20 Ways to Get Young Beautiful Skin

Skin is made up of three layers. The outermost is the epidermis. This consists mainly of cells called keratinocytes, made from the tough protein keratin.

A persons skin is one of the first things judged when others are looking at appearance. No wonder why there are so many products promising great skin.

Skin is important to take care of. You start from the inside out. What goes on inside, will show on the outside. Listed is a few helpful tips on taking care of, and improving the appearance of your skin. We all want natural, young glowing skin.


tip number one for beautiful younger looking skin:

As we get older, our skin becomes thinner and drier. We can also get wrinkles, age spots, dark circles, and large pores. To start, don’t wash your face with hot water. Hot water can strip your skin of natural moistures, leaving it dry. Wash your face with luke warm water.


tip number two for beautiful younger looking skin:

Relieve itchy dry skin by using a humidifier when you sleep.


tip number three for beautiful younger looking skin:

Get some soy milk into your diet. Soy consumption may support skin health by supplying high-quality protein needed for building and maintaining collagen, the material essential to connective tissues.


tip four for beautiful younger looking skin:

Help build collagen, take rose hips. You can find them at a drugstore. Follow instructions on your package.


tip number five for beautiful younger looking skin:

Green tea provides antioxidants; add some tea bags to your bath.



tip number six for beautiful younger looking skin:

Oatmeal seals moisture into your skin. This age old remedy has been recently proven by science. Put some oats into a sock, and add to your bath water.


tip number seven for beautiful younger looking skin:

Take a multi vitamin. Vitamins are good for your health, and it also benefits your skin.


tip number eight for beautiful younger looking skin:

Put aloe into your skin. The acids in aloe eat away dead skin cells and speed up the healing process skin.


tip number nine for beautiful younger looking skin:

Sweating is nature’s way of eliminating toxic chemicals that can build up under skin. Plus, it will create a glow by giving your circulation a boost.


tip number ten for beautiful younger looking skin:

Exfoliate daily. Studies show the reason men age slower than women, is because they exfoliate daily by shaving.


tip number eleven for beautiful younger looking skin:

Drink the  amount of water that is recommended for you. Need I say more?


tip number twelve for beautiful younger looking skin:

Get your sleep. When you miss too much sleep, fluid can collect under your eyes, making them puffy.


tip number thirteen for beautiful younger looking skin:

Learn to relax. Stress is bad for your skin


tip number fourteen for beautiful younger looking skin:

Fish oil is not only good for your brain; it is good for your skin too. Start taking fish oil daily.


tip number fifteen for beautiful younger looking skin:

Rubbing lemon on your face can reduce dark spots, it works as a bleacher. However, I suggest, if you are going to use this, use it only once per week at most.


tip number sixteen for beautiful younger looking skin:

Remove all of your makeup at night. Leaving makeup on your face for too long can age you quickly.


tip number seventeen for beautiful younger looking skin:

Avoid smoke. Cigarette smoke creates free radicals, which damages the skin and accelerates the aging process, causing wrinkles.


tip number eighteen for beautiful younger looking skin:

Use sunscreen if you must go into the sun.


tip number ninteen for beautiful younger looking skin:

Don’t get too much sun, even with sunscreen. Too much sun can speed up the aging process.


tip number twenty for beautiful younger looking skin:

Vitamin E can decrease the length of facial lines, wrinkle depth and skin roughness. Try it as a supplement and on put it on your skin. Take care of your skin.

Taking years off with your attitude

Take care of your skin. You deserve it. Your skin is something that needs to be pampered.Remember, beautiful skin starts from the inside. What you put into your body can affect the way your skin looks. You want a healthy, glowing complexion. A healthy, glowing complexion shows the world that you are doing the right things, on the inside, and it feels good.

Smile more. Someone that smiles looks younger, because of the attitude they carry. Believe it or not, a smile can reduce years on your appearance.

Laugh more. Laughing and being happy gets the blood flowing in your face, giving you a glowing complexion. Laughing is also good for your health.

Watch your posture. Posture is also another thing that can clue a person in on your age. Take years off, and stand up straight.

Walk faster. Being full of energy takes more years off of your appearance. Be vibrant, fun loving, and full of energy.

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Rose sarri 5 years ago

Good article tips.

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milawalker 4 years ago

The first thing you should do in order to have a radiant skin is to drink a lot of water.

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