To Pierce Or Not To Pierce

The oldest mummified remains ever discovered were sporting earrings, attesting to the existence of the practice more than 5,000 years ago

Woman With Facial Piercings

Woman with septum piercing and labret piercing
Woman with septum piercing and labret piercing | Source

The Coquetry Of Piercing

Whether it is a ring on the ear, nose or belly button the aesthetic piercing has innumerable adepts. In some countries, a baby girl’s ears are pierced for earrings even before she leaves the maternity hospital and christening presents include gold earrings. From a very early age, women are introduced to the coquetry of adorning their ears with tiny gold earrings.

The Piercing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
The Piercing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing

Piercing pioneer Elayne Angel has performed over 40,000 piercings since the 1980s and has brought many practices, such as tongue-piercing, into the mainstream. She brings her exhaustive knowledge to this groundbreaking manual that covers everything you need to know about the process


But What Do Men Think About This Coquetry?

Apart from a few men who think of piercings as body mutilation, most of the men I know are curious about piercings. They think about it as something original, a little extravagance that arouses their interest in a woman. For some of them, a pierced woman in an extravagant place of her body (belly button, nipples, genitals) is a woman who can face pain, a strong woman who would dare anything, and that in itself is a challenge!

Model Isabel photographed by Walter Hell-Hoeflinger for Tauerngold KG (
Model Isabel photographed by Walter Hell-Hoeflinger for Tauerngold KG (

Piercing As An Erotic Accessory

Extravagant piercings

Nowadays the piercing market has widened and one can find all sort of jewels for her piercings. From blinking jewels to transparent ones which are great for those who want to be discreet or those who are not allowed to wear piercings at their work place.

There are also vibrating piercings –recommended for the tongue and genitals. And for those who are pregnant you can find jewellery specially designed for pregnancy which stretches along with a woman’s tummy.

Eskimo Piercing

yeah, I got sparkly lips.. my peircing is all off's cuz I chew on one side..
yeah, I got sparkly lips.. my peircing is all off's cuz I chew on one side.. | Source

Nipple Piercing is the most popular Piercing with Tongue Piercing coming in second.

— Painful

Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings, vertical labret piercing and stretched ears
Nipple piercings, vertical labret piercing and stretched ears | Source

How To Do An Instant Marilyn Piercing

Faux Piercings

For those of us who are sceptical about piercing their body, do not want to experience the pain or simply do not want to go ahead with a permanent body modification, there are in the market false piercings for almost every part of the body. From clip on rings for ears, belly button and lips to stick on piercings and even rings that can be placed on top, like the nipple rings that are held by your nipple like a ring in your finger.

So if you want to experience the power of a piercing you do not need to commit yourself to piercing your body, just for fun, try one of the faux piercings and see how it goes!

Corset Piercing:

Body piercing is an invasive procedure with some risks, including allergic reaction, infection, excessive scarring and unanticipated physical injuries

Elaine Davidson, The Most Pierced Woman In The World

Front shot of Elaine Davidson, the most pierced woman in the world, according the Guinness Book of World Records.
Front shot of Elaine Davidson, the most pierced woman in the world, according the Guinness Book of World Records. | Source

World Record

The Scottish Elaine Davidson holds the Guinness World Record for most permanent piercings, first setting this record in 2000 with 462 body piercings, with 192 at the time being around her head and face.

In June 2006, her Guinness-certified piercings numbered 4,225.

In February 2009, The Daily Telegraph reported that she had 6,005.

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What do you say... To pierce or not to pierce? 46 comments

lyricsingray 7 years ago

Wicked Hub - to pierce I say, Thanks for a great start to the day!

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

You are welcome lyricsingray :)

I knew you would agree Health Tip!

shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 7 years ago

I like tongue piercing the most for the afore mentioned reason :) Great hub Anath...

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

Thanks shamelabboush, I know what you mean, having a partner with a tongue piercing adds an extra something to intimate moments ;-)

shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 7 years ago

Maybe ;)

rvsource profile image

rvsource 7 years ago

Nice hub and great video! I don't see the back piercings though!!! ouch

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

Well, I am sure shamelabboush.

Thanks for visiting rvsource, sorry to make you sore :)

hybridway 7 years ago

My Gosh, this hub certainly arouse my interest in understanding most of the reason for tongue piercing. I will henceforth be on the look out to satisfy my desire for and enjoy the pleasure associated with tongue piercing of my partner. Some people can endure pain than others. I am certainly not one of them. Shame!

lancelonie profile image

lancelonie 7 years ago

I think piercing is sexy, especially on the navel. But I'm too scared to try it. :) Cool though!

dejajolie profile image

dejajolie 7 years ago from New Jersey/New York

Stretching with the belly? Wow, I did not know such a thing existed. I wanted to pierce my navel years ago but thought about "what happens when I become pregnant" so I opted not to and have a tattoo there instead. Meanwhile, not sure what that would look like once my belly starts growing....yikes! Cool Hub!

viryabo profile image

viryabo 7 years ago

I'm tempted. Body piercing is so erotic!. I have only the basic ear piercing haha. Nose piercing caught my fancy years ago, but i was 'chicken'. The tongue? i'm not sure i can handle that. LOL.

Great hub Anath. GodBless.

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

I think we are on the same boat hybridway, I am not one for enduring pain neither!

I like that one too lancelonie but I have only tried the clips on...

You should post us a phot once that happens dejajolie, all the best to you!

Thank you viryabo all the best to you too.

bloodnlatex 7 years ago

Another hub that pierced it's way to it's very core. You already know which side I'm on with this one. If it ain't bleeding, then you ain't living.

Great job!

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

I should have guessed your opinion on this one bloodnlatex :)

bingskee profile image

bingskee 7 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

no piercing for me. pain thresh hold is not high.

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

LOL... that makes two of us bingskee :)

Choke Frantic profile image

Choke Frantic 7 years ago from Newcastle, Australia

Awesome hub! Thanks for the info.

Maggie Butler profile image

Maggie Butler 7 years ago from Little Ole' Iowa

Great Hub. I myself had my tongue pierced about 6 months ago. My 17 year old daughter had her tongue pierced and I was fascinated by it. Of course, me being a 48 year old didn't quite settle so well with my daughter. The pain during the piercing was intense but quick. It hurt more, 2 to 3 day's later. I had to work and not let them know, which wasn't easy, but I did it. The ladies in my office are still unaware of it and I think I will keep it that way. Call me crazy...but I am actually very glad I did it and my daughter has gotten over it. When it comes to the improvement with sexual better half say's "HELL YEAH!!" All I can say is - it's your body...celebrate it.

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

You are welcome Choke Frantic.

That was brave Maggie, thanks for sharing your story. Yes, it's your body... celebrate it!

Animalanding profile image

Animalanding 7 years ago from Nevada

I have plenty of piercing and enjoy them. To me they have an erotic effect. My husband enjoys them as well. I have one on my face and that is my nose, my tongue and belly as well as other places. That is all I have. I say pierce if your into it and don't if your not, just know they are addictive. lol

barryrutherford profile image

barryrutherford 7 years ago from Queensland Australia

No piercings or tattoos's please ! If you must save the money for shoes...

Nipple Rings 7 years ago

Nipple rings that are non piercing are much better. Try thanks

Basim ANSARI profile image

Basim ANSARI 6 years ago from K.S.A

great piercing info

Tom 6 years ago

My girlfriend and I both like piercings. I met my girlfriend in a club and thought that she was really attractive and interesting to talk to. I had been talking to her for about half an hour when I noticed that she had a tongue stud and have to say that I became attracted me to her even more. It told me that she had a bit of an edge and was a bit daring (I also wondered what, if any, other piercings she had!). It turned out that she also had a belly button ring.

At the time we met I only had one piercing, in my nipple. She said many times how much she liked it and eventually I got the other nipple pierced, which after the pain of the first one in the two weeks after it was done took some courage!

Both of us are intrigued by genital piercings, particularly as only we would know about them. We have read about the positives of having them and how quickly they heal but have yet to take the plunge.

Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago Author

Thanks for the advice Animalanding.

Yes! shoes of course Barry!

Let us know if you take the plunge Tom, if would be interesting to read a personal account of genital piercing.

Noelle001 6 years ago

I'm trying to decide if I should get my tongue pierced. I think its sexy and all and know my bf would love it, but i hear that it chips teeth and you can swallow them. How often does that happen?

Kate 6 years ago

^^^^ to the person above me.

I have my tongue pierced, yeah it's awesome, mad painful for a couple of days when you try and eat and yes you can swallow them when eating but just be sure that you make them extra tight, mine has only fallen out once since i got it and that was about a year ago now, it's awesome and once you can changet it i recomend swiching to plastic, that way no chipped teeth.

Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago Author

Thanks for answering the question Kate. It sounds like a good idea to use a plastic piercing to avoid chipping your teeth.

Tom 6 years ago

Anath, I am drawn towards having a PA as it seems to be the most popular and quickest to heal. I think I'll get one soon and will let you know how it goes.

I understand that it's less painful that nipple piercings and I have two of those, so can't be too bad, but it's a potentially tender spot!!

Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago Author

Good luck with it Tom, a friend of mine had a PA done and he took it off that same night because he couldn't stand the pain. Mind you... he is a bit of a "sissy" for pain :)

Don't forget to come back and tell me all about it.


Tom 6 years ago

Anath, don't start putting me off! If you're brave enough to go through with it then you can't go taking it out a few hours later.

Karen 6 years ago

I say go for it Tom and get a Prince Albert. My boyfriend has one and it certainly adds something to our sex life. He already had it when we met so I wasn't around when it was healing but there don't seem to be any negative long term effects - I understand that peeing requires a bit more care than before though. If your girlfriend is like me she will enjoy it.

Neelima Nair profile image

Neelima Nair 6 years ago from Kerala

great hub! and OUCH!

rebu profile image

rebu 6 years ago from Coorg,India

nice hub..thnx for sharing

Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago Author

I am not trying to put you off Tom, in fact I would like to see a picture of the final work ;-)

You are tempting me to ask my boy to get one Karen...

ouch indeed Neelima!

thanks for visiting rebu.

Tom 6 years ago

Anath, I've got it done yesterday!!! :-)

The process of getting it done wasn't too bad but it's as sore as hell now and I'm having to be really careful moving around.

I can't wait for it to heal and will keep you posted.

Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago Author

Wow!!! you did it Tom, that was brave!!! I hope you are not in too much pain. Please do keep us updated, we would like to know how long it takes to heal and any special care you need to take until it is fully healed.

Take care


Tom 6 years ago

I've had to stock up on briefs and thongs as I think it'll be a while until I wear my boxers again - I'm having to keep things snug and be really careful! I'm starting to get used to it today though and it's a bit less sore.

Saammy,  6 years ago

Hoow can i hide an off-center lip piercing?

tobkum profile image

tobkum 6 years ago

Great hub!

jennshealthstore profile image

jennshealthstore 6 years ago from Florida

Thanks for the great hub. I have wanted to pierce numerous parts of my body, but I am still chicken!

Tom 6 years ago

Anath, I remembered that you asked me to give you an update.

I still have my PA and I am glad I got it done.

It took only a couple of months at most to heal properly and to the point that I got used to having it. I have bizarrely kept on with my thong wearing as I initially felt I needed something more supportive than the boxers I used to wear. My gf had wanted me to try thongs so it seemed a good time to try them so switching to full time thong wearing is an unlikely side effect.

My gf loves it and it certainly spices things up for both pf us but it took a month or so before I dared to find out.

The piercing process is not a nice prospect but after that the rest is easy - and fun! The aftercare was as for any piercing really, common sense hygiene and not catching it on things!

Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago Author

Hello hello Tom!!!! So nice to see you back with the updates of your piercing adventure.

I am delighted it worked a treat for you and your girlfriend, plus you have switched to more daring undies lol

As it worked so well now I can feel I can recommend it to my male friends. Thank you for coming back.


Tom 6 years ago

Anath, def recommend both the PA and the thongs - it's surprising what a positive effect getting a piercing and a few thongs can have!!

Hope it's not the end of my piercings - don't know what I would get next though. Facial piercings, especially if they are discrete and not too many, are really hot on a girl, but don't look so good on a guy in my opinion.

What do you think?


Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago Author

I think facial piercing can look cuter in women. For men I would go for eyebrow piercing but only one. I'll be waiting for your next piercing experience Tom.

Tom 6 years ago

Not sure about getting an eyebrow piercing but agree its the best option. Def fancy something in the future though. Getting something that is acceptable at work though might be a problem.

My favourite facial piercing on a woman is a still a small nose stud (the little diamond ones look really good), despite the fact they've been around for years. A woman can wear one when she's older which isn't the case with other facial piercings in my opinion. I like the sexy rock chick look of a nose ring as well.

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