Foot Jewelry

Beautiful Foot Jewelry

Toe rings anklets and barefoot sandals are all examples of foot jewelry. During the warm summer months nothing looks cuter than a foot adorned with an anklet and a toe ring or two and if you spend much time at the beach you will also see a few women wearing barefoot sandals. Barefoot sandals are a popular and feminine everyday look at the beach as well as for beach and destination weddings.

So if you're planning a beach wedding, vacation or even spending a lot of time at the pool this summer you might want to pick up some gorgeous foot jewelry to go along with that beautiful wedding gown and or new swimsuit. Foot jewelry ranges from the more causal all the up to the more dressy bridal styles like the beautiful pearl barefoot sandal in the picture below.

The barefoot sandal really isn't a sandal at all, instead it's an anklet that's attached to your toe. The barefoot sandal which originated in Asia was originally worn as adornment for religious ceremonies .


foot jewelry
foot jewelry

Cute And Sext Toe Rings

After picking out your barefoot sandals you're probably going to want to pick out a cute little toe ring or two. During the summer months nothing looks cuter than a couple of toe rings adorning your well manicured toes.

For brides or other special occasions the pearl toe ring is always a popular choice, but for everyday wear the sterling silver toe ring is the next popular choice.

A toe ring also make a beautiful and unique gift for Christmas, Valentine's Day or birthday present for that special someone in your life. If you've never worn a toe ring before you should really give it a try. It may feel a little strange at first to wear ring a ring on your toe, but you're going to love the look once you try it.


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