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As the time changes and era had changed into a busy world many things, even small things have its own importance. In this occasion, we can see the importance of belts and buckles in the fashion world. Previously the term ‘belt’ which only meant a leather-rope that is used to tighten a skirt or pant. Now the concept had entirely changed. There are different varieties such as replacement belts, buckle belts, title belts, cheap belts, transmission belts, and skinny belts and so on. There are even differentiated for both Men and Women, for different ages, and so on...

Why do we wear a belt?

The main reasons for wearing belts are

  • To keep our pants up!
  • To keep our shirt tucked
  • To hold something (cellphone, pocketknife, etc.)
  • Because I HAVE to do that for school/work etc.
  • Just to look good

From these we can see some major noted onesin Belts and Buckles with high demands:

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Latest Belts and Belt Buckles Trends

Latest Belt Fashions

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Large Buckle Belts CHAIN BELTLarge Buckle Belts Sashay Belt Crazy FashionCHAIN BELTCUMMBERBANDSStandard BeltsCRAZY bELTSStandard BeltsUltra Thin Belt
Large Buckle Belts
Large Buckle Belts
Large Buckle Belts
Large Buckle Belts
Sashay Belt
Sashay Belt
Crazy Fashion
Crazy Fashion
Standard Belts
Standard Belts
Standard Belts
Standard Belts
Ultra Thin Belt
Ultra Thin Belt

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Types of Belts available in markets

Sashay Belt:

These are among most beautiful categories. These are especially suited for gloves and are with a feminine look. These are more beautiful when these are being brought out in contrasted colored clothes. These are mainly made from satin or in silk.

Chain Belt:

As the name mentions this belt is completed with chains. This belt is thin and is the latest fashion. This is mainly included as a material of men’s accessories. WWE championship belts are mainly this chain belt. These are Western belts hence are mainly used by college students.

Ultra Thin Belt:

This is the most IN TRENDED belts. These are about 1inch width and are designed beautifully. Since these are colorful, these attract many for its usage.

Standard Belts:

This belt is also a feminine one. These are decorated with pearls, stones, and other valuable things. These are surely as that of contrasted color or of body color.These are the leather belts. These are also called as designer’s belts since these are used for decorating new dresses hence attract the dresses too.

Large Buckle Belts:

While one buys a belt, buckle plays an important role. Buckle is that metal thing that appears in the front of the pant. Harley belt buckle, designer belt buckles, silver belt buckle, skull belt buckles, etc are some different type of belt available in the market. These are mostly suited on big belts. These are mostly seen on college students.


These belts are originated originally from India. This are not tightly held but is like silver belt that is used while tied on saree during marriage or dance. These are also of martial arts.

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Designer Buckles and Belts

Even the shape and size of the belt had also changed. Wide belts, leather belts, also by different traditions and customs. Some different types of belts are

  • Black leather belts
  • Elastic belts
  • Braided belts
  • Waist belt
  • Stretch belts
  • Safety belts etc.



The main fashion trends in Belt Buckles are the following and some of them are handmade buckles There is no difference between women s Buckles and men s buckles nowadays

Most Preferred designer belt buckles

  1. batman belt buckles
  2. chevy belt buckles
  3. confederate flag belt buckles
  4. cowboy buckles
  5. cowgirl belt buckles
  6. dragon belt buckles
  7. eagle belt buckle
  8. engraved belt buckle
  9. fishing belt buckles
  10. guitar belt buckles
  11. harley belt buckle
  12. horse belt buckles
  13. irish belt buckles
  14. nfl belt buckles
  15. novelty belt buckles
  16. peterbilt belt buckles
  17. pewter belt buckles
  18. pirate belt buckles
  19. plastic buckles
  20. rhinestone belt buckles
  21. rock belt buckles
  22. scarface belt buckles
  23. silver belt buckles
  24. skull belt buckles
  25. southern belt buckles
  26. spinning belt buckles
  27. star belt buckles
  28. turquoise belt buckles
  29. urban belt buckles
  30. western belt buckles
  31. western silver belt buckles

Now belts had changed in accordance with man clothing as well as for women clothing. When some one purchase a belt, buckles also play an important role in it. There are different sized and shaped buckles available in the market such as skull shaped, silver buckles, martial arts and so on…

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Hub Challenge 9 of 30 :Fashion Specials –Different types of Belts available in market
Hub Challenge 9 of 30 :Fashion Specials –Different types of Belts available in market

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