Cheer Bows and Other Hair Accessories for Competitive and High School Cheerleaders


Cheerleaders are fun, peppy and always have amazing hair accessories. From big bows and ribbons, to clip in curls and more. Most cheerleading teams prefer to wear matching hair pieces and accessories and if they are competing this is a must. Having uniformed hair within a cheer team adds to the look of synchronization they are trying to achieve. This article brings together a few of the best options for you and your cheer team that are sure to impress judges and crowds!

Classic Rubber Band Bow

Classic bows on hair bands are easy and streamlined. They can dress up straight pony tails or add even more flair to bouncy curls. Customize yours with team colors and designs. A great team bonding activity would be to order enough solid color pre-made bows for your whole team and decorate them with jewels and glitter at a team sleep over.


Hair clips can make cute and simply hair accessories. These are perfect for younger teams who may need assistance keeping their hair in place. You can find a wide variety of adorable clips online and in local cheerleading apparel stores. For an even simpler look use plain clips in your teams colors. Just be sure they will stay secured if used during a competition, some judges will deduct points for losing a piece of your hair accessories while competing.

Corker Bow

Corker bows are spiral and super fun. These bows look great on any age and any air hstyle. To have your teams hair really stand out try double braids or pony tails with a corker bow on each end! You could do solids, polka dot, team colors and more. The possibilities with these great bows are endless. These are an easy style of bow that can be made by the team moms or the cheerleaders if they are old enough.

Hair Pieces

Using hair pieces and clip on hair pony tails can give everyone on the team an identical look. Other great benefits; they're easy to put in and synthetic hair pieces aren't too pricey. Hair pieces can also save a team a lot of time in the dressing room, giving them more time to practice and warm up before performing. Be sure to practice the entire routine with the hair pieces on and use lots of pins and hairspray to hold it in place. In most cheerleading competitions the disaster of a hair piece falling out during a routine can cost you points! Also try using clip in hair extensions for added volume.

Head Bands

Head bands work best for younger or non competitive teams. Most headbands are not very secure and therefore could cause problems during a competitive routine with tumbling and stunting. They also make the perfect matching accessory for publicity event and fundraisers. Headbands are available in a wide variety of colors, style, widths and design. You can easily add a headband to a style that's already been mentioned! Thicker, fleece head bands can double as ear warmers in the winter and work well for sideline cheerleaders at football games and other winter sports.

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jacqui2011 profile image

jacqui2011 5 years ago from Leicester, United Kingdom

Very useful and informative hub. I love the hairpieces and the megaphone clips. My daughter is in the local heat of competitions in Feb 2012, so I can see she will be spending her pocket money on some of your suggestions. Thanks for sharing this info.

diydiva profile image

diydiva 5 years ago from California Author

Thanks Jacqui, On my blog, in the very near future will be some great tutorials on how she can make her own with her friends!

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