Gemstones Astrology

Gemstones, As Defined by Astrology

All the gemstones are precisely defined by astrology on aspects of characteristics, impact, benefits, remedies, healing powers, and the way with which they have to be possessed. Also, certain sacred Mantras are also associated with each gemstone. A thick line of difference is drawn in between the brackets of ‘fine and flawless gemstones’ and ‘flawed gemstones’. It is important for one to have only flawless pieces, as it ensures the right impact as against the negative impact created out of flawed stones.

Gemstones and Planets

Gemstones are properly classified on the basis of the nine planets (Nava-graha) from which they draw their cosmic powers. It is the base of drawing a ruling planet for each gem. Every gemstone is believed to stimulate the positive influences of its ruling planet, and neutralize the ill-effects of its malefic presence. They are believed to concentrate the blessings of the ruling deities of their ruling planet over their wearer, with which certain associated aspects of life get enthused for the better.

Take a look at nine planets and their primary and alternative gemstones, according to astrology.

Classifications of Gemstones

Astrology has classified gemstones in the categories of precious and semi precious categories. Precious category includes gemstones such as diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Semi-precious category includes gemstones such as amethyst, aquamarine, agate, garnet, jade, lapis lazuli, opal, onyx, turquoise, tourmaline, topaz, and zircon. There is another category with the name of organic gemstones which includes amber, coral, and pearl.

Selecting a Gemstone

Astrology defines five grounds on the basis of which a gemstone can be selected for someone.

  1. The foremost ground is to consider the Zodiac Sign or Birth Horoscope of a person.
  2. The second ground is to consider the ‘Nakshatra’ or the birth constellation of a person.\
  3. The third ground is to consider the Lagna or the rising Sun in a person’s Rashi.
  4. The fourth ground is to consider the needs and desires of a person from life. Certain gemstones create a specific impact. In case, where a certain gemstone is accomplishing one’s needs for good, without creating any ill-effect in concord to the above three grounds, it is selected.
  5. The last ground is the concerned astrologer’s level of expertise and wisdom of astrology. Apart from the above mentioned grounds, an able astrologer draws out a conclusion for gemstones on the basis of a detailed study of one’s birth horoscope and planetary positions and combinations. He draws out the best possible combination of gemstones, with which a particular person can benefit utmost.

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