Flower Colors that match Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Congratulations on preparing to celebrate one of the best days of your life. The long waited wedding day. You have worried over every little detail.  And now, you are stumped on flowers for the bridesmaids. Read on for the perfect flower colors for your friends' black dresses.
Red roses are certainly a classic, beautiful choice.  They will look nice and simply elegant with a black dress.  This choice really makes the color‚ and your guests will be surprised at this aristocratic and very chic choice for your bridesmaids.  You will also symbolically be reinforcing the meaning of your wedding. As the red rose represents love.  A bride simply cannot go wrong with this choice.
Lilies in themselves are beautiful. The Calla Lily is a unique, lovely addition to any wedding.  The recommended choice for your bridesmaids would be the Mini Calla Lily.  White would be the charming color choice for a black bridesmaids dress.  Calla Lilies also symbolize romance and beauty.   These flowers are also quite stunning in appearance.  The calla is cup-like in appearance and very delicate.  Your guests will applaud your choice of this unique flower.
Not only would your receive the benefit of the stunning beauty of the orange blossom flower, but their scent is very soothing.  You may not have considered this pretty little flower before.  The petals are white with bright yellow stamens.  This choice would also create admiration with a black bridesmaid dress.  The orange blossom represents the sign of marriage and eternal love.  This flower would definitely be an astounding choice that many would fail to recognize.  Your unique blend of beauty and elegance would certainly shine through. 
The stephanotis flower denotes happiness in marriage.  This pretty small flower has white petals, perfectly matching the black bridesmaid's dress.  Your bridesmaids would simply look stunning with this dainty addition.  The stephanotis is delicate and sure to catch the attention of your guests. Choosing this charming small flower will show off your taste and your regard for detail.  There are so many choices of flowers, and this small one is often overlooked.  Steep your marriage in happy tradition with the perfect flower.
Orchids are a unique beautiful choice for a wedding.  However, the Cattleya orchid is unique in a way that the pedals spiral inward.  The flower is absolutely lovely and you will not regret the choice.  Cattleya orchids are a complex flower. This species of flower denotes mature endearment.  Orchids are a classic and would be a stunning addition to your special day.
The wedding bells are preparing to ring.  The choices given are only a tasting of all the types of flowers available.  However, these choices offer a unique and spectacular touch to any occasion, especially for a bride and her bridesmaids.  The choice of flower for the bridesmaids is as important a detail as any in preparation for your big day. Enjoy your day.  Have a spectacular memorable wedding day.  And don't forget the flowers.

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Calla LillyCattleya OrchidsOrange BlossomStephanotisRed Roses
Calla Lilly
Calla Lilly
Cattleya Orchids
Cattleya Orchids
Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom
Red Roses
Red Roses

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Laura du Toit 7 years ago from South Africa

Excellent advice. Great Hub. Thanks for sharing!

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Really good article

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