Getting Rid of Acne

Tips for Getting Rid of Acne

INTRODUCTION We spoke to twenty people who once had acne and compiled a list of methods they used to treat their acne condition. Please add any suggestions you have in the comments section below.

Acne is a depressing condition to live with but it can be cured or concealed in most circumstances. This article has been written for sufferers and the parents of teenage sufferers of acne and lists measures which have worked for some current and past sufferers of the condition.

PLEASE NOTE: For people living in the UK acne, or any skin complaint, is a valid reason to seek medical advice for. There are drugs which can help the condition – for example, low dose antibiotics are sometimes prescribed. Do not be timid in seeking medical advice for yourself or your children as acne and skin complaints can make teenagers unhappy. Remember that, for UK citizens aged 16 or under and for any in receipt of benefits, prescribed drugs are dispensed free of charge.)

ADVICE: Please consult a health professional before taking any advice or changing your diet.

Acne – the Cause

The cause of acne is commonly greasy skin. This is caused by a blockage in the sebaceous glands by a substance known as sebum... but that’s not going to solve the problem. Measures that can be effective and bring about some improvement to the skin’s condition include:

Method to try for the treatment of acne -

Do not expect immediate results with any of the methods below as improvements generally take up to a week before they are detected.

  1. Getting older. Acne is often caused by a hormonal imbalance in teenagers and adolescents. Once this stage is passed they get rid of their acne naturally.
  2. Drinking more water. It is recommended that we each drinl 8-10 glasses of fresh water per day. This has the effect of flushing out toxins that can cause or worsen acne. For older acne sufferers, drinking more water plumps out the skin, therefore improving the look and finish of concealer make-up. Drinking sufficient water per day has countless other beneficial effects for all round health improvement.
  3. Thorough cleansing of the skin helps but some soaps and even acne medications can have adverse reactions in some cases. Some sufferers stick to water alone. They run a bowl of hot water, put their heads over the basin and bring handfuls of water to splash their faces up to thirty times. This process brings impurities to the surface. They then swill their faces with fresh hot water to remove the impurities before patting their skin dry with a clean cotton towel. Some also rinse with cold water to close their pores.
  4. Some people said they tried and had good benefit by dabbing acne spots with white, distilled vinegar. They leave the vinegar on their skin to absorb before washing with water or water and a product they know to cause no adverse effects. (One recommended Cidal soap in relation to this).
  5. People who follow food combining diets (such as Slimming World) often report an improvement in their skin conditions, including acne. These regimes are based on daily consumptions of fruit and vegetables – often with no limit. Fruits such as melons, apples and pears can be eaten – as many as you like – with no restriction.
  6. Some people reported improvements in their acne conditions after a few weeks of taking vitamin and mineral supplements. However, a proper diet – filled with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables often negates the need of daily vitamin and mineral tablets.

PLEASE COMMENT: Please tell us about methods you found useful to treat your acne in the past

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