For Men: How to give yourself the best shave

6 Easy Steps

Step 1 : Get the right materials. Shaving cream (foamy type). Avoid the electric razors. While they can do an ok job, my experience is that they irritate the face and certainly do not provide a close shave. I can grow a pretty serious beard in about 7 days so for me a close shave is important unless I want a 5 O'Clock shadow. New razor with moisture strips. This can be men's or women's razors (the only difference is usually the color of the razor) but the key is the moisture strip. This helps with the smooth shave. Avoid the cheap disposable razors and splurge the extra buck or two for the good disposable or kind that you can change the heads. Hot/ Warm Water. You need to open your pores. This will help get a nice close shave.

Step 2 : Splash hot water on your face and neck area for several rinses. Your face should feel flush. Ideally, you take a hot shower first and follow it up with a shave. If this is your morning ritual it works best. Still follow the hot shower with the hot rinse. A hot wet face is key. 

Step 3 : Apply the foam. Go easy - you only need a small amount covering your face. Think of it as a thin film applied wherever you are going to shave. The more cream you apply, the harder it is to see what you are doing. I think the shaving cream companies encourage over use.

Step 4 : The shave. Personally I start on my face near my ear but you can start anywhere just move methodically - like mowing a lawn. I pull the razor with the direction of hair. So I pull down on my face and chin and I pull up towards my chin on my neck. The neck hair grows in several directions so exercise caution around the next. You will also find the neck to be much more sensitive to cuts and nicks. Exercise caution around your lips and nose as well as those areas are difficult and require a slower stroke than across your cheek.

Step 5 : rinse with Cold water. This is a personally thing for me - but the cold water seals everything back up for me and brings my face back to normal temperature. It also feels refreshing.

Step 6 : Look to make sure you didn't miss any areas. Nothing like showing up to school or work with a big patch missed on your neck or chin. Most frequently missed areas are chin/jaw lines, corner of lips/mouth, under nose, neck and under ear.

Let me know how it worked for you!

Razor blade with moisture strip
Razor blade with moisture strip
Foamy type shaving cream
Foamy type shaving cream

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hollyhock profile image

hollyhock 5 years ago from HeavenGarden

What is benefit of hot and cold water ??

Ryan Floyd profile image

Ryan Floyd 5 years ago Author

Hot opens the pores giving a closer shave and the moisture helps lubricate. The cold water at the end doesn't contribute to a closer shave but is the best finish IMHO for the reasons I mentioned. Thanks for reading!

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