Grow Thicker, Fuller and Longer Eyelashes Naturally

What Do We Need To Do To Get Thicker Eyelashes?

To have healthier eyelashes you need to keep them clean and moisturized. Pretty much the same way we wash and condition our hair to keep it healthy and shiny. Proper care of your eyelashes will prevent them from breaking off or getting brittle So, where do you start?

Begin by Moisturizing Your Eyelashes

Moisturizing your eyelashes is easy. After removing your eye make-up and washing your face, apply a dab of olive oil, or Vaseline on your eyelashes. Doing this will moisturize and strengthen them. As I mentioned earlier, it will also prevent your eyelashes from breaking or falling off. By the way, this will also work for your eyebrows.

You can also help your eyelashes grow from the inside out by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain vitamin A, E and B, which has shown to grow longer and thicker eyelashes. If you do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, you can also take supplements.

Manage Your Stress

I know its easier said than done, but reducing your stress can help your eyelashes grow. It's a fact that stress affects everything, including your eyelashes.

Work on having balance in your life. Basic things like getting a good night's sleep, having a balanced diet and regular exercise will help move you in the right direction.

So if you think stress may be causing you eyelashes harm, work on reducing the stresses in your life. The results will be fuller eyelashes and a happier you.

Use An Eyelash Growth Enhancer

You can also try Idol Lash. Its an eyelash growth enhancer that's clinically proven to thicken and lengthen your lashes. Apply it once a day on the base of the lashes, just like you would apply liquid eyeliner. Results are guaranteed in as little as 2 weeks!

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Richard Thomas profile image

Richard Thomas 6 years ago

Nice to see a natural option rather than going straight for false eyelashes! Great Hub.

futura profile image

futura 6 years ago Author

Thanks Richard!

shelby palline 5 years ago

This helped a lot. ;)

futura profile image

futura 5 years ago Author

Great! I'm glad it helped! :-)

bri 5 years ago

Thanks so much! For some reason the eyelashes on my right eye are thinner than on my left, and it's really frustrating.

futura profile image

futura 5 years ago Author

I can see how that can be frustrating. Give some of the tips a try, I'm sure they'll help.

Watermelon15 5 years ago

Thanx this helps heaps!!!!

futura profile image

futura 5 years ago Author

Glad to help!

Jess 4 years ago

Thanks :) my eyelasses are already quite long and full, but i wear so much mascara you wouldn't beleive !! this has helped a lot thanks:D

futura profile image

futura 4 years ago Author

You're welcome! I'm glad it helped

mia 4 years ago

thanks! mine are so worn out b\c i never take my makeup off and now my eyelashes are tiny!

futura profile image

futura 4 years ago Author

Yikes! It's important to give your lashes a break sometimes. Be kind to your lashes. :)

Laura Hornbrook profile image

Laura Hornbrook 4 years ago

I have always had very stubby, sparse lashes. No matter what a mascara promised, they still looked horrible. I also have only half of my lashes on the bottom of my left eye. They just stop halfway across, so I've always worn a lot of liner to cover that fact. I'm very excited to try your methods! I will report back in a few weeks!!!

Dylan 4 years ago

I love you....

My girl friend is so happy with this ....... Thanks for providing this info.....

Stefan 4 years ago

Yeah thanks if this works........neturally.....!

futura profile image

futura 4 years ago Author

Great! i can't wait to hear how you do. Thanks For reading

futura profile image

futura 4 years ago Author

Glad I could help. :)

futura profile image

futura 4 years ago Author

Oh it does work! Just stick with it!

kiki 2 years ago

My eyelashes on my right are shorter than my eyelashes on my left eye, that's after I apply mascara. Why's that?

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