Favorite Beauty Products of 2010

It's a new year! And although a new year means new fashions, new products, and new trends.. id like to take a look back into 2010 and see what i reached for and used most often.

 For concealer, by far the best one ive ever used is the one i found this last year. Ill probably be using this one.. forever. Its Estee Lauders Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer with SPF 10. I only use concealer under my eyes cause well, i dont get much sleep.. and i dont want to be confused with a raccoon. I hate it when concealer looks chalky and caked on so that its obvious youre covering something up. This concealer is amazing in that it blends right into your skin and looks really natural. It not only conceals but also brightens.. PLUS its has SPF 10 which is so important. This is the concealer i wear to school everyday and its also the one i use when i go out at night or dress up. I use it in medium deep. I. Love. It. <3

The eyeliner i used almost every single day this year is Estee Lauders Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil in Onyx. This is your classic black eyeliner and i used it to school, parties, football games, everything.. (its safe to wear on your waterline too). I love that this eyeliner is such a deep dark black. Its the blackest black eyeliner ive ever used. You can layer it and wear it heavy for a dramatic look or cat eyes, or you can use just a little and use the smudge tip for a light natural look. I won't say its smudge-PROOF cause id be lying, but it doesnt smudge crazy bad. Ive gone from 7 am to 10 pm with only a little bit of smudge. nothing you cant wipe away with your finger.. Overall, id recommend this eyeliner to ANYONE

Mascara is something that just opens up your eyes and brightens and completes your whole look. Atleast thats what its supposed to do.. if its a quality mascara. My favorite mascara that ive been using the most lately is Covergirl's Lash Blast Fusion in Black. This mascara is amazing. It really does make your eyelashes seem longer and they stay curled up, even without an eyelash curler.. and i never use one. No clumps, ever. Thats hard to say for a mascara. But seriously.. NO CLUMPS! Its amazing, even with 2, 3, 4 coats the mascara just makes my eyelashes appear thicker and more dramatic.. but no clumps, no mess :) its a nice feeling.

Picking one lipgloss out of the dozens that i use was extremely hard. But one lipgloss did kinda stick out from the rest. Benefit Cosmetics Ultra Shine Lipgloss in Kiss You has to be my most used lipgloss of last year. It went with every outfit, every makeup look, and every occassion but at the same time its not your simple clear gloss you wore in 7th grade cause its the only makeup your mom let you buy (kindaaa boring). This lipgloss is far from that. Its a purpley gloss, but dont let the purpliness scare you away.. its not an overwhelming oh my gosh shes wearing a purple lip kinda thing. Its so subtle that if you didnt look at the bottle, you'd probably never notice the hint of purple in it when its on. Its more a pink with purple undertones and fine pink purple and gold shimmer. Its.. gorgeous. When its on, it looks almost metallic. But in such a subtle way. Lets just say its a little "louder" than any old sheer lipgloss.

 LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT oh and it tastes great too ;)

My most used, well... only used powder foundation in 2010 was Cliniques Superbalanced Powder Makeup in the shade Natural 6. First off, its great coverage for a powder which is especially good for me since i dont wear foundation. Its also longlasting and i love the feel and look of it. Its not chalky at alll. It has a very natural look when its on which gives you the appearance of having naturally flawless skin. What more could i ask for.. I love that i can wear it to school, a party, or the movies or anywhere else. A fun little bonus, you get to grind the powder in the compact yourself... weeee :)

 My favortie blush of 2010 is Bobbi Brown's Blush in the shade Nectar.I absolutely love blush. Its so feminine, delicate, and subtle yet has such an impact. It just completes your look. Its a classic pink shade with more of a bright rosiness to it than a neon hot pink-ness.. wow im bad at explaning. Let me try this again.. its a bright pink shade without the clowniness you probably might think of when you hear "bright pink". Its a really young fresh color and is perfect for well, any occassion. It gives a naturally flushed look and is really long lasting. I can't go without it <3

And one last product, its something im pretty sure i wore every single day of 2010. If not multiple times every day. Im talking about Chapstick brand lip balm in Cherry. Without this, i don't know... id spontaneously combust.. or something. Its a life saver and i take it everywhere with me, and i mean everywhere. I try so many different lip balms but i always always always come back to this! Simple right? Cherry chapstick? who woulda thought! It just... works :)

Hope you try one of these products (or all of them) you wont regret it.



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Miss Lil' Atlanta profile image

Miss Lil' Atlanta 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Like the blog.

How much does the Estee Lauder Concealer cost? Recently I've tried a Mac concealer, and it wasn't good at all.

la vita e bella profile image

la vita e bella 6 years ago Author

Thank you!!

The concealer is $20 which I thought was really reasonable for a quality concealer, its lasted me a while too and I use it everyday. I love Mac products, its sad to hear their concealers not so great! A good concealer is hard to come by, but I think the Estee Lauder one is perfect! Hope you try it :)

Miss Lil' Atlanta profile image

Miss Lil' Atlanta 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Oh yeah, $20 is a pretty good price for concealer. I love Mac as well, but their concealer just didn't do it for me. It wasn't light enough, it creased a good bit, and wasn't quite as opaque as I hoped that it would be.

So I'm definitely going to try out the Estee Lauder concealer for sure.

la vita e bella profile image

la vita e bella 6 years ago Author

Yay thats great, I think you'll like it! And just another tip, their concealer brush is awesome too if your willing to spend some extra cash! Let me know how you like it!

Miss Lil' Atlanta profile image

Miss Lil' Atlanta 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Alright, I'll check that out too. And I'll let you know once I try it.

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