Fashion Trends of Fall 2010: Military Style

Military Inspired Style

This is the last write-up on the fashion trends of 2010. The first two are here and here. During times when our military is at war, such as currently happening in Afghanistan against the Taliban and Iraq with Al Qaeda, we see influences of military dress. This Fall, the colors of olive, fatigue green, and peat moss will be found more often than usual on the clothes racks. Many people assume that the fashion world ignores what occurs outside of the industry, but the many people who work in the industry like any other people have families and friends that are part of the military. They take the military clothes and translate it into everyday wear as a flap over a pocket, the wider lapel, and a trimmer cut. As I watch people pass by in military inspired clothes, I can't help but think about the men and women far away from home doing a thankless job because they felt a sense of duty to protect our country. In that sense, fashion helps to remind us of the larger things that are happening far from our own streets.


Military inspired jackets are classic fall outerwear. This year we see a more relaxed cut over the chest and oversized pockets. It's not as stiff and fitted as in previous years. Shoulders are more relaxed as evidenced by many shirts having a dropped shoulder sleeves.

When it comes to pants -- cargo pants are back -- however they are more form fitting not tight - different from the relaxed look that was so popular with cargo pants in previous years. So the silhouette is a more relaxed top over slim-fit bottoms, the effect is a relaxed formality. The colors are in muted tones of green, blue, brown, and grey, not drab, although camouflage will always be available. This fall, it is the accessories that will give the military-inspired clothing that punch of color. Military caps in red, purple, even pink are here!


Slightly dropped shoulders can be seen among the military shirts and military jackets.

Boots are high with lace-ups all the way to the top which echoes the style of boots worn during the first world war. The other trend that echoes the military are buckles an they also go right up to the top of the boot.

 Purple military caps are here!

Military style bags have already been classics in the industry although people don't know it.  Duffle bags and backpacks were all based on military bags.  These bags as well as bags based on medical military bags will continue to be popular.

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