Flat Wallets

It is often said that women share a special relationship with their bags and purses. Though they are changed every time to match each outfit, be it a petite clutch or a tote, women long to bag them all.

With the changing fashion trends, small wallets have made a special place in every woman’s wardrobe. These flat wallets are a great gift for those who do not need to carry a lot with them but still need to carry a bag all the times. A flat wallet is even much smaller than a checkbook wallet. They can accommodate the essentials like money, credit cards, and some make up. The best part about these wallets is that they do not bulk up. A typical ladies wallet will either have a zipper or snap closure, but once it gets filled with various cards and money it is often ready to burst from the seams.

Flat wallets are usually metal-framed hence extremely durable and long lasting. They can be easily closed with a magnet or a small clip. It is easy to fit them inside a woman’s purse, as they do not bulge outward like the other purses. Wallets are available in varied colors, ranging from plain black to metallic hues, almost about anything you can think of.

Many women use them as replacements for small clutch purses as these are more chic and fancy looking. The price range for flat wallets can vary from one brand to other. Some can be bought for as little as 5-10 dollars whereas the high-end brands will almost burn a hole in your pocket. While choosing the right kind of wallet for you always consider their functionality, the favored design and affordability. Market has an array of flat wallets in different shapes such as square, long or expandable. You can chose from monogrammed croc flat wallets, or solid patchwork wallets in lime or pink.

Always opt for the one that is most feasible considering your needs. Flat wallets can be carried for daily use or can be a great accompaniment for formal occasions. When choosing the color of the wallet, try to settle for muted tones that can be used casually as well as formally. Just in case you like the dazzle and sparkle, you can always find a glittering clutch for those special evenings. Women who have a taste for designer clothing or purse brands can make a choice of wallets from their preferred brand. Flat wallets are perfect to be carried for mundane routines or even for fancy events.


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