Get Rid of Double Chin

Double chins aren't the sexiest thing going, and if you're reading this article you probably already know this from personal experience. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be fat, or even pudgy, to have a double chin. I've seen skinny Minnie chicks with double chins, and I've seen the same thing on skinny guys. Some people simply have the genes for that fatty chin! The good news is, you can get rid of most -- if not all -- of it. It's not an overnight thing, but if you stick to the plan for a week or two, you'll start to see results and you'll be motivated to keep on with it. I have done this personally and it really does work.

Chin Stretches

Some people have a double chin because they have bad neck posture. If you don't extend your neck properly and if you don't hold your head up for, oh, 30 years, you're gonna have some flab going on under the chin eventually! Even if you're skinny! You may not notice it when looking head-on in the mirror, but if you get a look at that profile, you probably will. Start getting rid of your chin fat/flab by stretching those muscles. I saw a huge improvement in my jawline just from doing the following chin fat exercise a few times a day.

  • Pull your bottom lip over your top lip

  • Stick your head back and point your chin toward the ceiling

  • Keep your bottom lip over your top lip and smile -- imagine you're trying to touch your nose with your lips

  • To increase resistance you can cup your hand around your jawline and gently (but firmly) pull downward.

  • Hold in this position for a count of 20. Rest. Another 20. Rest. Another 20.

  • Do this 3 times a day -- or fewer, if you get headaches from it. Work your way up gently.

Double Chin Exercise

  • Tilt your head back a bit and place your fingers under your chin. Slide them back under your neck to the area where your tongue is.

  • With your fingers gently pressing upward, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth -- do this near the back of your teeth, as it will make it easier to feel the muscle move with your fingers.

  • Once you've found this muscle, do tongue press-ups. Simply press your tongue in the same manner, using your fingers as resistance.

  • You can move your tongue to another part of your mouth to change the angle of your press-ups to give you more variety.

  • Personally, I've done reps of 30 and stopped for the day cos I used to get quite a jaw ache. You need to be careful with it. Do what you can. If you can do more, go ahead. But work your way up.

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