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When trying to pick out a tattoo, make sure that it's something that's unique as you and the reason why you want the tattoo. It's not really recommended to go to the tattoo shop and pick out a picture from a flash on the wall or from a book. Talk to your tattoo artist and work together creating a unique tattoo.

Many people will want a few ideas before they go talk to their tattoo artist. In this case, looking at pictures and designs of tattoos similar to what you're thinking can help you create your own tattoo.

Below you'll find a listing of popular tattoos with tons of pictures that you can browse through that should help you decide how you want your new tattoo to look.

Old School Sparrow

by unknown.
by unknown.

Animal Tattoos- Common animal tattoos include lions, tigers, frogs, dogs, fish, and snakes.

Butterfly Tattoos- Butterflies are commonly tattooed around flowers, but can also stand alone.

Celtic Tattoos- Common Celtic tattoos include the Celtic cross and Celtic knot.

Cross Tattoos- Cross tattoos can vary in design and size.

Dragon Tattoos- Dragons a a mythical creature that can have numerous designs and meanings.

Fairy Tattoos- There are a number of legends as to how fairies evolved and there are different meanings to the thought of a fairy.

Fire and Flame Tattoos- Fire and flames have numerous meaning and symbolism, and they're a very popular tattoo.

Flower Tattoos- Common floral tattoos include roses and lotus flowers.

Geek Tattoos- Common geek tattoos can include video games, computer and internet symbols, scientific symbols, and mathematical equations.

Heart Tattoos- Heart tattoos can vary from realistic hearts to cutesy hearts to hearts with wings.

New School Sparrow

(by Issac Davis, Aces High Tattoo, West Palm Beach)
(by Issac Davis, Aces High Tattoo, West Palm Beach)

Kanji Tattoos- Common kanji includes Chinese, Japanese, and other foreign languages.

Lettering Tattoos- Lettering tattoos can vary far and wide with various fonts and designs.

Music Tattoos- Common musical tattoos include music notes, staffs, band logos, and musical instruments.

Portrait Tattoos- Portrait tattoos require a great deal of detail, so make sure to find the perfect and best tattoo artist for your portrait tattoo.

Sci-Fi Tattoos- Common sci-fi tattoos include space designs, aliens, robots, sci-fi movies to include Star Wars and Star Trek.

Skull Tattoos- Common skull tattoos include sugar skulls, skulls with wings or flowers, and pretty much any design.

Star Tattoos- Common star tattoos include nautical stars, shooting stars, the Star of David, and various stars with any number of points.

Tribal Tattoos- Tribal tattoos tend to be very thick and solid dark and can be in a number of designs.

UV Tattoos- Black light tattoos are fairly new, and glow when under black lighting.

Wing Tattoos- Common wing tattoos include angel wings, tribal wings, and tattoos with fairies and butterflies.

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