False Nails

Are you confused about the differences between the types of false nails? If you are, you're reading the right article. This article will have all the information you will need about wraps, acrylic nails, press-on nails, and gel nails. There are some other specialties but we will not talk about them since those specialty nails differentiate from location to location. Once you've finished reading this, you should be able to determine the differences between the main types of fake nails.

Many of the artificial nails you can find on the market today are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. They are sturdier compared to natural nails but you still have to take care of your hands and nails. Always remember to be smart about your nails. Never tear the fake nails from your natural ones and never use them for anything besides adding to your beauty.

Acrylic Fingernails

Of all the different types of nails, acrylic nails are the most popular. Acrylic nails can be found in every nail salon across the nation. They're also one of the cheapest types of nails and are very durable. Assuming they were applied correctly, acrylic nails are harmless to your existing nails. The main downside is that your nails are weakened even before putting on the artificial nails. You have to file down your nails to make it look natural and there is a slight chance of having your nails turning yellow and brittle.

Gel Nails

Of all the types of nails you can buy, gel nails are the most authentic looking and beautiful. It is usually clear in color and shiny. Another advantage with gel nails is you don't have to deal with strong odors during application like would with acrylic type nails. To remove it, you must let them grow out so you can eventually file them down.

Repair with Nail Wraps

In most scenarios, nail wraps are used for repairing broken fingernails. Some people use nail wraps for extending or strengthening their natural nail tips. These types of false nails aren't very durable, but they do make for a low-maintenance for some people. Wraps cannot be removed so you must let them grow out.

Press-on Nails and Final Thoughts

For the most readily available nails, you can find press-on nails at almost every local department store or Walmart. They're usually sold as a cheap kit that are great for people with a craving to get false nails. They are the cheapest solution for anyone wanting fake nails. They're really simple to apply on your fingers and don't require a professional salon. Press ons will only last temporarily and depending on the quality of the product, will look very fake.

Be sure to take care of your artificial nails so you can maximize them for what they're worth. Do not rip them off and never apply them yourself if you do not know how to.

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Grace 7 years ago

It's a shame that gel nails have not really caught on in England and that a lot nail salons are just selling acrylic

nails.When will we catch up with the States.

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