Garters For Guys From Frederick's Of Hollywood

Lingerie is about detail, it's about tiny bows and exquisite lace, it's about emphasing style and form. Often overlooked in the lingerie arsenal is the garter. At one time used to secure woolen socks (ugh), the garter has evolved into a much more refined garment with two main functions. Garter belts are still used to secure stockings of course, and then there is the less functional, more decorative garter. In modern culture the garter has its special day when a man and woman become husband and wife. The tradition goes thus. The woman takes a seat in the middle of the floor in front of her assembled friends and family, and her new husband gets down on one knee, snorkels up her skirts, and symbolically slips the item from her thigh, tossing it to the assembled baying wolves of single men lined up behind him tipsy with liquor and fueled by the prospect of single jealous bridesmaids in need of comfort and affection.

Fortunately for men who like to wear lingerie, it doesn't have to be your wedding day to wear a garter, you don't even have to be a lady girl. A garter is a fun and relatively inexpensive way to brighten up any lingerie outfit, and a perfect addition to any lingerie collection.

In demonstration of this theory I present these lovely samples from the depths of the Frederick's of Hollywood dungeon. (Frederick's of Hollywood doesn't really operate from a dungeon, but in a perfect world it would. A big dark dungeon guarded by scantily clad winged sentinels.) But enough about that, let's discuss a few of these gorgeous garters.

Satin and Organza

This satin and organza garter comes in a range of colors, from a vampy red to the demure baby blue pictured here. This makes it very versatile and suitable for wearing with a wide range of outfits, and you can pick your color to fit your mood, or your wardrobe.

French Maid

The French Maid garter is a classic for all the right reasons. Flirty, sweet, yet somehow reserved, this garter will go well with a French Maid outfit or any black and white lingerie ensemble. Whether you're playing dress up, or just looking for something a little different, this exquisite garter will do you proud.

White Lace

Then again, if you like to keep things simple, a sweet white lace garter is the epitome of elegance. Teamed with white stockings and panties, this garter will set your outfit off perfectly. Innocence and sweetness are exuded by this sweet little number.

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