Great Color Party Contact Lenses - Accessorize Your Eyes

Color Party Contact Lenses To Match Your Outfit

This season accessorize your eyes with some great color party contact lenses. Colored contacts are the ultimate fashion accessory as now not only can you match shoes, bag and dress, but also get the eye color to match.

Color contact lenses are also a great way of having a bit of fun with your friends and family. Wear a different color each day for a few days and see if anyone notices.

Change them to match the season with bright blue in summer, soft browns in autumn, cloudy greys for winter and green hues as spring comes around.

If you really want to go to town why not try some of the more dramatic styles out there, such as the cats eye contact lenses, spiders webs or smiley faces , all great for a fancy dress party.


Cats Eye Contact Lens

Rainbow Professional Krazys Graphic Color Cosmetic Contact Lens
Rainbow Professional Krazys Graphic Color Cosmetic Contact Lens

Care of Your Contact Lenses

Unless you're buying single use contacts a case is essential for storing your lenses, as is following the correct cleaning routine as stated in the product instructions.

This means storing them in the correct solution; never store them in water as the bacteria content of ordinary water is too high and it won't clean your lenses. 

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