Clothes and Songs For New Year Eve- Traditions Around the World

Luck Clothes and Songs
Luck Clothes and Songs

Good Luck Clothes and Songs

One of the matters I often prepare beforehand for New Year’s Eve is what I am going to put on. I am a strong believer that anything you have on or perform during New Year’s Eve and the beginning few hours of the New Year are going to act upon the remaining of the year. Hence I often make sure about putting on new dresses with the faith that it will fill the coming year with colorful dresses to me.

The custom of putting on new dresses for New Years Eve covers across various continents.

  • Many individuals in European and Asian nations put on red dressing to draw good fortune.
  • South American individuals prefer yellow as a good fortune color
  • Brazil  put on white dresses to add good fortune and serenity for the following year.
  • Other individuals choose to put on green dresses, the color of money to draw in riches for the following year.

Wearing Yellow for New Year Eve

South American nations like Venezuela, Columbia and Peru have a custom of putting on yellow underclothes on New Year’s Eve. Yellow is related with enlightenment and mind, it excites the brain. Yellow is a color that exhibits encouragement and determination.

The Mexicans put on yellow underclothes to draw in money and well economic vibrations.

Yellow is their intimate color since it is the color of the all-precious gold.

The underclothes custom can be followed back to the dark ages, while it was prohibited to put on brilliant colors. The individuals thought putting on yellow would add good luck, thus they put on the color beneath their dresses.

Customs tells that one must throw away his old underclothes at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve and wear a yellow pair. To be prosperous, they should be new.

To have some surplus fortune put on them inside out.

Wearing Red Clothes for New Year Eve

Color is vibration, and we all react to it on numerous stages wittingly or unwittingly. Put on red underclothes and dresses on New Year’s Eve to add chance related to love. Red is an excitant and predominant color. Red is related with passion, successfulness and stimulus.

Best Songs for New Year -Top 10 New Year's Songs

New Year Song 2011: Welcome in the New Year

New Year is a happy occasion which is observed throughout the world and is noted by new commencements and new positions. Masses observe the New Year in a wonderful manner and celebrate until the very early hours of the morning, to receive the arrival of the approaching year.

With the celebrative mood all-pervasive, jollification and getting the utmost merriment is everybody’s agenda. Individuals conduct parties and meetings to observe the New Year with household and friends and grooving music is played to lend a good-time and pretty atmosphere to the party. Songs are at the center of any festal occasion and the same applies true for New Year as well. Actually the day is related with some highly famous songs, played by one and all.

To set the complete mood on your celebration, make a point to get a collection of the best New Year songs. Such songs not only make the party initiated but also unfold the message of fresh starting and forgetting the past. They also mean the grandness of beginning anew and show the beginning of a new stage in a person’s life.

Generally foot tapping songs are linked with New Year parties which can bring the invitees in a shaking mood, but there are also few really meaningful gentle songs which can be played at the commencement of the party. These inspiring numbers render hope and should be certainly played at an occasion like New Year that can impart you with mingled impressions for a year is going by, even while you receive a coming year.

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