Get Help for Those Baggy Bags Under Your Eyes

Baggy Eyes vs Puffy Eyes

There is a difference in baggy and puffy. Let's start with the baggy first. If you have used everything under the sun, prescription and home remedies and nothing has worked, you have baggy eyes. How do we get baggy eyes? There are several reasons why we have baggy eyes.

The first one would be hereditary. Sometimes baggy eyes are a genetic trait. If you've seen other family members with baggy eyes, you may not be able to get rif of yours. If this is the case, you can use methods of concealing and covering your puffy eyes with makeup and other facial creams.

If your baggy eyes don't get better with creams or cold treatment, you may be suffering from a allergic reaction. You can try over the counter allergy medications such as Claritin, or a doctor may be able to prescribe a stronger antihistamine.


Now to the puffy eyes. There are many under eye creams on the market but the best under eye creams should contain ingredients such as retinol and vitamin K. Vitamin K is also available in capsule form.If you don't see these two ingredients or one of them, you're wasting your money.

If you're into home remedies, some of the ones that really work are: cold, thin sliced cucumber, green tea bags, ice packs. These really work and it only takes about 15 minutes of your time. If you're in a hurry, use ice cubes. Limit your caffeine drinks.


Let's start with the DO YOU's

Do you smoke? The body we're in has it's own repairing system. Smoking destroys its natural system and results in premature aging. At this stage skin loses its natural glow and develops a pale look. Smoking deprives skin of vitamin C which is an essential vitamin. Vitamin C helps the skin in generating new healthy cells giving the skin a youthful look.

Chain smokers usually have sunken eyes and dark circles around their eyes. It is because smoking damages the cells making it scaly and causing wrinkles. It does show its effect on lips also making the lips black and robbing them of their natural appearance.

Do you drink enough water? Increase your daily intake of water, as dehydration is one of the main causes of baggy eyes. Drink six 8 oz. glasses of water each day to keep the body fully hydrated. Water aids in keeping the body healthy.

Do you have a life style? Maybe you're stressed to the max, get rid of it! Not getting enough sleep? You need at least 6-8 hours of sleep. Junk food? Loaded with salt, eat healthy. Salt causes the body to retain water, also causing baggy eyes. Look at the labels on all can goods, some are loaded with salt.

That's enough of the Do You's but those are some important ones. Now, if you don't smoke, you drink enough water, get plenty of sleep, and you're easy on the salt and nothing else has worked no matter how long you've used it, I suggest you think about your condition and maybe consider under eye surgery to remove those bags. I understand it lasts for about 25 years. The under eye surgery is called blepharoplasty, it's an undereye lift that permanently removes baggy skin under the eyes.

There is two other options other than surgery, the area under the eye can be injected with restylane, which decreases sagging for anywhere from six to nine months before another treatment is needed. The other option is to use cosmetics to minimize the bags or cover up so to speak.


Still no luck? Now it's time to visit your doctor and get some test done. I know, it can be long and frustating and can get expensive. Baggy eyes with dark circles are an indication that something is medically wrong, focus on the liver and kidneys, even your thyroid level..

All tests are back--nothing medically wrong. That's great but you still have baggy eyes. Okay, let's review====No family members has the problem, eye creams and home remedies hasn't helped nor the antihistamines helped. Okay let's move to another area, your health.

 Did your baggy eyes just show up one day? Age has a lot to do with that. Fat increases under the eye with age. Look at the study findings that were published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. And I quote "nearly 241,000 Americans underwent eyelid surgery in 2007, making it one of the top four surgical cosmetic procedures performed" Until now it's been thought that baggy eyes were caused not by an increase in fat but rather by the breaking or weakening of the cover--called the orbital septum--that holds the fat in place, causing the fat to slip out. "However, our study showed there is actually an increase in fat with age, and it is more likely that the fat increase causes the baggy eyelids rather than a weakened ligament," Darcy said. "There have been no studies to show that the orbital septum weakens."

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hubpageswriter 6 years ago

Very well crafted hub here. I do have puffy eyes and from the information I've read in your hub, I think I need to drink more water. Rated up.

bodylevive profile image

bodylevive 6 years ago from Loachapoka, Alabama Author

Thanks for stopping by. Drink more water, not at night. The body retains water. You're a great writer, get some rest too.

colleenriccardo profile image

colleenriccardo 5 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio

Thanks for the great info!

bodylevive profile image

bodylevive 5 years ago from Loachapoka, Alabama Author

You're more than welcome. Actually I was doing research for myself and thought there maybe others with the same problem and decided to share with others what I found out. Thanks for stopping by and I hoped the info helped you.

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