Fashion Tips- Designer Party Wear For Women

Party Wear Trends

In cities, especially in metros Party wear is a most popular fashion. In all designer textile shops there will be a vast collection of ladies party wear. There will be great collections from Chick Halter to shining Cocktail dresses.The nature or style of the party wear depends upon the party. Types of party wear are

  1. Club party wear
  2. Costume party wear
  3. Wedding party wear

This high end fashion is a mixture of many other fashions.

  During the evening parties eyecatching colors like Copper Brown, Emerald Green, Dark Purple etc will be most glamorous. The V-necked cutting will be good with jackets. Young ladies are mostly fond of Pencil Leather Skirts.

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Designer Party Wear For Women

There are different types are available like

  1. Print dress
  2. Corset dress
  3. Off-the-Shoulder dress
  4. Embellished dress
  5. Sheath dress
  6. Stand-Up-Choler dress
  7. Jacket dress etc.

Ethnic Party Wear

Mirror worked sarees are available in this type. In evening parties the shining of this will be a big attraction. The best are the sarees with Golden loom stitched Sardosi Sarees. Ethnics includes Patch Wok, Cut work, Goda Party Work, Stone works etc.

Latcha Sets

Commonly north Indians using Latcha, Sahara top, Choli etc are now becoming the fashion in the mind of ladies in kerala. Latch dresses have most popularity in Bollywood. Now a day’s wearing latcha is becoming fashionable. In Sahara it did not have the middle partition. It includes top and shoal with it. It may contain stone works or embroidery works. Paint latchas are available in the brads like Silk and Cotton.

Album Saree

Album Soft-Light sarees are pure hand loom sarees. They are available in two designs. Geometrical Pattern Shapes and Traditional. Album sarees will give a slim look. Album sarees are good than party wears because of the advantages like nice look, comfortable to wear, easy to wear, photogenic look etc.

Party Wear Accessories

The availability and the types of watches are

  1. Dressy wrist watches
  2. Casual wrist watches
  3. Sports watches
  4.  Luxury main watches etc.

There are chances for selecting a suitable watch is so easy with the suitable matching dress. There are of many different materials like gold, silver, titanium, rubber leather, diamond, stainless steel, precious gems etc to make a watch in the market. Instead of these all bracelet watches are trendier.Many types of watches are available like calculator contain, digital camera contain, scratch resistant etc

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