Fleece Pants

Fleece, which is also know as polar fleece, is a modern synthetic material used to make cold-weather clothing. Fleece is used in jackets, sweaters and even blankets.  This article addresses information about fleece pants.

If you have ever worn anything fleece or if you have ever cuddled up with a fleece blanket, you know how soft and comfortable the material is.  Imagine snuggling up around the house on a cold winter day in pants made from the same material!  That is why pants made from fleece are so popular these days and so many people seek them out over cotton pants or pants made from other materials.

Fleece has many advantages including:
1) It is machine washable so you do not have to run to the dry cleaners every time you need to wash the material.
2) It dries quickly
3) Perspiration passes through the fabric readily so clothing made from this material is great for working out and doing any other strenuous activity.
4) Fleece is lightweight, soft and warm enough to wear on even the coldest days.
5) Fleece holds less than 1% of it's weight in water and retains it's insulating powers even when wet.
6) Fleece can be made from recycled materials.
7) Clothing made from fleece is inexpensive.
8) Fleece is versatile and can look good to so you can wear it anywhere.

If you are planning to purchase a new pair of fleece pants, you will not have very much difficulty finding what you are looking for.  Fleece clothing can be purchased almost anywhere including department stores, small retail stores, thrift stores and even specialty stores.  You can also find fleece clothing online. Like all types of clothing, fleece can be purchased in a variety of colors, styles, brands and sizes, and pants are no exception.  Garments made of fleece usually come in different thicknesses from the most thin at 100 and the thickest being 300.  The higher the number, the least flexible the garment will be.

So, now that you have a little history and know a little more about fleece, you should have no trouble finding a pair of fleece pants that you can don anywhere you wish from the hiking trail to the living room sofa!  Once you experience the comfort of fleece, you will never go back to other materials that only do a half-job of keeping you as warm and comfortable as fleece does.

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Ryan 20 months ago

thank you for being so kind as to share. Just bought my my ggedndaurhtar her 1st American girl and she thinks she is getting a cabbage patch. I can't wait for her to see it. I think I will be very busy making clothes.

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