Gift Ideas for Men: Buy Mens Leather Belts Online

Mens Leather Belt

Belt has always been part of the attire of a modern man, however, in these days; quality and design are important considerations apart from functionality. Aside from keeping your pants up belts have evolved to become fashion statement and status symbol. Formal, casual and rugged looks require different kinds of belt and buckle. Obviously, one belt in a man’s closet will never be enough. This is one good reason why men’s belt is a superb gift idea.

Leather is timeless and has become a very popular material for making belts because of its pliability and durability. It also offers variety in texture and grain that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal and builds a unique character for each. About 98.8% of world leather production comes from cow, pig, sheep and goat. Descriptions of leathers from the different animal sources are given in this article.

With the variety of leather belt styles and designs available in the market, it is often difficult to pick what deserves to be in your cart, especially if you are buying for somebody else. Here are three basic men’s leather belt classifications that might help you pinpoint what is appropriate for the recipient’s or your need. It cannot be argued that belts are often not seen so any type can be worn with any attire.  Whether the belt is conspicuous or not in the overall get up, wearing the appropriate and high quality belt boosts a man's self-esteem.

Formal Leather Belts

Leather dress belt is a necessity in every man’s wardrobe to complete a business attire, to attend a wedding, a funeral, a formal ball or enjoy a sit-down dinner.  Formal attire may or may not be your daily wear but it is imperative that your belt matches your shoes and briefcase in texture and color.  Most acceptable colors for dress belt straps are black, tan and brown.  Black-brown reversible formal leather belt is also an option especially when travelling.  Match it with a reversible formal buckle then off you go.  Formal leather belt straps should be made of high quality leather, have a smooth finish and with a small buckle.

Casual Leather Belts

We are most familiar with casual leather belts because they can be worn with more kinds of bottoms like jeans, khakis, shorts, corduroy, cargo pants etc.  Normally casual bottoms have bigger loop holes around the waist to fit thicker casual belts.  Acceptable colors maybe similar to formal leather belts, however casual belts are rougher in finish.  Classic casual belt style usually has one piece plain strap but you can opt for a woven or braided strap to add texture into the outfit.  Some casual belts styles can qualify as a formal belt but woven and braided straps are strictly casual.

Rugged Leather Belts

This kind of belt is designed to be worn with denims.  The straps are usually attached to bigger buckles, are wider and thicker and as the name implies, the finish is rough.  These qualities present a stronger character to rugged leather belts.  With rugged leather belts, there is more freedom with strap color and buckle design.  Belt straps with interchangeable buckles are therefore more practical.  This is a great opportunity for self expression.  Buckle design could be a brand logo; interest designs like fishing, hunting, sports, automotive or religious signs.  Enjoy the various belt buckle selections but remember that unless intended for an outlandish fashion display, buckle size should not exceed the size of a fist.

How to Care for Leather Belts

People are investing on leather belt because it is one of the widely used fashion accessory.  Proper use, care and storage of leather belts should be known to extend its quality life and make the investment pay off.   Know how to remove stains, prevent foul odors, molds, wrinkling and other deformations and maintain the ‘as good as new” quality of your leather belts.

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