Fashion Review: Lands' End Shimmer Down Parka

5 stars for Shimmer Down Parka

From Lands' End

This coat will keep you warm in the coldest weather. It's like being cocooned. When it gets cold up here in in the Northeast a coat that keeps you toasty warm is fully appreciated.

The fit is regular. It's not slim fit and it's not so baggy that you can wear a thick sweater underneath and it won't wear tight.

The hood is detachable. The faux fur trim is soft and when I wear the hood, it's constructed in such a way that it stays on. It doesn't slide off my head! If you detach the hood the collar is also faux fur trimmed and it's so soft that I like rubbing my cheek into it. It also has adjustable ties to keep the hood snug around your face.

There are two ways to close the coat, there is a zipper that zips right up to the top so that even in the windiest day, you neck will be covered and cold air won't go down from the top. The other way is the snaps. I normally just zip it up and it's fine.

The parka is light and and has a lining. The sleeve has an inner lining also and the cuffs are trimmed with fleece so that the sleeves fit snugly.

As for pockets there are more that I can use. There are slip on pockets on the side to keep your hands warm. There is a small shallow top pocket on the right side and behind it inside the coat, a hidden pocket for mp3 players.

I especially appreciate the adjustable belt tabs in the back because it give the parka a feminine shape. There are also snaps at the cuffs and I'm not really sure why it's there since it's not really needed.

It comes in six colors: black, dark mahogany, deep amethyst, mushroom brown, steel gray, autumn brick. The shimmer effect doesn't make it look shiny, it has a nice effect that makes it look contemporary and not blah. The regular price is $200 but I bought it on sale for $65 through the company's website. It may still be available at Sears, which carries Lands' End. I can see me wearing this coat for many years. I am a Lands' End steady customer and will continue to be with a coat like this.

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