Faux Fur | High Fashion Embraces The Faux

Faux fur is in right now. Actually, faux fur is pretty much always in, for two reasons.Let's explore those reasons, using our eyes to read words.

1. Humans have a primal connection to the idea of wearing animal skins. At least, that's my theory. We spent thousands of years toddling about the place with only a bit of hide to cover our particulars and the most successful among us were presumably also those with the biggest and best furs. At one time, having a nice mammoth rug wasn't just a way to spark conversation when Og and Urk dropped by, it was a way of attracting ever more attractive mates. It's therefore 'natural' in some ways for humans to want to wear fur.

2. Of course, it's not really a great idea to wear real fur anymore. Why? Well for one, most of the animals who have nice fur are in fairly short supply these days. For two, those animals who are farmed for their fur tend to be treated with all the love and care a sociopath child might reserve for a spider or a fly. Tales of animals being beaten to death and skinned alive are not uncommon. There's also a great deal of talk about electrocuting foxes, but to be blunt about the situation, if you're a fur fox, you're lucky if you get the electric treatment.

Essentially, wearing fur is no longer the product of hunting down a proud wild animal and taking what you and your family need to survive the winter. It's now simply about ripping the skins off defenseless animals who've never experienced a day's freedom in their lives. It's fairly heinous and pointless.

Faux Fur To The Rescue!

Faux Fur allows fur lovers to indulge their primal fur instincts without harming any animals or enraging anyone with empathy. These days, faux fur looks just as good as real fur, is versatile and cost effective. Indeed, the only reason to choose real fur these days is if you rather dislike animals and enjoy the idea of having made them suffer in order for you to wear a silly coat.

If you won't take my word for it, high end fashion designers are already using faux fur in droves out of a desire to see animals treated with more compassion and to avoid PETA protesters who enjoy lurking about the place with tins of paint and snappy slogans.

The pictures accompanying this piece are from Chanel's 2010 Fall / Winter shoot, which will incorporate a great deal of faux fur. (The Fall / Winter line, that is, not just the shoot, obviously the shoot has quite a bit of faux furriness going on in it as well.)

This season, faux fur is in, and animal cruelty is out.

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