The No.1 - History of Gucci Handbags

History of Gucci

Gucci Mission Statement

"The price is forgotten long after the quality remains."

The Time Line

  • 1920's - Gucci were founded in the early 1920's by a man named Guccio Gucci. In 1921 he opened up a small store in Florence where he sold leather goods and luggage products.
  • 1930's - The Brand had started to be recognised internationally as a unique and inspired collection of bags, trunks, gloves shoes and belts.
  • 1940's - The famous Bamboo Bag is launched. The first of Gucci's iconic items to be sold. This was popular amongst the Royal family and Celebrities.
  • 1950's - Gucci really started to expand the business at this point in time, opening stores in both Milan and New York. Gucci was really starting to catch the eye now.
  • 1960's - The 60's was when Gucci really hit off. Many A listed celebrities were showing off their very own Gucci bags. The famous G logo also began.
  • 1970's - Continuosly expanding and the company grows bigger and bigger. New markets in the far east are now targetted.
  • 1980's - Officially Gucci now became a PLC. New ownership - The son now owned the company.
  • 1990's - Gucci is named European company of the year in 1998. Princess Diana is also seen wearing Gucci.
  • 2000's - Named the most desirable luxury brand in the world.

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