Got Big Pores: Easy Tips to Reduce the Size of Your Pores and Get Clearer Skin

Clear Skin

Achieve Beautifully Clear Skin Without Chemicals
Achieve Beautifully Clear Skin Without Chemicals

Shrink Your Pores

Are you searching for a way to reduce your pores? Join the club. Large pores are the source of anguish for many individuals, and often contribute to many individuals' acne outbreaks. Why? Because acne and pimples occur when the pore walls stick together with trapped sebum and result in bacteria formation. For individuals with big pores, it takes a lot of trapped sebum and bacteria to develop in order for the pore walls to stick. However, when they stick, because the pores are so large, they result in large, tender, pimple and bumps forming underneath the skin's surface. How can you get rid of your big pores? It will take some times, and it may not eliminate the visibility of your pores entirely, but you can shrink them somewhat. Follow the steps below:

1) Steam Your Face. Steaming your face will open your pores and unplug them. Simply fill a basin with extra warm water. Make sure the water is not scalding hot. Hold your face over the basin for 1-3 minutes. Then, grab a washcloth and drench it in lemon and pineapple juice. Place the washcloth firmly on your face for 1 minute. Then rinse your skin with warm water. Lemon and pineapple juice contain natural enzymes that tighten and firm the face and purify and brighten the skin. Lemon particularly has the ability to cleanse and shrink the appearance of pores. You can purchase lemon juice and pineapple juice from your local grocer. Lastly, apply ice cubes to your face. Place the ice cubes gently along your pores for 15-30 seconds. This will have a tightening effect on your skin.

2) Buy Pore-Refining Products. Beauty 4 Ashes® and Zia® (wwwdrugstorecom) are two great all-natural skin care products who make acne and pore refining products. Beauty 4 Ashes ® Christian Health & Beauty makes a " U Big Pore Baby System" (wwwdiscoverb4acom) that in a double-blind study with 200 participants was chosen by 4 out of 5 over Neutrogena's Pore-Refining products. The participants preferred the product based on skin compatibility, results, fragrance, and skin appearance after immediate use. I personally looked at the system, and if do not feel like making your own pore-shrinking products, it contains several researched natural remedies that have been proven to reduce large pores, including sage, lemon, capsicum, sugar, and aloe.

3) Make a Pore-Tightening Mask. Take Rhassoul Clay and mix with lemon juice, aloe vera juice, and green tea. Rhassoul Clay tightens the pores and purifies the skin. Green Tea is a clinically researched, antioxidant packed and skin healing substance. Celestial Seasonings makes fabulous green tea that is full of vitamins and minerals and comes in many varieties. They also have many special blends on their website (wwwcelestialseasoningscom). Rhassoul Clay can be found at your local spa. You can also buy a spa detox system from Beauty 4 Ashes (wwwdiscoverb4acom).

4) Eat More Citrus Fruits. Oranges produce firmer skin and rebuild collagen, which may contribute to increasing the elasticity of your skin and reducing your pore walls. Tangerines also have this effect.

You can cleanse and tighten your pores, overall reducing the appearance of their size...and you can do it naturally. Simply try these tips and you will be well on your way.

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mr Lee 8 years ago

skin feels and looks great. Thanks

Heaven ramierwz 8 years ago

thank you so much for your help

Rani 8 years ago

I already know about the ice cubes methodes but i do that without steam my face before or etc and it wasn't work for me at all... I really have a sensitive skin and really have big trouble with my pores. Maybe i'll do that with wrong way... Im so hopelles right now. I'll try this new methodes and hope it will work for me... Thanks for the tips. ^_^

michael 8 years ago

i dont think so if i try to follow this,i hope its the right way,to get well faster.

michael 8 years ago

i don't think so if i try to follow this,i hope its the right way,to get well faster.

rwefg 8 years ago

is the pineappel neccesary

ranoni 7 years ago

i'll try this advise.

but i wonder if it's effective.


Elijah 6 years ago

I am Extremely Athletic basically like gymnasics almost and I have needed something like this I haven't tried this yet but I will thank you soo much!

bryan 6 years ago

How many times a week should you do this? Is it a daily routine?!?

allin 6 years ago

you should do this about 26 times a day. also 3 times at night.




i think all the rest of you are the same person, so i wont bother helping you. i think this because each one of you has the same typing styles. the style is called oh-so speshal.

Afifa 6 years ago

wth? are u crazy

steam ur face should be twice a month, too much steaming is bad for your skin

you can use lemon every day but make sure its mixed with something mild such as honey as it is acidic and have an unpleasant stingin effect

all the pore refining products arnt very good, they will shrink ur pores slightly for a short while n that's it

use the natural way

yvonne 6 years ago

will this break you out if your skin is prone to acne

Leslie 6 years ago

I tried this for my wedding and it worked for me. I tried every product possible but the nautral way works. Just be careful not to let the juice slip in your eye. Trust me.. it burned. It did not completely do the job but it did make a difference. I was impressed!!!

Che=) 6 years ago

Somehow it gave me an idea to try the natural way first before resorting to medications. I'll try it and i'll post my comment again as soon as I get better results.

kim 6 years ago

hi friends

I have lot of big holes on my face and also i often get big pimples on my face so how to get rid of that can any one reply me

thank u

Yelena 6 years ago

That sounds right, and makes sence to me.

Thank you!!!!

Samantha SanNicolas 6 years ago

Check this site out, It is cool and you can also join...

Anomomous orhowyouspellit. 6 years ago

Cool. Steam only once a month if really hot. I think this slightness isn't harmful.

Anna 6 years ago

How is the steaming any different than taking a hot shower?

Tim 6 years ago

I have tried the ice thing but doesn't work for me, and I'm really afraid to do the steam part...ughh! what should I do? please help.

reshel 6 years ago


i will try it right away. I'll just post here later for the result.

cristina 6 years ago

yea how is taking a shower wqith hot water different from steaming

Kristin 6 years ago

Tim: Why are you afraid to do the steam part? The only thing you have to do, is to hold your face over a bowl of hot water. What's so scary about that?

I guess a hot shower will have about the same effect as the steaming, but the steaming part is easier and will leave the focus on your face... :)

elexis 5 years ago

i did it but my face looks red like i shouldn't not done that lol

Jadavea_xoxo 5 years ago

Basically, heat from the steam opens up the pores and removes all the dirt and oil. The ice cubes work in the opposite direction and close up the pores. I just use extremely cold water instead though.

bebe 5 years ago

i will def try will let u know what happens

sandy 5 years ago

i tried ice on my face but it didn't waork out. Does the lemon and pineappple safe to apply in any type of skin face? tnx.

Ash 5 years ago

Can lime juice be use instead of lemon

Claudine 4 years ago

^_^ yay! Thanks you

andrea* 4 years ago

help my pores are like ceral bowls

Priska 4 years ago

Thanx for your tips,i'll try out every steps u've suggested.

Eph 4 years ago

Thanx a lot.i'll try it.

lyjz 4 years ago

Which do you guys find the best? Lemon, steaming, ice....?

trialaJat 3 years ago

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Futamarka 3 years ago

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addu 3 years ago

I will try this advice

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