From Blond To Brown: Getting the green out of your hair.

Getting out those unwanted green tones.

Recently I dyed my strawberry blond hair bleach blond and it came out yellow. So I decided I would put a darker brown over it to even it out and guess what? It came out greenish brown. It faded over several days to a light green and I freaked out. Well if this is you, Do Not dye your hair again. Over processing it is not worth it and I have a solution. I went to my local beauty supply store talked to a hair stylist and ended up getting some "So Silver" Color Care Shampoo by Matrix. It nutreulizes the unwanted green and yellow tones. Then I got a bottle of "Alternate Action" Shampooing Clarifant by Matrix. You will also want grab a deep conditioner, I use a Bumble and Bumble deep conditioner but any deep conditioner will do. Before I give you the steps, I will tell you that this remedy will slowly restore your hair back to the previous color before you died it brown.

Step one: Lather your hair in the "So Silver" and leave it on for one minute then rinse. Don't leave it on longer, it's a purple shampoo and you don't want your hair turning purple. (Make sure to read the lable on the back of the shampoo bottle for further instructions)

Step 2: Shampoo with the "Alternate Action" for one minute and rinse. This will clean any dirt and oil from your hair and unwanted chemicles. It dries your scalp out too though, so if you already have a dry scalp I don't recommend using this method, unless you have a really good conditioner.

Step 3: Use your deep conditioning treatment, and leave on for however long the bottle recommends as long as you are using this shampooing method. After you have achieved your results and decide to go back to your regular shampoo, you can use the conditioning treatment once a week.

I personally used this method everyday until I got the results I wanted. It only took a week for me, but it could vary for different hair types. And remember I was a strawberry blond that went to bleach blond that went to a dark ash brown, and now I am back at a strawberry blond. I don't recommend this for anyone other than blonds trying to get out the green in your hair from dying it brown. If you are a blond going back to brown, I recommend a brown with a red base to avoid green hair.


This is the color of my hair now taken just a few days ago after using this method for a week.
This is the color of my hair now taken just a few days ago after using this method for a week.


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