GHD Gold vs IV

GHD Gold vs IV
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GHD Gold vs IV , what's the difference ?

I have now been fortunate to try both the normal regular GHD IV styler and also GHD's new range called the gold edition.

Now it's important to know that the gold edition are not one of those limited editions that GHD release quite a bit such as the blue green and red colored stylers, but in fact a new range aimed at the even more professional and the people that want to look after their hair just that little bit more.

Like all GHD products they are widely available throughout many countries. You can order them online and you can get them from any good stockist. A common place to find GHD's are in hair salons. If the salon does not have the type of straightener that you want in, then you can normally ask them to order them in for you as they have the contacts you don't.

The extra cost that it is going to drain you, is on average, depending where you shop around, an extra £40 more than the basic IV stylers, so your total cost to date will be around the £120 mark. As with all products you order these days you are likely to see a decrease in price in time. I remember when I bought the IV stylers a while back they were priced at £100 and now they are £20 less in most stores.

Do I think that it is worth the upgrade from the regular GHD IV styler ?

Now this is a really hard one to call. In most of my reviews I can just normally say a definitive yes or no, but on this occasion it is a really difficult decision to make. You can, as the consumer, certainly see the difference in build quality between the two stylers. However the difference it has on your hair compared to the regular styler is really hard to tell the difference apart. I can notice some difference in the sense that the hair does appear a little more silky but that is about it really.

The question that really lies to you is, how much to you want your hair look perfect ?

Is an extra £40 worth that extra silkiness, personally I would say yes after trying both. However as previously stated that is just my personal opinion and everyones idea on how important their hair is to them varies.

If I was asked the question "GHD Gold vs IV" which one is better ? I could say honestly that there is very little difference, but put head to head the edge would go to the Gold. However you would expect this since you are paying that little bit more.

It's also worth bearing in mind that at this present time you also do get a free bag included with your GHD gold stylers and also a heat resistant holder. If you're a guy like me then the bag wont be for you as it's quite feminine, but the resistant holder really does come in use when you want to get out the house before waiting for the stylers to cool down.

Thank you for reading this article entitled "GHD Gold vs IV", I hope you can now have a more clearer idea on which styler is right for you if any. As always I would love to hear your opinions on this, have a great rest of your day.

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Sally 4 years ago

I was thinking if you were to pay that little extra, you'd get more out of the product. But is the change really that noticable? Is the silkiness the only difference? I am pondering on which GHD I should buy. Could you please help from experience, what do you think? Bearing in mind I have thick wavy dark hair that is hard to tame! Thanks much and I enjoyed your little "hub" :)

lukeuk profile image

lukeuk 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

@sally I would recommend the IV, not the gold for you.

Sally 4 years ago

Ah thanks. Any reasons? Sorry I am very thorough before splashing out my money on a product. A quick comparison would be very much appreciated!! Thanks :) As much detail as possible please I am very much torn!

Sally 4 years ago

Also sorry I was meant to say they are making the Gold one sound so much better than the iv too!! Explain?

lukeuk profile image

lukeuk 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

@sally no worries, it's a lot of money. The golds add a little more silkyness to your hair. However they don't seem to keep the hair as straight for as long as the regular IV. So really, if you want more silkyness, go for the gold's, however if you have really curly hair, and want your hair to stay straight, go for the regular IV.

Sally 4 years ago

Thanks! I really do appreciate it :) you have really helped a lot! You have made my decision easier! I will let you know how I get on once I buy them :)

Thanks again :D

Katie 4 years ago

Hey, er when you answered @sally question that gold doesn't keep hair straight as long, do you mean during the course of the day straightened or over a number of days? I am thinking about buying a GHD Gold Max, for my thick hair. Thanks :o)

Shani 4 years ago

Hi Luke,

I have fine-thin highlighted hair and I would like to purchase a hair straightener. I heard a lot about GHDs and the only reason I'm not 100% sure is because there is no heat adjustment, and I am afraid the plates might burn my hair. What do you think? If you believe GHD is the best brand which would you recommend? What about the Pro? Have you tried it as well?


lukeuk profile image

lukeuk 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

@Katie hey Katie, yes I have found that during the course of the day, the golds actually do not keep my hair straight, it's almost like they don't heat my hair up enough. I never has this problem with the IV.

lukeuk profile image

lukeuk 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

@Shani Shani hi, GHD have an automatic thermostat built in, they do not allow the hair to get too hot, I have found with thick hair this can be a problem as it does not keep the hair straight. However with thin hair like yourself, i'd say go for the golds, you don't need the extra heat that I honestly believe the regular IV gives off. I'm sure the regular IV give off more heat because they always kept my hair straight and the golds don't due to my thick hair. I do not know about the pro, only the golds and the regular IV's.

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