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Authentic Coach Handbag

Considering how much coach bags are sold and bought for and their high demand it's no question that there would be a lot of fakes out there. Most women I know can tell right off the bat whether or not a coach bag is fake or real but a lot of times it's the guy buying the bag. If you guys are like me you would get scammed in a heartbeat for your lack of purse buying knowledge so I did some research and found out the difference.

First of all there are distinct characteristics of a real coach handbag that are completely visible. For one thing the "C's" on the outside of the bag should go straight up and down. Second, the pattern will be centered on the front and back panel of the purse. Third, the seam will go straight through "C" or "CC pattern not cutting off letters. Lastly, look at a few photos online of the "C" pattern on the style of purse you are looking to purchase they should all be the same.

Another way to tell if a coach handbag is real is there is a leather label sewn into the inside of most coach bags with a serial number on it. Authentic coach bag serial numbers all start with "No". All though some of the smaller bags lack the label on the inside. The words on the label should also be in all capital letters. Give the leather a little feel also because usually you can just tell if the leather is cheaply made or not. After you look for a label, take a look at the stitching of the bag. If the stitching are not all the same size or there are threads coming out and it was just poorly put together it's 99% a fake. Oh and a really obvious sign that a bag is fake is instead of "C" pattern there is a "G" pattern... Don’t even think about buying that one. All in all the best advice I can give you is just stop buy a coach store and just look at the bags, pick them up and feel them. Just get used to holding them and seeing what real ones look and feel like and you will be able to spot a fake from a mile away.

Have you ever accidentally bought a fake Coach bag?

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Elyse Eaton profile image

Elyse Eaton 7 years ago

Interesting. My husband bought my Coach purse . . . I'm off to check it against your tips. Thanks.

Small Change profile image

Small Change 7 years ago

Well I have seen some coaches that were sold by the manufacture over seas and they mimic the coach very well. One thing I can say about coach is that there should always be a c Facing the other c. usually starting in the middle

pmiles profile image

pmiles 5 years ago from North Carolina

very nice.

cmlindblom profile image

cmlindblom 5 years ago from middletown, ct Author

Thanks for the compliment I wrote this a while back and feel semi feminine for it but who cares what people think. I do enough manly things to cover all this up haha.

bwhite062007 profile image

bwhite062007 5 years ago from East Coast

You're advice is accurate. I have a real coachbag as well as a knockoff and you can definitley tell the difference. Another way to tell is the fact that I have had my real one for about 6 years and it still looks practically new with no wear or tear compared to the other. Fascinating that a man knows more then most women do about a handbag lol.

CWanamaker profile image

CWanamaker 5 years ago from Arizona

Yeah its a scary world out there. My wife would notice in a heartbeat if I ever bought her a fake. This is why I never buy them anywhere except from Dillards or the Coach Store. But with these tips, I will keep an eye out for some great deals in the future. Thanks!

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America

I guess my Coach is real. I would never buy one myself but my daughter got me one for Mother's Day and I love it. Thanks for sharing information. Voted up.

cmlindblom profile image

cmlindblom 3 years ago from middletown, ct Author

It is always good to know this kind of stuff if you are ever in a scenario when someone offers you one for cheap. Knowing if it is real can score you some nice bags for a small price.

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