Fair Look Cream is Shameful

Fair Look Cream

Do Not Buy Fair Look Cream! It Has No Scientific Backing, is Racist and Perpetuates a Dangerous Stereotype!

I am sitting watching TV in India and there is a shady 'infomercial' running called Fairlook cream. This ad is so borderline racist and absurd that I was moved to write about it. You would not believe this ad if you saw it. They have actually darkened the faces of their models to produce a 'before' shot and then they are shown to apply their slave mentality cream and voila - fair skin.

I would first like to point out that the model in this commercial should be ashamed of herself. This ad blatantly perpetuates the backward notion that fair skin is somehow better than dark skin and this model/actor helps in perpetuating this myth. She has prostituted herself to a shameless corporation that is in the business of making millions of Indians feel ashamed of their history, genes and personality.

Stupid Skits

They also have these absurdly idiotic skits where they show a 'boss' and a 'secretary' who walk into a bank, The boss is dark skinned (light skinned with soot rubbed on his face) and the secretary is light skinned. The guard stops the boss at the door thinking he is a "driver" and lets the secretary go in.

Not only is this offensive to drivers everywhere but also assumes and perpetuates the class bias where dark skinned people are on a lower pecking order than light skinned people. In modern India, this idea is absurd and wholly dangerous for a country that is trying to socially evolve.

There are many other skits - one with a dark skinned girl trying to get married and she can't, another with someone competing in a reality show and many more. All of them have one thing in common - washed up, unethical models with soot on their faces selling dreams of fairness to millions of poor people.

They also have the guts to show some false quack 'dermatologist' using Scientific sounding language to make himself and this false product seem legit. I appeal to the medical association to petition the government to stop these false ads.

Bipasha - Dark Skinned Babe

By Graphikamaal (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
By Graphikamaal (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Perpetuating the Inferiority Complex

Fairness creams are a scourge in India and in many other parts of Asia because at best they contain broken dreams and at worse harmful chemicals such as bleach that can harm the body. And for what? So they can look like the white man who colonized them for decades. It is incredibly sad.

Not only are these ads harmful for society in general, these creams don't even work. It is high time that we impose some sort of regulation on advertising cosmetics and pharmaceuticals that do not have any Scientific backing simply because they are Ayurvedic or 'herbal.' There needs to be some sort of oversight on this type of blatant false advertising.

Fair Look Cream is Shameful

By associating success and beauty with fairness and ugliness and disappointment with darker skin color, fair look cream and its makers are doing something very dangerous to the collective psyche of the people. Not only are they perpetuating the notion that dark skin is somehow unattractive but also imbibing a sense of racism in its feeble minded customers.

There are many dark skinned models and actresses in India who have made it big. The one name that comes to mind is Bipasha Basu. Skin color does not matter as much as the content of your soul. Fair look cream and its manufacturers ought to be ashamed of their product and what they are doing to the country,

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tejaswini 5 years ago

i took fairlook product by seeing an ad on life ok a new television channel. i apply it ffom last 6 days but no effect . i purchased it for rs 2000/-. it just waste of time and money. i kept faith on new tv channel. i request to tv channel , pz show us only authentic and genuine product. pz don't cheat us.

deepak 5 years ago

thank god i have ordered for same for rs-2000. just come know its no use atal

amit jav 4 years ago

I saw the advert on tv but after some comment i cancelled the order i made.Enough of commercial scams

pranow 4 years ago

I purchased fairlook before two weeks and have been regularly using it.,too bad its effects are absulately nill.,waste of money and time.pls dont buy such products

deepa mahor 4 years ago

spost ke lye

unnamed 4 years ago

thanks friends.........i had a plan of buying the cream .......first only am dejected so thanks friends.........thanks for ur time ......

archana 4 years ago

Archana Devhare, Chandrapur...

I purchased fairlook before 1 month and have been regularly using it.,too bad its effects are absulately nill.,waste of money and time.pls dont buy such products.........

TeachableMoments profile image

TeachableMoments 4 years ago from California

Thanks for spreading the word. Will never purchase this product.

Rock 4 years ago

Thnx Friendzzz for the valuable comments

Amit Gupta 4 years ago

thanks friends. today i had a plan of buying the cream and while searching on net i just looked this comments and first only am dejected so thanks friends.thanks a lot.Thanks for spreading the word

Uma 4 years ago

how can we ban such news in TV? whom to blame? why Conusmer Act does not react on these kind of things? we should take action and file a case immediately before cheating some more ppl. instead of blaming product should take action on TVs and models who entertain these kind of bullshit

amsa 4 years ago

oh thank god and and thank u friends ..i was about to purchase it and you people saved me frm spending such a huge amount

Swetha 4 years ago

Hey, Thank You for your comments!!

I thought of ordering it today but now decided not to buy.. Thank You Once again...

KALESH 4 years ago

Thaks for ur valuable information .... THANKS ..LOT

chccs 4 years ago

Tahnk 4 ur suggetion....i never use it

smitha 4 years ago

hey .. thank you friends....

i just planed to buy this product. after reading all this even i dont buy this. eve i had doubt on this product.. but as it shown in zoom tv ..planning to buy.. now i have dropped the idea.. once again thank you

Sage 4 years ago

I totally agree with the author. even i saw the add and was applaud. its sad that even in these modern days , we have to struggle to be "fair" and with adds like these promoting the false idea that the colour of our skin shapes our life, our relatioships, our jobs, etc. ite evn more funny that in a country of majority of Tanned skin people, we are srtiving to be fair, something even the westerners have given up on.

and as far as the add is concerened, we can totally see how bogus it is in its claims . we can clearlt see that all the models have make up (bad one that too) on their faces. Seriously do the telemarketers just insulting our indian public? we are beautiful just how we are!

kundan mandawat 4 years ago

Well........... I am not have dark complax.. but still I don't favor this add..

today person's abilities metters not color etc.. we saw in this add that bos was treated as driver bcoz he was dark.. its only to create negative feelings in dark peoples..

My dear Dark friends... don't loose hope.. the add is to underestimate you guys

Husna 4 years ago

Out of those models, 1 lady whose husband suddenly starts liking her and that black boss are actually t.v actors (not very famous though).

They are in real very fair in fact very very fair. But i don't know why they to apply greese on their face and act so useless just to earn some money,,....

Utter nonsense

shwetha m 4 years ago

its very dabba product... please don't purchase this...its not effecting i am using from 2 months...results is totally nill...

satish 4 years ago

My dear friends... don't loose hope.. the add is to underestimate you guys

zeeshan 4 years ago

thanks friends for giving me advice ..

mahi 4 years ago

thank you all of your comments guys.i want to buy it.before i buy it i want to check its quality from net.thank you for valuable information.

Priya, Chennai 4 years ago

Stupid cream it is. I got it 3 weeks back. I got lot of pimples and now am undergoing treatment for it. I didn't know why this cream is still in the market. Spending lot to recover my skin . Please don't use this cream. My request to public.

Chitti 4 years ago

First of all thanks to the people who have shared their experience about this stupid product. i was supposed to buy this one however changed my mind. thanks guys

GoonerGooner 4 years ago

I am currently on holiday here in India, and I have to say that this country is the most racist country in the world.

surya 4 years ago

a lot thank to alll of ur precious comments.......

srivalli 4 years ago

dear friends fairlook is one of the most dabaa product .they act just to earn some money please don't purchase iam spending lot to recover my skin

deepu 4 years ago

hi frnds thanks for your information

sourabh kumar 4 years ago

Thank you all of my friend for valuable information , today i have plan to buy fair look but now i will never use it .. Thank you so much once again bottom of heart ......

khushi 4 years ago

thank u dear friend u save us from thhis product i was about to buy after reading ur comments i will never use it

SHRUTI 4 years ago

GUYS A best way you can make your self look a bit fair is by covering your face with some transparent cloth(cotton cloth may a a best option) and cover your face with it in normal days and try it for at least 1 month... i bet someone will totally notice you and say that you have turned brighter ... trust me it happened to me...

khwayish 4 years ago

thanks friends for your information

anu 4 years ago

really i m thankful to auther and my all dear friends.

yuvi 4 years ago

thnx for sugeestion.... but m purchase it so.... what to do...? money is waste........

khushi 4 years ago

thanks friends. today i had a plan of buying the cream and while searching on net i just looked this comments and first only am dejected so thanks friends.thanks a lot.Thanks for spreading the word

ramesh 4 years ago

ministry of information and broad casting should do something on this.

sujitlucky 4 years ago

hi friends it really harmful in our body screen. i thought to buy for my girlfriend but now not thank u friends but why ibf allow this type of advmnt.it have no rule to oppose against this type of cheat system.plz govt. creat something for them niether public will be when violent then all tv channel will be destroy. thanks

Deepika 4 years ago

Thankyou!friends for sharing your valuable comments.I had a plan to purchase but now after reading all the reviews I stopped purchasing.

mandira singha roy 4 years ago

if u really want clear and glowing skin ,use ur money for buying fresh ,fruits and vegetables,if u regularly consume fresh fruits and vegetables ur skin will glow and ur health will be good,try to drink carrot juice with honey it really works

ravi 4 years ago

very bad it is only fake adv

dipti 4 years ago

very bad

dilshad 4 years ago

very bad it is only fake adv

And unhappy

sachin 4 years ago

Thanks bro ! i have seen add from many days but I want to verify that this product really work or not but have seen some lots of bad comment I never buy because they have such kind of manufacturing details n etc. TV ACTOR who already fair worked in this add. STOP this kind of fake add n who cheat the people. JAGO INDIA JAGO!

Anand 4 years ago

guys its totall waste of many its just a way of marketing the product wasting tym and money rs 2000 iam using vlcc products its awesome my skin tan is totally gone and my face skin is become three shades lighter n fair i had spend 540 rs i use anti tan lighting face wash ,vlcc matte look suncreen lotion spf 30 and enbrighter night peeling cream its all cost me 500+ and results are ecellent

nishi 4 years ago

ups...thanx frds...i am just planning to buy it...but now...no.....never

thanx to save my money....................

samir 3 years ago

thanks for aware it this products

aniya sufi 3 years ago

thanxs friends i had a plan of buying this cream thanxs a lot

mousami nag 3 years ago

thanks all friends ,i just determine my mind to buy it.......thanks for urs suggession

ac 3 years ago

pathetic cream and pathetic channels like life ok ...one side they do a good job showing devo ke dev mahadev another side dipplay this racist product ...u know satyam shivam sundaram ..

pramila 3 years ago

thanks all you

sunita 3 years ago

it's useless cream

richa 3 years ago

i purchased this cream but it damaged my skin. it made my skin dull.

nowadays i feel shy to go out with my friends. it's just a nonsense and worst cream that i have ever used in my life. so i suggest all frnds not to use this cream by mistakely also.

neethu 3 years ago

thanks all of u.ur words really valuable

sonali 3 years ago

i saw the add of fairlook i purchased it for rs 2900 i used it for 2 weeks but let me tell you the results are really veeeeerrrrryyyyyy.... bad please don't purchase these product. and they also say that if the product dosent work we will give your all money back .but let me tell you friends they are such a lair they don't give the money back and also they don't answer our calls.after purchasing the product i called them up once and said i want my money back...but you can't imagine guys they directly disconnected my call and till today they are not at all ready to answer my call .........just want to say they are fooling people for money because this company is bhikhari that's all..............

yogita 3 years ago

oh i was just asking my mother to buy it for me thank God i didn't order it checking the blog was a right decision

kiki 3 years ago

oh thanks a lot friends .i wll nverr think about the cream and will cancle the order just now

sharn 3 years ago

Mr GoonerGooner who the bloody hell are you to talk about my country man, just mind your words hope your not in front of me, let the product how aver just give the known information idiot contact me @ saransanu@gmail.com Mr hub is this they way you maintain faqs ?

jancy jose 3 years ago

Tanku so much..

I ws abt to buy tz stupid product... I felt tat tha add ws fake

vArsha 3 years ago

Thanks guys

shefali 3 years ago

Thnx guys 4 ur valuable comments....thought of buying .......... Bt will never nd never....!!!!

S R CHOUDHARY 3 years ago

brothers & sister never think 2 purchage this cream

FOUZIA HUSSAIN 3 years ago


seetha 3 years ago

i have purchage this cream what can i do

konica 3 years ago

Thanks a lot ............

Sagar 3 years ago

Haha wat a choot ad.. They are making fool of themselves and of people .. Am disappointed...

gita 3 years ago

thnx frnd,this is great information for me.

fgtjuhuioigf 2 years ago

it is a very bad product

Rajesh 2 years ago

Its work wow maine ishea 2 month se use kiya hai bhai dark spot and jitne v daag hai sub gaya or kaam kar deta hai agar jayada daag hai to its amazing thats fair look

smriti 2 years ago

Dis all are bullshit ads y they are making fool......dis knd of ads sud b stopped......

pavan 2 years ago

Thanx fr ur valuable advice frnds i wanted to buy fair look but i came to know that its waste of tme n money

Ajay 2 years ago

the worst cream they are not able to get 1 star also for these cream don't waste your time and money friends gharalu tariko se gore ho aur kuch nahi fugly fugly !

sidak 2 years ago

Such a pathetic add. Adds like these should be banned. The model who did this ad should be ashamed and the fair look cream company should. The model even said that " gora logo ko pasand karana ek aam insani fithrat hai". A direct racist coment which means that white people are better or supreme than blacks. In one incident The watchmen says that the black is a chaprasi or a driver. This is a not only to millions of drivers and chaprasis but also to millions of successful black buisnesmass(actually to the whole black community).In some incident no one talts to the man/women because he/she is black then when he usses the absurd cream he/she becomes white and all the people bagan to revolve around him/her and girls/boys began to love him. This shows that black people are unnatractive and unlovable and they should change themselves. We should not change ourselves but the instead the people should chande their lowly thinking. A woman is not being able to marryj because she is black. PATHETIC. People are not arracted by the colour of their skin but NATURE, THEIR CHARACTER. If the people are attracted by the colour of your sken its not a love. This ad is also a disrespect to LOVE. A womans husband has affairs with other womens, the women has no respect but when she becomes white she gains respect and her husband becomes to love her. This is a distespect to the whole woman world. BAN THIS PATHETIC, UTTERLY-UTTERLY RIDICULOUS, DISCRIMINATING,RACIST VIDEO. FINE AND BOYCOTT


fajankhan 2 years ago

I purchased fairlook before 1 month and have been regularly using it.,too bad its effects are absulately nill.,waste of money and time.pls dont buy such products......... 7568890529

sow 2 years ago

Thank u guys

sijo 2 years ago

It is fake cream am used 18 days then no chainge.before averge fair skin have then is cream use after my skin on darkness coming..very bad proudcts and fraud proudcts so all guys this cream no using

Hazel 23 months ago

Whether you're light like sand,dark like night or brown like caramel ,your black is beautiful.Anyone who judges you by your skin and says you're not beautiful is a blind fool.Embrace your tone,be proud of your complexion!

So friends don't get addicted to advertisements,plz........

sangita 20 months ago

It is really work thank you fair look

.chelsi 20 months ago

Fair look it really good product I am looking very fair and shining my skin

preeti jain 20 months ago

Fair look is very good products you must buy it products very good and more fair skin in just few days you try it and buy it more and more fair skin you buy originl buy fair look produts it is find very good result and shining ski

sai 19 months ago

wheather fairlook is used

bcruze 18 months ago

please dont make the public fool for some money

bcruze 18 months ago

please dont make the public fool for some money

king 17 months ago

i have used this nice product use regularly you can see the result

baiju 16 months ago

I reached here looking for this racist add I saw on TV. But most of the comments here are lamenting about the non working of the product or wasted money. Some of the comments here are about whether the product works etc?

It means what they say in the ad about someone's life is useless and wasted if they are dark etc. is true. Producers are laughing their way to the bank.

Anu 16 months ago

Today i ordered same product when ever i seen the reviews here i canceled this product as same special thanks to all friends.............. Don't Encourage this kind of products into news channels.

shwetha 15 months ago

totally foolish and fake product...since i hve been using fr a month still i didnt get any results... be ashame to that model giving advertising or promoting this product.. i wnt my money to b refunded...

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