How to Wear Wedge Shoes

Wedge shoes are fun and very trendy, and when the weather warms up, they are hard to resist. Even if you don't normally wear heels, it's easy to add a bit more height when adding wedges to any outfit. Whether you want to dress up or dress down the wedge is the way to go if you want to make a trendy fashion statement. You can wear them with flowing skirts, dresses, or you can even dress down in a pair of jeans.  Wedges are very popular, not only because of their versatility, but because they have a moderate heel, and are more comfortable to wear then your typical high heeled shoe. 

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Lumiani "P1994" Wedge Shoes
Lumiani "P1994" Wedge Shoes
Lumiani "P1994" Wedge Shoes

Dressing-up with Wedges

Wedge shoes are still at the top of the list when one is searching for something fun and trendy, and it's easy to pair with just about any style dress. Whether you want to wear a flowing skirt or a gauzy pheasants dress, you can't go wrong with a pair of wedges.

Dressy Metallics Lumiani "P1994" Wedge Shoes available at Zappo' is another way to go if you want something a little more dressy.  They come in a variety of colors, from pink, purple, orange, green, blue, gold, and silver. 

How to wear wedges with jeans

Adding style to your favorite wide-legged jeans is easy when you pair them with the perfect fit of the popular wedge shoe. Since the wide-legged style tends to make some look shorter then they are, the wedge shoe can be the perfect answer, because they can help anyone look better by giving them the appearance of longer legs. If you're looking for a shoe to go with a more fitted style of jean, then the wedge is to be used with caution if you have narrow legs. Wearing a wedge in this situation, especially if you have larger feet, can make you look too foot heavy.

Wedge Sneaker Shoes

Have you ever thought about running in high heels? Well, it looks like the hot trend this year is Sneaker Wedges. Even though running is out of the question, you have to admit, these are definitely the shoe that every women has been waiting for. While they make a statement that is both fun and sporty, they also say chic and sleek. If you think you want to give these new hot sneakers a try, there are many retailers that feature sneakers with a wedge.

Zappos- they sale several styles to choose from, such as

  • DKNY Armory Sneakers which are both sporty and chic, and
  • RocketDog Gum Drop, which is a stylish Mary Jane type Wedge that come in a variety of colors. The heel is three inches and is made of rubber for better traction.

Famous Footwear- has a wide selection of wide wedge sneakers. You can order on-line or go into any Famous Footwear store near you.

  • Vans Women's KVD Wedge
  • Dr, Scholl's Women's Barnstable
  • Fix Women's Fresh Wedge

Steve Madden You can find the popular BrashhMD Wedge Sneaker that comes in either black, grey or multi-color fabrics. It laces up, has a rubber sole and a wedge heel. Has a great selection of wedge shoes with excellent prices

Wearing Wedge Sneakers can be fun and can provide you with many styles to choose from, making it easy to dress in a multiple of ways. You can wear them with a casual dress, jeans, and even shorts, the possibilities are endless.

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Research Analyst 7 years ago

I just bought a pair of wedge shoes, they are so cute and my absolute favorite would have to be the VOLATILE Celebration Womens Wedge Platform Shoes mostly because of the fun high bottom.

natalie 5 years ago

I'm all for wedges, but wow, those sneaker wedges are hideous.

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