Tattoos and 3D Tattoos! Costs, Risks and Removal Ideas

Tattoo Cost:

To have a tattoo is nice to some people for it shows affiliation or comitment to beliefs like religious ones or simply for beauty purposes. The cost of the tattoo depends on the country itself, it depends on the artist and whether that artist is an amateur beginner or an experienced one. Anyway, majority of the artists charge between 75 to 150 dollars an hour depending on the size, colors, complexity and depending on the place of the tattoo. There are some areas that can be really challenging to place a tattoo like the lower part of the back and like the private parts or near them which will incur extra charge amounting to 25%.

In some cases, people are not happy about the final tattoo result so be careful because tattoo altering or changing may be pricy and might cost hundreds of dollars as we are going to show here.

Risks of Having a Tattoo:

There are many risks belonging to tattoos like having allergic reaction to dyes specifically red color which can cause itchiness and rash. Other risks may include: having high possibility of skin infections, swelling of the tattoo area. Sometimes, if the equipments used are not clean or contaminated, this may lead to blood-borne diseases like hepatitis and HIV. So, be careful about whom you choose when it comes to tattoos. Always ask your friends who have had tattoos and have tried experienced artists. Even if it was slightly more expensive than inexperienced ones, you have to go for it. This may save your life. Now, if you are to have a tattoo, keep in mind the following and insist on these precautions just in case:

- Since the licensing principles defer from country to country, consult your local Health Authority department and know what are the procedures followed.

- Go to an experienced tattoo artist who is well trained and has a record of previous successful cases (try your friends).

- In all cases, a tattoo artist MUST wear gloves all the time and keep his gears and hands clean.

- All equipments should be sterilized properly. The needle or the tray should be sealed and unused. If he has certain equipments that can't be sterilized, those should be disinfected using bleach solution or any other disinfectant before each use.

Taking Care of your Tattoo:

It's a must to take care of the new tattoo later when you finish. Don't take the bandage until at least 24 hours have passed. When you do so, apply some antibiotic ointment and keep it clean to prevent any unnecessary infections. Use soap and plain water to wash it but GENTLY to avoid scrubbing the skin. Avoid direct sun and if you want, apply moisturizer more than twice a day. Generally, the tattoo will take up to two weeks to heal and take its final shape so make sure to wear proper clothes meanwhile and not that kind of clothes that may stick to the fresh tattoo. If, after a certain period of time you think that your tattoo is not healing, consult a doctor immediately.

Finally, this tattoo will live with you permanently so be sure to choose the right place before having one since tattoos are very hard to remove. Also, just make sure you're not drunk, or under the influence of drugs because once you have it, it will be too late to regret it and good luck.

Tattoo Removal Cost:

Before you take the decision to have a tattoo, think for a while and ask people who have it in order to avoid any regrets. Even if you decide to have one, re-consider the tattoo place on your body because it might be awkward in the future, and it is not easy as you think to remove that tattoo later as if nothing happened! Anyway, the cost of removing the tattoo is different from one place to another. Just keep in mind to visit a professional tattoo removal clinic and not just any “workshop” you happen to hear about from a “friend”.

The cost will be based on the size, location and color of your tattoo and it will depend on number of sessions required to remove it. The price will be ranging from $40 – $50 per sqr inch per session. Actually it is not easy to define an exact price, but if you are determined, always choose a professional hand to do it. Also, don’t expect a perfect result as there are very few cases where some scars or residues will remain so don’t panic.

For more details about tattoo removal and tattoos in general, you can visit this website and check:

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