Costume Gold Tennis Bracelets that Give you a Price Advantage

Faux Gold Tennis Bracelets are Classic Costume Jewelry

I love wearing costume jewelry. I admit it, I am one of those women who like to wear fake jewelry. It's not because I want to fool someone into thinking that I'm wealthier than I am (yeah, like I give a hoot about such pretentiousness). It's because I can wear a million dollar looking bauble at an affordable price. And because I don' have to worry about hiring a bodyguard when I wear something that looks fantastic. And I don't have to worry about losing it. I can basically wear it and enjoy it and not think about it until someone compliments me. "Thank you, and I got it for only $20." Yes, I do like letting people know that I got a great bargain.

Gold tennis bracelets are timeless, it's one of those classic items that you can wear again and again anywhere. And no, you don't have to wear it only for playing tennis. It got its name because of Chris Evert, one of the best tennis players in history. Ms. Evert has a habit of wearing bracelets during her matches (Yeah, a girly-girl jockette!). During one match at the US Tennis Championships, the clasp on her bracelet broke, Ms. Evert noticed it and requested that play be suspended until it was found. Her request was granted and ever since then, it's been called a tennis bracelet. And yes, her bracelet was found. Not only was there a new name for a traditional in-line diamond bracelet (used to be called an eternity bracelet) but the industry made a change to the clasp so that it had a safety chain.

The classic gold tennis bracelet are a row of individually set symmetrical diamonds with a clasp.  Nowadays however, you can find tennis bracelets with other gemstones such as emerald or ruby or amethyst and the use of white gold, platinum or silver.  Cubic zirconia made the gold tennis bracelet affordable.  Here are some wonderful gold tennis bracelets that make you look a million dollars for a song.

Traditional Gold Tennis Bracelets

This is the look fo the traditional and classic gold tennis bracelet. To make it affordable cubic zirconium is used in place of diamonds and 18k gold plated over silver.

Modern Gold Tennis Bracelets

This is known as an S gold tennis bracelet because of the way the curved individual pieces and is a more modern style. The bracelet uses diamond "shimmer" (finely ground diamonds) not cubic zirconium and is used a lot in costume jewelry for its glittery effects.

The Look of White Gold Tennis Bracelets

Women love the effect of diamonds on white gold when it comes to gold tennis bracelets. You can get a similar effect using cuzic zirconium set against silver. Stunning!

Eclectic Variation of Gold Tennis Bracelets

This is an exquisite variation of the classic gold tennis bracelet, this time using garnet with 18k gold plated over silver.

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GmaGoldie profile image

GmaGoldie 6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Love fake jewelry - and my checkbook does too! Even IF I could afford it - why spend those precious dollars.

Great Hub! Loved this! Wonderful layout too! You have a winner here IF I could only shop!

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 6 years ago from The East Coast Author

Thanks GmaGoldie for your kind words. I agree with you that costume jewelry is kind to the pocketbook and I like that it lets me try all sorts of different styles. Thanks for visiting.

diamond tennis bracelets 6 years ago


Diamond tennis bracelets (either white gold or gold) have been a sophisticated staple in elegant female attire. They're expensive because they're classics, and since there's a very small chance that it'll ever go out of style, you have the ability to pass it down. I think of tennis bracelets almost like heirlooms. Not to mention you can literally wear them with anything. It's so versatile.

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