Garment Labels - Does your clothing line need them?

2" x 0.75" Woven Logo Label
2" x 0.75" Woven Logo Label
1.25" x 2" Sublimation Printed Label
1.25" x 2" Sublimation Printed Label

Why Garment Labels

After all of your hard work designing, cutting, sewing, and promoting your new clothing line, even if it is just a dozen items: Are you going to let everybody know Who The Designer Was? Or are you just going to let this opportunity of promoting yourself slip away?

Your Garments NEED Labels.

They need it because:

  • They need to identify the designer
  • They need to inform the buyer of the type of material used in fabrication (maybe they are allergic to some)
  • They need to inform the buyer of the type of care they should give to the garment (care instructions)

The clothing label you choose represents you and your clothing brandlong after it has left the warehouses and hits the stores. A goodclothing label is the best form of advertising your clothing line.

After you have gone through all the pains to design and create aquality garment, you can give it a touch of class by giving it a customclothing label. When these garments are purchased, and the buyer likesit, he will always keep in mind your clothing label for his nextpurchase.

Laser Cut Label
Laser Cut Label
Double Sided Logo Label - Mitre Fold - Care Instructions
Double Sided Logo Label - Mitre Fold - Care Instructions

Do I really need a garment label?

Yes you do! And not only the logo label, by law, your garment MUST include a care label.

Proper labeling required for garment sold in the United States

Getting the right clothing label for your garments is the biggest and the most important marketing strategy in the garment business. The tiny piece of cloth on your garments says a lot to the customers and sets a certain standard and quality to your garments. When one of your buyers is asked from where they got the garment they can show off your label as an answer. A clothing label is a free form of

Printed Clothing Labels

Logo labels printed in cotton
Logo labels printed in cotton

What type of garment label do I need?

There are basically 3 types of labels:

  • Woven Labels: By far the most common ones. Their fabrication method will most likely outlast the garment. Mostly used for Logo Labels. Disadvantages: They can be itchy, and sometimes not as soft. Detail is limited to the thickness of the threads used.
  • Printed Labels: Widely used due to price and freedom of design. Often printed on various fabrics likenylon, silk, polyester, acetate, satin and cotton. They can be very soft to the touch. You can achieve smaller detail than in woven labels.
  • Heat Transfer Labels: Used mainly in cotton items that will be in close contact with skin: t-shirts, underwear. Its popularity is growing exponentially.

Clothing Designers and Logo Labels

Are you currently using a logo label in garments you sell?

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Woven Logo Labels - Samples

Logo Label - Woven
Logo Label - Woven


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