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I enjoy reading blogs, but I especially enjoy reading fashion blogs. Not the kind of blogs that the major magazines publish online, but the blogs that are published by everyday people who happen to be interested in fashion. It is really neat to see what outfits others put together and since these blogs are sometimes from all over the world and usually include a lot of pictures, you get to see some cool places that you may never have a chance to actually visit. I have put together a few of my favorite fashion blogs and thought I would share them with you!

The Clothes Horse

Rebecca, also known as The Clothes Horse, has the absolutely most fantastic blog ever . This was the first blog I ever started reading on a regular basis. I stumbled across it by accident and at first would just visit to look at the many photos that were included of the blogger's way cool fashion choices. She posts pictures almost daily with the magnificent outfits she puts together. I love her fashion sense and think she has excellent taste and the blog is worth visiting just to see the photos.

But I was quickly drawn in by her words as well. Her writing style is very warm, personal and witty. Sort of like starting your day off with an old friend chatting about this or that, catching up on what she has been doing the past couple of days. She has that gift for writing where you want to continue reading even if she is describing something mundane or completely ordinary. She really just seems like someone it would be cool to hang around with though she would probably claim to be boring.

The pictures she posts in her blog are quite interesting and sometimes will make you chuckle while always making you smile. I'm not sure on some other blogs who is doing the photography, but Rebecca takes the pictures herself! So not only does she have excellent fashion sense, but she is a talented shutterbug as well!I find it really amazing because the photos look like they were taken by a professional photographer!

She also posts about movies, travel, and the adventures of her "little Labbit (not rabbit!) diva", Nasha among other things. In fact, you never really know what you might find in one of her blogs. That is, of course, a big part of the fun of reading the blog. It could be anything at all but whatever it is will surely be interesting.

And I am not the only one fascinated with her blog as the tons of comments she receives indicates. I used to try to read all her comments as well as her posts, but I just do not have time because she gets so many! And she seems to have inspired at least one poet to write about her a few times. I thought that was really sweet. At first I thought he must be her boyfriend or something, but it turns out he just finds her photos to sometimes be inspiring. How cool is that?

Two Hundred Eighty-Three Days

Two Hundred Eighty-Three Days is a blog written by "a 17 year old girl in Belgium". She posts about a lot more than just fashion but her main focus is on the photos of her outfits which are always amazing. This is one of those blogs I mentioned that are neat because you get a glimpse of Belgium in the background of her pictures. I think she has great style especially for someone so young! (Jeez! I sound like my grandma!) Just reading her blog and seeing the pictures makes me want to go see Belgium and Europe in general. Check it out! I'll bet you will enjoy it!

The Cherry Blossom Girl

I guess The Cherry Blossom Girl, whose real name is Alix, kind of straddles the thin line between amateur and professional since apparently she has her own designer line but she started her blog while still in fashion school and still runs it as a personal blog with her other interests besides fashion included. She is French so most of her earlier blogs I could not read but just enjoyed the pictures she would post. Obviously seeing France is a kicker! Now she has someone who translates the blog to English, so it is even better!

Karla's Closet

Karla's blog, appropriately named Karla's Closet, is another great blog that I check out pretty regularly. It also happens to be fairly popular with my co-worker in the next cubicle, a guy who suddenly seemed to find fashion fascinating (or, as he says, "fashionating" LOL) right about the time Karla went on vacation and posted photos of herself in a bikini. He insisted on creative consultation for this portion of my hub. I will let you guess which photos he insisted be added. She's "only" in Los Angeles, but that is almost like another country to a girl from the (very rural) Heart of Texas.

So there you have a few of my favorite fashion blogs. Check them out if you get a chance or if you know any other good ones, drop it in a comment. I have a bunch I already follow but I will always try to squeeze in one more! :-)

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jessbuurman 4 years ago

beautiful image collection.

juliemarg 4 years ago

Nice photos, nice collection... Thanks for sharing...

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