Get Rid of Pimples on your Face

The Information You Need To Kill Your Pimples Now

Pimples can be the ultimate embarrassment and can cause a great deal of stress for teenagers and adults alike.  When you get rid of your pimples fast, you're able to move on and have more fun in your life.  There's no reason to take the self-esteem hit because you have giant pink monstrosity sitting on your face.  Grab a figuartive pimple treatment sword and battle that monster and impress your date you have coming up on Friday!

Girl with a severe pimple problem
Girl with a severe pimple problem

What causes pimples?

Pimples can be caused by a variety of reasons.  Anything like stress from work or school, hormone changes and fluctuations caused by puberty, menstrual cycle, or pregnancy, to poor hygiene and diet.

Medical research has shown that stress can be harmful to your overall health as well as the health of your skin.  People under severe stress tend to have acne breakouts and pimples much more often than people who suffer relatively little stress.  If you're under a lot a stress and you are getting a lot of pimples, try some stress reduction techniques.  Exercise, talking with a friend, meditation, or simple relaxation like reading a book are all things you can do to reduce your amount of stress.

Hormones are another culprit of those zits on your face.  Natural changes in your hormone levels can cause your oil glands in your skin to overproduce oil and clog your pores.  Hormone changes can be from your period, pregnancy, or puberty.  Stress can also impact your hormone levels.  If you're getting a lot pimples from hormone changes, good news for you is once your body's hormones stop raging, you'll probably get a lot less pimples and acne.

If you've been eating unhealthy, fatty, and oily foods, you're doing your skin a disfavor.  The toxins found in those foods can cause your oil glands to overproduce and clog your pores and create nasty, painful zits.  Instead of eating out at Burger King, grab a carrot or a salad and eat that instead.  You'll feel much better and your skin will look amazing too!

Get Rid of Pimples Fast

Let's get to the stuff you really want to find out: how to get rid of your pimples now! Making your pimples disappear overnight is not rocket science. With the right techniques, perseverence, and maybe a little money, your pimples can become history.

One thing that is absolutely free for you to do is drinking water. Most people don't drink enough water and their skin suffers for it. If you don't drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, you are inviting those pimples onto your face. Hydrating your body with water naturally cleanses it of impurities and toxins. Just like you should be washing your skin daily to prevent pimples, your body needs to be "washed" internally through a glass of water too!

If you're serious about getting rid of your pimples overnight--yes you can do it that fast! I recommend getting this product: Skin Doctor's Zit Zapper. This treatment is the best for getting rid of acne overnight. All you need to do is apply the cream to you skin and it will do the rest for you. Basically how it works, is it kills the bacteria causing your pimple, drys up the oil clogging your pores, and makes your pimple disappear.

In ending, your pimples don't need to rule you and you can easily conquer them using simple techniques and the right treatments. Click here to learn more about Skin Doctor's Zit Zapper.  If left untreated, your pimples could lead to more severe acne treatments later in life.

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Pimple Treatments 6 years ago

Great hub! I agree that it's important to address acne not only on the skin, but also to address the hormone issue too at the same time.

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