Getting Rid Of Dark Spots on Your Skin

Acne Can Cause Dark Spots on Your Skin
Acne Can Cause Dark Spots on Your Skin

Need help getting rid of dark spots on your skin? People want a smooth, clear and even complexion. Naturally, nobody wants their skin to be synonymous with a Dalmatian…unless they are trying to set a new trend on that, which I very much doubt would work. Luckily, there are treatments available to help with dark spots on the skin.

The sad truth is, even with regular cleansing, some people still develop dark spots -- also called hyper-pigmentation by dermatologists. Hyper-pigmentation is characterized by pockets of discolored skin that remain even after pimples or skin bumps have disappeared. It can be caused by many internal or external factors. Among internal factors, it can be caused by certain illness such as Edison's disease and some hepatic problems. If someone is taking too much iron, for instance, it can cause darker areas on the skin. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause also can play a role in discolored skin. The deficit of certain vitamins and minerals such as calcium and vitamins A, E and B also can cause hyper-pigmentation.

Another common culprit is the increase in melanin that occurs after skin is inflamed or irritated, or too much exposure to the sun. People with darker skin tones such as South Asians and Latinos are more likely to face this kind of problem.

While persistent dark spots can be remedied at home, health experts advise people to first check with a dermatologist to make sure that the spot is harmless and can be left alone. After making sure it's benign, there are some simple ways to effectively eliminate dark spots in your skin. For some, simply applying creams and sun block might work. For others, they might require skin peelings. No matter what, it is best to consult with your dermatologists.

Need help with dark spots on your skin?

We've reviewed some of the more popular skin lighteners on the market to try to get past the hype. Read our reviews to learn which ones worked and which ones did more harm than good.

Here are simple tips on how to get rid of those persistent dark spots.

  1. Use sunscreen daily with SPF 15 or higher. It is always wise to block the sun that darkens and harms the skin. This will also minimize your risk of acquiring skin cancer.
  2. Do not pick your pimples or zits since it can result in permanent scarring.
  3. Pick up a product that contains mild hydroquinone since it is the main ingredient in most skin bleaches. If you cannot tolerate hydroquinone, try other skin brighteners. Hydroquinone is usually used with glycolic acid and tretinoin.

Always remember that skin bleaching is not instant. It may take you three months to a year to fade the darkened skin depending on your skin tone. Moreover, try not to abuse your skin. If you have persistent skin problems like acne that leave scars, treat them immediately and stop the cycle.

Also remember that prevention is always better than cure.

Are you ready to get rid of the dark spots on your skin?

Did you know that some over-the-counter skin lighteners can actually darken certain skin? We've reviewed the popular dark spot skin creams and learned which ones worked and which ones didn't. Read our reviews to learn which ones actually do more harm than good.

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Nalini 9 years ago

I need help in removing acne scars from my face. I had acne problems for a few months. Now the acne is gone, but the marks are still there. So I need to get rid of them. Thank you

hi 9 years ago

try using toothpaste!

dawn 8 years ago

how does tooth past work

dawn 8 years ago

Lily 8 years ago

Thank-you for introducing me to Meladerm. I have sensative skin and it has been a great product for me.

lahari 8 years ago

I need help in removing acne scars from my face. I had acne problems for a few months. Now the acne is gone, but the marks are still there. So I need to get rid of them. Thank you

Joe 8 years ago

In middle school we were told to do sit ups on the pavement and ever since that I have a straight line of dark spots right on my spine. Now that I'm in my second year in high school I don't think the spots will go away any time soon and its annoying me. Anyone got any sugestions? (I don't believe in expensive procedures.)

ryanenglish profile image

ryanenglish 8 years ago

thanks for the tips

Raffaella 8 years ago

Thank's fro sharing. I have scars on my face and your informations are very useful for me!

ama 8 years ago

hi i hav losts of black spots on my skin i want to use a natural product such as fruits or vegetables can u help me out

marilyn 8 years ago

i have dark spot on my legs from flee bites what can i use for dark spots.

Carol 8 years ago

Hey, ive had dark spots on my back from flee bites, s there any product that i can use to get rid of them.

elow 7 years ago

my skin is so sensitive especially on the lower extremeties, it always leave a dark spots on it, how can i prevent or lessen the dark spots?

joe 7 years ago

i hav like a dark spot right by my eye(its not a mole) but its noticable and it doesn't bother my girlfreind or anybody,but it makes me feel can i get rid of it?PLEASE HELP

joe 7 years ago

i hav like a dark spot right by my eye(its not a mole) but its noticable and it doesn't bother my girlfreind or anybody,but it makes me feel can i get rid of it?PLEASE HELP

joe 7 years ago

i hav like a dark spot right by my eye(its not a mole) but its noticable and it doesn't bother my girlfreind or anybody,but it makes me feel can i get rid of it?PLEASE HELP

nick jones 7 years ago

i have black dots on my cheak and under my mouth and HOW CAN I GET IT REMOVED PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

knchan 7 years ago

boil a spoon of tea powder , throw the water n use the wet and cold powder. apply it to ur face, let it dry, reemove the powder do not wash the face overnight... look the difference... pimple's waste will come out on squeezing it n no dark spots will appear on regular use of tea powder

nina  7 years ago


dhiraj 6 years ago

i have two black bloteches on my face.can you tell me about for care.i have take some sunsrceen also as garnear,ranbaxy suncross aquagel & vitamins & mineral please tell me about this care.but my skin is also oily.i want to just clean of my face & shineable.please tell me.

lisa 6 years ago

DON'T put toothpaste on it! it just makes it worse! i had a spot and covered it with toothpaste, the next morning the spot was gone but a LARGE black/brown mark was left beind, it was around 2/3 times bigger than the spot its self!

Hannah 6 years ago

i am an aspiring model i have been offered work by several modeling agencies over the years but my skin always ends up being a problem my skin is allergic to everything but i never get get acne on my face, arms or back only on my legs sometimes i get bumps on my legs or thighs and after the pimple is gone it leaves dark spots on my skin i have used several skin lightning creams and they don't seem to work as well as i hoped spots are less dark but the are still there i am suppose to meet with a modeling agency tomorrow and i am very nervous i may not get signed because of it is there any home remedies or new creams that are out there that anyone has tried and has had success. please let me know thanks :)

kkkk 6 years ago


hot_momma 6 years ago

i am pregnant now and i noticed that there is a dark spot on my inner thighs and my butt.. how would i get rid of it? HELP! ={

Ameya 6 years ago

Hey there is dark spots on my face. How to get rid of that instantly plz help me out

tiffany 6 years ago

I have scars n darkening frm exzema how do I get rid of that?

sayeeda fatima 6 years ago

hi !!!!!!!

i have dark spots on my face

plzzzzzzzzzz tell me how shall i remove

pllzzzzzzzzz tell me hime redemeies

Taxie 6 years ago

i have dark marks on my face due to acne pls tell me on how to remove then

sarah 6 years ago

hey, i have a black scar on my chin, how can i get rid of it?

SONA 6 years ago


alexis 6 years ago

I got these bad dark spots from acne fortunately I have found ways to lighten my scars. I use aloe vera gel, lemon and lime juice, honey, cocoa butter and if u rub a few fruits on ur skin it helps too. I use tomatoes and potatoes and also cucumbers. These really helped me and I used toothpaste. It helped me out but I heard it gives others dark burns and spot on their faces but minty toothpaste for 30 seconds helps me out a lot! Hopes this helped

Rekha 6 years ago

I hv dark spots n acne am ready 2 spend any to cure it. Pls help me am worying lot

gigi 6 years ago

hey i got dak spots from bed bugs bites on my legs and i really wana get rid of them kan u help me ....i haven't warn any shorts ever sence....pweeezzzz hellp

Viraaj 6 years ago

Hello everyone, anybody who wants to remove their black spot please visit the dermatologist. He/she will definitely be able to remove it. It hardly takes about 15 minutes, though it hurts a bit. All the best.

Brown 6 years ago

try spotlessface anti spot cleanser

Cindy 6 years ago

I hav a dark brownish after pimple mark that won't go away ii had tried da neutrogena rapid clear treatment but den when I peel it off my skin comes off too n it strts to bleed so I stop using it n now it's jst a dark circle that won't f***in go away help me pleasseeee sum1

Helpless 6 years ago

I'm a dark skinned female with dark spots on my vagina from shaving and bleeding how do I get rid of these spots.I need help I haven't had sex because I'm embarrassed help it's been like this for two years.I stopped shaving the area

Chioma 6 years ago

Ive got spots on my legs due to an infection i had 3yrs ago what can i use naturally

Chioma 6 years ago

Ive got spots on my legs due to an infection i had 3yrs ago what can i use naturally

jane garcia 6 years ago

i have a dark spot on my legs,,plsss help me how to remove it,,plzzzzzz

Miss Grace 6 years ago

I recommend a course of Microdermabrasion treatments, I have had this treatment in the past and would definitely have this treatment again if I should need it in the future.

Powerz 6 years ago

I've got dark spots on my legs due 2 mosquitoes bite,i'm dark in's really embarrassing b'cos i've nt been able 2 wear shorts.i put on long wears dat covers them.pls...i need a solution faster.

ayana 6 years ago

i have alot of dark spot on my skin i cant wear any short clothes can u help me plz

vicky 6 years ago

drink water sufficiently

gabby 6 years ago

when i brough chesrli overnight wash i put it in my face.afer 2 day it left mark under my mouth. it look so bad.could you tell me how this goes away.i need your help .

purva 6 years ago

i have big dark spots on my leg please help

sangamesh 6 years ago

hey i applied toothpaste on my face to get rid of pimples but it doesn't work instead it got reacted and i have some dark black spots on my face please suggest me how can i get rid of these dark spots

Seema 6 years ago

one of my neighbour used toothpaste for her face dark sopts, it increased the dark spots three times as much as she had before.

Ashim 6 years ago

I'm light skinned and i've got embarrasing dark spots 4rm mosquitoe,flee and bug bites on my arms & legs. I cant were this i love to wear...pls help!!! I'm always covering up in d heat or Cold. This has brought down my self esteem, i'm now extremely self conscious.

Brooke 6 years ago

I have dark spots on my forehead and around my really bothers me ...tell me how i can rid of them fast??!!!!

Sohani 6 years ago

I have lot of acne & black spot in my can i remove them very fast...plz someone help me!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ

kendra  5 years ago

kendra...well i have had a black spot undet my chin for years nobody can tell b/c i use make upim tired of hiding i want it to go away some days it looks biggrer than others it looks like a patch of hair and my hubby of four years just noticed it so deprefded i feel so ugly.. :(

Divya 5 years ago

I am light skinned female but i am developing pigmentation on my cheeks and nose and have open pores also. Kindky help me with the remedies

cherie mae 5 years ago

how to get rid of acne scares and dark spot?

vandana 5 years ago

Hi.I have lots of dark spots on my face.I have tried many creams for hyperpigmention but it has not disappeared.lemon juice,facial scrub and facial mask did not make any difference.PLZ HELP ME

spotfree 5 years ago

I've been using witch hazel toner (Dickenson's) for a week now. It's clearing up my acne and my dark spot areas are peeling off and fading faster. I am impressed by the texture of my skin and it is improving day by day. Google witch hazel and read other's comments on how this natural product works on their skin. It's amazing and it's been out there for years! Also, I've found that from having problem skin all 30+ years that there are benefits to all products out there but not all are for daily use even those marketed as "daily" cleanser/moisturizer. Mix up the products that you use according to your skin's needs. Another trick to get rid of dark spots is I use a ceramic nail file. GENTLY buff daily or every other day.

You will notice faster improvements.

HARSIT 5 years ago

The Best Way to remove Dark Spots is don't use hair oil in your hair, don't use any type of face cream, .. Just leave It..Don't Touch it... Garnier Men Face wash is the best face wash.. Use It and Use cold water for ur face.

chun222 5 years ago

I have dark spots on my legs and sometimes its itchy. It is above the knee. I think it because sometimes i sweat too hard and the skin is irritated. i tried to put whitening cream but it doesn't work. I cant wear shorts as of know cause it is really disgusting to look. How can i remove this very fast, for about 1 week or two? :( HELP ME PLEASE. THANKS A LOT.

chun222 5 years ago

how to get rid of jock itch? it is already cured but the dark spots remained. i cannot wear shorts because of this. can you help me?

ledi 5 years ago

i have embaracing dark spots on ma arms and legs and somehow itching plsssssssssssss plssssssssssss help

Samantha 5 years ago

Well i have a blak neck & don't like it at all , does anybody know how you could take it out . It's really embarrsing because you cant wear no tank tops , because you feel like if people are watching your neck , i only wear polo shirts , help ?

Safiya 5 years ago

DON'T PUT TOOTHPASTE ON! It will leave a dark spot after it getz ridd ov your spots, Toothpaste Burns your if u use it Your spots will go but it will leave a visible dark mark in your spotz place....hope this helpz

cma.m.sharma 5 years ago


cma.m.sharma 5 years ago

can any1 guide me for dark spot

SELENA 5 years ago


cma.m.sharma 5 years ago

i use to apply chandan daily on my face when i stopped i got pimples my skin was good..i used unbranded cream n i have marks on my face.getting married in december..nothing helping..external prob then to

vickilynn 5 years ago

Helpless 5 years ago

Man i am so desperate to find out how can i get ride of black spots on my body plz help me

Ajay 5 years ago

I have many dark spots on my face. What can I do ? Please help me. The darkspots is due to chicken pox. Plz plz plz help me.

dan 5 years ago

pls i hav black spot on cheek pls help me get rid of it

Jone 4 years ago

I have many dark sports in my face i want to remov them in home but how?

juan rangel 4 years ago

I have these dark patches on my face over my eyebrows and on the side of my cheeks ,I've tried many things to get rid of them ,but it seems there getting worst is there a real way to get rid of them please let me know .

tecla 4 years ago

i have black spots and i tired everything i tired proactive but they said it's don't work for people in the caribbean plzz help me

Anita sharma 4 years ago

My age is twenty five yrs,whem i m twelve yrs then i was fell down on stair case.on the left side of my face,a dark spot appear on pls tell me wat i can do?

BEST IDEA 4 years ago

Pls use termaric with lemon.. apply it on ur face .. in a month grt diffrence wil be ther

olu 4 years ago

hello, i am an african newly residing in the uk, by reason of the change in the weather i developed a harsh breakout particulary on my forehead and afterwards the scars have remained. I am black so i have refused to use any spot remover to avoiding being fair. this led me to the research for a solution via the internet, how can u help?

Pritz 4 years ago

Hi i have dark spots and kinda burned skin around pubic area and . i need to completely get rid of this please help . need home remedies ...

jasey 4 years ago

Hi everyone i hav dark spot 2 becuz from acne so i had read all the problems and i know how to solve it to get rid of dark spot is 1st put tooth paste on da dark spot and wait up to 30 minutes and wash it wala no more dark spot good luk

time to be beautiful.. 4 years ago

Tooth paste also works thank u so much jasey it really works...

Getrude 4 years ago

Im a south african citizen,im having dark spots which luk permanent left by acne.i tried ponds cmplxn,brown polish and doesn't sims to work pls help me pls pls

didi 4 years ago

hallo i have a very large dark spot on my,have been trying for some time now to get rid of it to no avail,i guess nothing has change,help please! what can i do to get it off?i really really need to be free from this bondage pls.

ashna 4 years ago

i'm so worried about these many stops on my face,nothing is working...........

John 4 years ago

I am having a huge brown spot on my face that makes me ugly and also it decreases my confidence plzzzzzz tell me how could i get rid from this spot naturally from vegetables or fruits

montu 4 years ago


I have lot of pimples and acne and there dark spots on my face i feel bad when i m looking in the mirror so, plz tell me how i remove that and pimples free face to be see in the mirror plz help me for that.........

pandagal 4 years ago

I can very well understand from my own dark days 4 years back. Acne Scars can be real messy when it comes to your facial look and other people's stark remarks. I tried many creams for scars, oil based and chemical based but i should say it really detoriated the problem. Maybe my skin was very sensitive and the dark scars became more serious.

That was when my neighbor referred the Invicible Scar Treatment Cream . I was a little finicky in the beginning but in two weeks the scar marks started really fading.

Shereline 4 years ago

I have spots that's dried up and is tough to take off how do I get rid of them ~_______~

Michael Dent 4 years ago

Dermacure worked wonders for my skin imperfections.

i thought your readers would want to know.

its guaranteed to work in 5 days.

i believe their website is

riya 4 years ago

my skin is very dry and it holds the spots of insect bites,mosquitoes etc..and i want a snooth,clear shin...plz help

lara 4 years ago

Its better to have a chemical peel...really it works me..u surely will have a healthy skin.

Robert 4 years ago

I got dark spots on m stomach and my back and I really need help.

dd 4 years ago

best way to remove dark spots ????

bertha 4 years ago

pls help me i have black spots on my legs from insect bites and cus of dat i cant wear short cloths always in long things.pls help me.

tt 4 years ago

Hi I got dark spots all over mah face help me to remove them plz .

Shelly 4 years ago

This stuff really works.

Alana 4 years ago

It doesn't work

Dorothy Nissi 3 years ago

I am an African American women that suffers from dark spots after my break outs. Citrus Clear works wonders for my face. After using the Citrus Clear Face Wash for a month I can defintely say I have seen improvement my dark spots are fading and now I am less reliant on make-up.

mahi 3 years ago

in my thigh black dots are in what do

poo 3 years ago

hi mam y age 28 marride my problem is black acne plese give me a best solucsion

ruth 2 years ago

I'm from have small small dark spot on my face and body don't no what to do

Nu 2 years ago

i have black mark on my cheek. how can i remove it?

nombuso 21 months ago

I have dark marks on my legs what shoud I use?

Ankita 15 months ago

I have big dark marks on my leg and because of mark my legs look so ugly when i see my leg i feel so sad. Such type of marks also on my face so what i do for it give me some idea plz plz plz

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