that you can really prevent just prolong, in general that is. If it's going to happen, it will. Surgical stainless steel is the typical material to use. For an anti-eyebrow piercing, it will depends on where it's actually done, but typically a banana barbell should be fine as long as it's a 16g-14g, at best. If a banana barbell is used, and it turns out that the jewelry itself is flush with your skin, like your skin is pushing the jewelry away from yoru face, then you should consider switching to a surface barbell or PTFE.

Kali 8 years ago

I want to get a horizontal eyebrow piercing in the next few days. I know there is a high rejection rate, but i just want to know how i can treat it to potentially prevent infection and prevent it from rejecting. I also would like to know what would be the best jewelry to use. Ive been looking around and some sites say titanium while others say surgical stainless steel. which would be best?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Is the lump and the 2 white balls the same? For the most part right around the tongue is going to be the scar tissue, and nothing to worry about.

lyndsie121 profile image

lyndsie121 8 years ago

hey!i have my tongue double pierced the first hole i got in 2006 and the second one in june 2008!i was just wanting to know if it is normal to have things that look like little white balls on the bottom of my piercings.they feel kind of hard but they do not hurt,so will u plz help me cuz im worried that something is wrong!and also is it normal for there 2 be a lump like the size of a pea on ur tongue,becuz when i take them out i feel my tongue and there is a hard lump,but its not visible,and if u can plz tell me wut it is and if its something 2 worry about like a tumor on my tongue!thanx

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

It's probably just normal bruising for now, but you'll want to keep an eye on it.

Laura 8 years ago


I got my nose repierced a week ago. Unlike the first time, it bled a lot. Now the bleeding has stopped but next to my stud is a purple spot. There is no puss, it doesn't hurt....its just purple next to it. I have been cleaning it religiously. Is it just a bruise? Its annoying me cause the small purple splotch is taking away from the prettiness of the stud.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Typically yes, it will show a hole to some degree. I had a labret for about 2 days, took it out, and if you look closely you can still see the placement and it has been months since I've removed it. My ex-boyfriend had his for years, and it's been at least a year or so since he removed his, and there is a very visible hole in his face. There won't be a huge gap, but a tiny hole/imprint left.

Zuzu 8 years ago

I really want to get an off-center lip piercing. All the piercings I've gotten in my ears so far seem to heal completely in 3-4 weeks. I know piercings will leave scars but for a quick healer like me, will a labret piercing (when I'm older) show as a "gross" hole in my face? When im 70 and wrinkley will there be giant gap in my lip?I understand that piercings always will have risks but will Is scar badly?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

You can't heal with a retainer. It is a thin plastic that is VERY porous. There really isn't anything that you can do to let it heal and not be visible. You need to use steel in the piercing while it heain order to get best results.

princesstyler 8 years ago

i want to buy myself a monroe for my birthday and i'm really excited about it!

i'm a little worried though; i DO have a good job at a hospital, which prohibits "facial hardware" (love that phrase!) i don't think you can heal with a retainer, right? so what should i do about it while it heals... is there a type of jewelry that is clear or unnoticeable that i can until then?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

try anti-eyebrow piercing. it's more of a surface piercing that can be hard to heal.

Sarah 8 years ago

Hey! im thinking of getting my face pierced and have seen pictures of the thing i want, but i don't know the actual name of it. The piercing is just below the eye, sort of on the cheekbone and is just off horizontal. I'm not even entirely sure if there IS a name lol! hopefully you can help :) cheers

tulwave profile image

tulwave 8 years ago from Orlando,Fl

Alright, I was reading about dogs and now I'm in the body modification section of your life. Love it Whitney.

Those first two tribal shots were good. It shows how the piercings are part of real human nature. I look to tribes as the real people. They were untouched by high technology yet had amazing rituals that survived history.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

You shouldn't get a mouth piercing with braces. Most body piercers won't do it. THe piercing needs to be 100% healed before you put in a retainer. It can take up to 6-8 weeks to heal, if not longer, but it's an estimated healing time.

tarantula 8 years ago

i understand that braces can irritate monroe piercings, but what are the actual risks?will the piercer turn round and say no?plus, how long will it take to heal, to an extent when i can put a retainer in?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Honestly the price will vary per piercer and tattoo shop.

sammie 8 years ago

i have been given a price for both cheek piercings of 120 pouds would these be about average

quensday profile image

quensday 8 years ago from New York

Thanks for the hub! I have been fascinated about nose piercings for a while now. The first two pictures are quite freaky! :D

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

It's up to you whether you want to do one or both at the same time. Doing both will eliminate the healing time since you will be caring for two piercings at once, whereas separately the total healing time will essentially double. As for scarring, that's going to depend on your body and how it regularly scars. Plus it l depend on how well they heal. IE if they heal poorly and take a while to heal, then if you remove the jewelry once healed, then you'll probably see more scarring than if they healed quickly and without problems. Either way, you will still see some scarring.

sammie 8 years ago

i am looking into getting my cheeks pierced do you think it would be best for me to get both sides done at he same time im o.k on the job side of things as i work in retail for a company who strives on being different i am the manager so there isn't an issue but what's the scarring like after

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

You really shouldn't get them with braces.

qinaxmarie profile image

qinaxmarie 8 years ago from Pennsylvania

well i have braces, and forr snake bittes can you still qeett them if you have braces?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

I'm not sure where you got that you won't be rejected by an employer. Depending on where you live, the restrictions will vary, but many employers will not higher people with facial piercings. I'm not sure what you mean by safe; with any piercing you risk complications in terms of infection, rejection, and migration. It will reced your gums, which will never grow back. The pain will depend on your pain tolerance. I had my labret pierced and is was the least pain of any of my piercings, but I have a very high pain tolerance where getting tattooed tickles.

Only you can can determine the pros and cons. General cons can include infection, rejection, receding gum line, and hard time getting a job.

Leighanne 8 years ago

Okay so I want to get snake bites. Im 15 so I dotn have to worry about getting rejected by an employer. But are they safe? Will it "kill" my gums? How bad is the pain if anyone knows? and What are the pros and cons?

heh. questiony today =]

dindin profile image

dindin 8 years ago from Texas

I used to have my nose and my labret pierced. I also had a really bad irritation problem when I changed the nose ring out with a sterling silver one.

Come to find out. I'm allergic to silver. So spend the money and get good hypoallergenic body jewelry.

I used to love my nose ring and really regret taking it out. Part of the hole is still there, but I can't get a ring in anymore. The labret I can do with out. Don't like anything that interfers with eating a sandwich.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

It depends on where your personal line is. I perfer ear piercings, so naturally I have more than most people (not quite 14 though Ha), but in terms of facial, that's up to you. Tongue piercings are easy to hide with retainers, but you can't use the retainer until the piercing heals, which usually doesn't take too long. You can try the tongue rings that have the light peach balls that are supposed to help blend in, but they're still noticeable as you can't really match the color of your tongue perfectly. I'd suggest a clear, translucent ball, or the retainer. I think the retainer would be the best bet to hide it. But, personally, what's the point in getting it if you're going to hide it all the time? I understand for work, but I dunno.

As for offset labrets, you have to wait until it heals to put in the retainer, but usually you can still see the hole with the retainer in, it's just not as bad as having the jewelry in. Some places will allow you to wear the labret stud but you have to take out the ball, that way just the screw part is showing. But, even still you can see it. I'm not sure if you want to piercing to be completely hidden or what.

If you're wanting to be a vet, from what I gather by your screen name, it may be hard to get taken seriously with facial piercings. Just a personal opinion.

For the offset labret, you can find info by searching just labret piercing, because it's the same thing just in a different placement than in the center.

As for pros/cons. The pros will vary by person, so that's really up to you to figure out. Is having the piercing worth it when you'll have to cover it in most jobs?

FutureVet 8 years ago

Hello.. My name is Julie, I am 20 years old, and I currently have 14 piercings, all in my ears. I have been interested in a tongue piercing for the past 2 years now, and I have recently become interested in an off-center labret (I'm not sure the technical name for it.. but it's like 1/2 of the snakebites). I was just curious if you could give me some of the pro's and con's to these two piercings because I feel like getting facial piercings crosses that "line." (Especially when it comes to hiding them) Most people would probably say that 14 ear piercings crossed a line a long time ago, but I have long hair and can easily cover them in a professional setting. How effective are spacers at hiding labret piercings? Also, I've looked into some tongue barbells that "blend-in" with your tongue to make it less noticeable. Anyway, I'm rambling... Could you please just give me some more information on these piercings I'm interested in? I don't know much about the off-center labret; it seemed hard to find information. Thanks!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

It actually depends on where you live and the type of profession. A good job, by definition, will vary per person. Depending on the type of business the rules will also vary.

I don't know any retail that will allow a completely "pierced up" person to work for them. Even spencers and hot topic have their limits.

Larger cities and states tend to have more lenient rules, but on average there are more states that will not higher a person with facial piercings than those that will.

Lisa 8 years ago

Actually, that is not true. You can get a "Good" job with a piercing, just depends on what you have or how many you have. If you are pierced up too much, then yeah you will only work retail.

I have my labret and eyebrow pierced and I work in a professional office. I have never had to take them out and I have only work as an administrative professional. I have had the piercings for 10 years now, since I was a teen.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

As for healing, it really depends on your body. I have both my inner conches, and have had them for about a year, neither are fully healed. But, as for any cartlidge piercing it can take a minimum of 6-9 months or longer. If it gets infected you should go to the body piercer who pierced it for you. Cartlidge piercings are one of the worst to heal because there is very little blood flow. There is some complication with them. I personally, cannot heal upper cartlidge piercings, which is why I opted for the inner conch. I tried twice for my industrial with no success.

The pain, depends on your pain threshold. For me it hurt, but wasn't the worst of my piercings. Piercing ages depend by state.

If you can go to a tattoo shop and get a piercing with parent permission, then you should be able to get it. Most states are aged 18 regardless of parent permission. Some are 16 with parent permission. I'm not sure about 13 though. You may have to wait before you're older.

Ansley 8 years ago

I'm 13 and I really want my Conch pierced, my mom knows me well so she knows that I love piercings and tattoos. so my questions are about how long does it take to heal, what should I do if it gets infected, how bad does it hurt when it is being pierced, and any other important things you think i should know before I get it pierced. Also, is there a certain you have to be atleased to get it pierced?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

I don't know legalities of things, but I don't think you have a right to sue, as I'm sure it's company policy against facial piercings versus discrimination. Did the company warn you or give you the option to continue working as long as you remove the jewelry while at work? If they did both or either of those, I don't think you have a leg to stand on.

knowsitall=> 9 years ago

Don't do it. I have my lip pierced twice and its a horrible idea i got fired because of it and no one will hire me because of it. I am sueing because that is discrimination. I have been out of work for almost 4 months now. I love my piercings i wont take them out. all depends on how bad you want the job. I have 23 piercings 21 on my ears, soon im going to get my toung done. As soon as we get a hot topic im working there.


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Your body may be rejecting the piercing. Some people's body's reject certain piercings, as you must remember it is a foreign object in your body. Other than that, if it's not the metal, I'm not sure. You're piercer should be able to better diagnose it for you. Maybe consider gold jewelry.

JULES 9 years ago

Hey! so i am the girl above with the nose piercing that was infected. but anyway it cleared up and it was good. and then it got irritated..AGAIN! so i went to a local piercing shop and asked them if it was the metal or something. they said it could be and that it was just irritation. they replaced my nose screw with a titanium nose screw, ever since i have gotten my nose screw (2 weeks ago) it has been SO SO SO SO SO SORE! and near the piercing around the skin of my nose is turning PURPLE and its just so sore when i twist it while cleaning it and everything.

i am going back to the piercing shop tomorrow. i just don't know what is happening!! do you know what is happening? im just so sick of having to deal with my nose hurting 24/7. its way cute, but i don't know if it is worth it anymore.. =(

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

They're not facial piercings, so I'd rather not discuss them here. :-)

Troy 9 years ago

like what?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Currently just navel. I have top and bottom pierced. I have a few others I'm soon to get, though.

Troy 9 years ago


where are all your piercings at?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

As a minor with facial piercings? I would possible try some sort of retail job. But, most will have a problem with the piercings, and will be under the impression that there are TONS of kids that they could hire, so they'll probably look around for one without visible piercings.

As, an adult, I wouldn't get visible piercings (other than ears) unless I owned my own business, was a writer by profession, or was able to make my own rules.

I will admit I have 10 current piercings, 8 are visible, with plans for 2 more visible piercings, but they're on my ears, and when I have a job, my hair is long enough to cover them, or I remove them for the day, replacing jewelry with retainers.

Troy 9 years ago

what kind of job would you chose?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

That happens sometimes. If you're looking for a piercing, find something that will work with a job and whatnot. I would recommend something hidden or one lobe piercing per ear.

Troy 9 years ago


but i feel like its never in my favor

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Understandable, but don't deny the truths because of something that you want. You must weigh the pros and cons equally.

Troy 9 years ago



i still think my mom is over reacting


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Troy- gum recession will occur whether you wear rings or studs because there will be constant rubbing on the gums, which will irritate them ino receeding. And once they receed all the way, gum tissue does not grow back.

poseidon profile image

poseidon 9 years ago

I have never had a tattoo or a piercing but i will consider to have one in the future.Thanks for sharing these informations,DrPc-Global, The Global Computer Support System

Troy 9 years ago

thank you so much

you have given me a lot of insight that can help me

even though its not the answer i was hoping

even though it never is for anyone

thank you once again

and i take good care of my mouth

so with the gum issue, would it help if i used rings instead of stubs?

thank you though for all the help

this sucks too cause i have wanted snake bites since i was 8

im 16 now

i don't have any piercings either

so this really bums me out


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Troy- To be honest. Your mom is right. No "good" jobs allow facial piercings. I have worked at one retail store that allowed it, but ONLY because the manager didn't care. But when the higher up managers came down, all facial piercings had to be removed. I do love snake bites, but when it comes to a job, you're probably not going to get a good one with them.

As for how to cover them, once they are 100% healed, you can remove them and use clear plastic retainers. My boyfriend used to just remove the ball from the outside of his labret when he was working; and although you can see a little bit of the screw from the stud, his employer didn't mind it as much. He was a pizza delivery person.

Business rules as I know them.. Generally speaking are this: corporate (lawyers, doctors, desk jobs)- men 0 ear piercings, females 2, no other visible piercings and no visible tattoos; retail- 1-2 ear piercings men and women, no other visible piercings or tattoos. I'm not sure about restraunts, but I would assume them to be the same. I know that cooks cannot have tongue rings (which is considered a facial piercing.)

 If you go to an interview with the jewelry in, you will more than likely be turned down, as in most cases it is policy for no facial piercings. If you have an excellent resume and contacts, they may give you a chance and say to remove them when on the job. I would just recommend not wearing the jewelry in while at an interview or on the job.

You need to remember that labret piercings such as snake bites can cause serious damage to your gums, which will not regenerate.

Places that I know of that will allow visible piercings include tattoo shops, alternative stores (hot topic, spencers, pac sun), and porn stores.

Troy 9 years ago

me and my mom have been fighting about me getting snake bites forever

and i want them so bad, i have for a long time now too

but she thinks im going to get some god job and they wont hire me because of it, and to be honest i really don't care

to me it feels like shes limiting me to be what she wants me to be

i hate it

my mom says there are no good jobs that allow me to have facial piercings

but i know there are

i just don't know which ones are or where to look

my mom over-reacts i think

i just hate it

my mom always thinks i have some hidden talent that will be found

and im gonna be turned down cause of it

to be honest

im really here for some help to improve my argument

and if i do get them

is there any good way i can keep them there but hide them at the same time without using bandaids?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Sure can, industrial piercings are my favorite ear piercings; just wish my upper cartlage was thick enough to heal the piercing. I've had mine pierced twice because of it, and sadly had to retire the piercing all together. Saline on a Q-Tip., gently rub around the piercing to get lymph (crusties) from around the piercing. You can wash it in the shower with a gentle soap. Make sure to rinse thoroughly as not to leave soap in or around the piercing, as this can cause other concerns. Don't get hairspray, gel, or other products on the new piercing. Treat it as any other piercing... With care.

jess 9 years ago

i just got my industrial done yesterday. but, the guy didn't tell me how to clean it. can you help me?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Disregard what I just said. I asked my boyfriend, who's a body piercer, and he said that the tissues in your lip will heal and close but the skin on the outside of the lip will not completely close. It may diminish overtime, but it may not close completely. Because at that point it's a scar, to which mederma may help. Make up's your best best though.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Maya: Honestly, I am not sure what you could do to get rid of the hole. My boyfriend has the same problem with his labret that he had for about 3 years or so. You may be able to try mederma, as it is essentially a scar.

Maya 9 years ago

i had a monroe piercing for a few years before deciding to take it out. Now i have a visable hole in my face from the piercing and was wondering if you know of any options to get the hole filled as im currently training to become an actor and the hole on my face is not ideal!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

I have found that in my area there are only a few truly good piercers. I've only used two, as my normal piercer was on vacation when I wanted my inner conches, and let's say the guy I tried really messed up my left one. It's healing, but he did not properly follow through with the needle in the back of my left one. Although, I have not used the other reputable piercer in my area, I know many people who have used him, and he as a rather large reputation in my town.

I would definitely suggest the travel, if you want your septum and monroe.

Apae profile image

Apae 9 years ago from New South Wales, Australia

I can't help but agree when you put it that way. As far as I know, there are no tattooists in town so I wouldn't know, and I'll have to travel to get anything more than my eras or my nose done.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Jules: Continue cleaning wit hthe dial and saline. The saline will help with the infection. And, if it's still red and such in a month go back to your piercer. He will be able to look at it and give you a better solution.

Apae- Yes, if you are going to a tattoo shop for a tattoo, you probably won't be thinking about a piercing, unless you talk to the piercer, but many people go to tattoo shops for the piercer. My first time in a tattoo shop was to speak to the peircer about a few ear piercings, which progressed to other piercings. I spent hours upon hours in a tattoo shop before I ever got my first tattoo. But, in any sense a body piercer at a tattoo shop is a better bet than an employee at the mall.

Apae profile image

Apae 9 years ago from New South Wales, Australia

In tattoo shops, the piercer is often an afterthought and therefore services may not be as good...

Thanks a lot for the mentions of septum and monroe piercings. They're the two I want first ^_^

JULES 9 years ago

mmkay here is an update, when i was cleaning my nose this morninging i dried it off with a q-tip and im pretty sure puss came out of the bubble, but the puss is not visible from the outside. its just really red and it still hurts. so should i do the same thing with the saline soak and the dial soap?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Jules: Yes it's best to buy body jewelry at tattoo shops, or other businesses that specialize in body jewelry.

Yes, it does help that you went to a body piercer and not the mall. Malls use guns on noses, which is the first mistake in those cases.

profile image

Abhinaya 9 years ago

Ear piercing is fine but at other places on your face?Sounds scary.Thanks for sharing this info.


Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe

Oh, so it's the bubble that hurts. sorry! check out my new hub!

JULES 9 years ago

thank you so much! so i should buy my noserings and stuff at the place i got my piercing at... it was a professional piercing place too so that's a good thing. but thank you!!!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Alright, as I do not want to give you incorrect info, I call for reinforcements... My boyfriend's a body piercer.

He said to saline top and bottom with a Q-Tip to get the crusties off. Dial in the shower. Make sure to wash your hands first before cleaning. Don't over clean.

He said that as for the type of metal, it could have been the type of metal in the second piece of jewelry that you put in the piercing could have irritated the piercing. You should make sure to use 316L surgical stainless steel

He strongly emphasized that you should NOT buy jewelry from the following places or places like them: Claire's (Icing), Wal-Mart, Limited Too, Piercing Pagoda, or any Kiosk in a mall. Places that are not specialized in body jewelry purchase their jewelry from companies that mass produced and sometimes has more impurities and fillers in the metal.

Basically, the rule of thumb is that if you pay $2.00 for a nose ring, you're getting $2.00 worth of nose ring.

If the bump is still there in a month, go to a tattoo shop and speak to a body piercer. Which means not the mall. Doctors generally do not have the proper info about piercings and the general care. Don't take out the jewelry because you can trap any infection in your nose.

If you are able to heal the piercing, and put in new jewerly, remember to give proper adjustment time. When you changed back to the original jewelry the first time, you created more irritation than you initially started with.

JULES 9 years ago

no the bubble hurts. eh. do you think its the metal? because i had them cut it shorter because it was popping out of my nose, and they left a dent in where the top part is where the diamond part is. i was thinking about going to the place i got it pierced and getting a new one?

Krista 07 profile image

Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe

 I've always been scared to get a piercing .  I just don't have the gutts. =/ I guess.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

You definitely irritated the piercing by changing the jewelry so much, especially changing out guages. When you change jewelry in any piercing you must give the piercing time to adjust to the new jewelry before switching out jewelry again, as this will cause irritation.

I would suggest cleaning it with a saline solution daily for 5-10 minutes. The red bubble, will take time to go away. I've had this happen with my industrial and conch piercings. You can try to pop the bubble, to release the pressure and blood; if you choose to do this, use a sterilized needle.

I'm not 100% as to whether it will scar, but with any piercing you risk the chance of a scar, especially when you have complications. My industrial piercing did scar.

From what you've described, I wouldn't say that the bubble is a keloid, but it is possible; in this case a keloid is raised scar tissue. Does the bubble hurt? If not, then it is more than likely a keloid scar. You can try lavender oil, teatree oil, potassium carbonate/ hydrogen peroxide paste (baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will do).

JULES 9 years ago

hey i got my nose pierced in the middle of june of this year.... so i have had it for a while. It had healed and everything and then i changed my ring about 3 months later, then it got irritated. so i put my old ring back in and then let it heal again. after that i changed it to a smaller ring, by accident, i didn't realize what would happened, it was irritating it so i took it out... unfortunately i couldn't get my original larger gauged screw on stud thing...hah... back in. so i just pushed through the skin and it's back in. It has been about a month since that has happened, it hasn't fully healed yet, and now there is a red bubble thing on the surface of my nose where the hole is. WHAT DO I DO?! i really hope it isn't permanent or leaves a scar, and i have been cleaning it with dial every other day. it just wont heal i don't know what to do =(

fabioce profile image

fabioce 9 years ago from Pozzuoli

uaoooooo, it's a bestial

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

Thanks again;)

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks... Hopefully your friend will find some decision making thoughts in this hub. My thought process on facial piercings is that I'd love to have a vertical labret, snake bites, or even the monroe, but with I worry about finding a job with facial piercings. Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge and do it... And put a retainer in the piercing after healing.

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

This Hub has some very good information for people interested but scared in having piercings, like my friend who has been interested in getting some for a long time, so I shall email this to them..


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