Flower butterfly tattoos

Flower butterfly tattoos

Butterflies have always been fascinating - from an earthbound caterpillar to an amazing winged creature, their transformation is indeed amazing and one of a kind. Their beauty, grace and colors never fail to lead us to the sunny side of life. With their physical and symbolic characteristics, butterflies have always been a favorite subject in both literary and visual arts. So it would be no wonder that butterflies will always be a popular choice design for women who are looking to get tattooed

Flower butterfly tattoos on upper back
Flower butterfly tattoos on upper back

Making it unique

When going for a butterfly tattoo, women tend to make it unique by adding another symbol, most common would be a flower, as naturally, flowers and butterflies go together. A flower is another representation of womanliness and beauty. Flowers have always been tagged as attractive, beautiful and pleasing because of their color, symmetry, organization and purpose to nature. Most common flower tattoo designs would be rose, lotus, orchid and cherry blossoms.

Flower butterfly tattoos will always be a favorite combination as they naturally blend together. Butterflies feed by nectaring on flowers and its a sight to behold. Both flowers and butterflies grow free and roam around for all the world to see. In places where flowers abound exquisitely, expect to see butterflies.

When going for this design, one major concern is where to place it on the body. Most women would opt for an upper back design and even full back design. It would also look good on lower stomach, legs, thighs, arms, and even hips. It depends entirely on whether it would be a large-scale or just diminutive style of tattoos. Flower butterfly tattoos would definitely look great when render on ink with colors as that what makes them attractive and striking. However, it would by no doubt look pretty even without colors and can even come out as mysterious and enchanting.

Flower butterfly tattoos are very flexible, eye-catching and interesting. With the sheer variety of choices for butterflies or flowers in terms of colors and kind, it would not be hard to come up with a unique design for this combination. Flowers can be inked as full bloom, as a young bud or as a growing vine. Butterflies can be embedded as big and bold, small and delicate or with a tribal and celtic touch. The possibilities of an exceptional and one of kind design for flower butterfly tattoos are undeniably endless.

Butterflies generally represent beauty, change or transformation which are common elements in a woman's life. They can easily relate to a butterfly's metamorphosis- from an ugly caterpillar to a beautiful winged creature. Or it can stand for a change that a woman went through in her life, a new life and new beginning after going through rough times. It is very symbolic and meaningful of a design that women can easily associate it with their life or with their beliefs or ideals. Butterfly tattoos can also be described as like a talisman that unleashes the positive energies in a woman to symbolize her beauty and femininity.

What does it symbolize

Flower butterfly tattoos can make a woman look sexy, appealing and enchanting. This design mimics a butterfly's natural dependency on flowers for its survival. Butterflies pollinate flowers and play a vital role in the survival of other living creatures around it. As a tattoo design, it can therefore represent one's love for nature, like a support to the preservation of the environment.

Another great thing about this design is that it can be inked to complement and enhance the shape of a woman's body. That's why, one reason for choosing this design is to exude an aura of sex appeal. It can also symbolize a woman as being free spirited with the butterfly as being able to fly and transfer from flower to flower. It can als mean a woman is in full bloom already, and ready to take on the recurring obstacles in life in her quest to reach for her goals or dreams in life.

Whether its for symbolical reasons, for aesthetic values or its just plain pretty to look at, a woman can never go wrong with flower butterfly tattoos. They are part of nature and will not go out of style.

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beautiful tatoo ladies.

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