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Here's a fashion trend that comes around periodically, bringing with it squeals of approval and howls of derision alternately, glitter. Not the glitter that you stick on arts and crafts materials, but the glitter you stick on your face. Most often, glitter is employed in eyeshadows and lip glosses, for that 'sparkle sparkle princess' sort of look.

If you're a guy who likes to get into girly fashions and to play about with make up, then it is simply unacceptable to have no glitter cosmetics. Glitter puts the shine and the sparkle back into painting your face, and whilst it may not be an everyday look, it should be given an airing every once in a while.

Glitter won't make you look sophisticated, but it is a whole lot of fun to wear and apply. One word of warning however, it is nigh impossible to ever clean glitter away entirely. Even if you scrub for days, there will still be one sole sparkly tile glinting somewhere about your body. Think of it as the spirit of glitter everlasting.

If you'd like to get into glitter, but don't want to seem too girly, then you can always go the rockstar route. Rockstar use of glitter is bold and daring. When you wear glitter like a man who wants people to notice his sparkly manliness, you don't dab it gently above your eyes or swish it across your lips, no, you paint it on your face in bold patterns. A lightening bolt, or a star, or anything that you think Lady Gaga or David Bowie might conceivably do or have already done.

Why allow the world's glitter supplies to go to waste in silly children's pictures of ponies that don't even look like ponies? Reclaim glitter as your manly right!

If you would like to incorporate glitter a little more subtly, it is possible to buy and wear body glitter. Body glitter tends to be very fine and very sparkly under the right lights, but you can always wear just a touch of it about your person, perhaps in a discrete place where it can not be seen by others. Along the panty line is one such option. Then you can sparkle in privacy without disturbing those around you who may wonder why Brian from accounts is shimmering.

You may want to take care with glitter around women who have fallen for the Twilight series. In the Twilight series, vampires don't burst into flames in sunlight, instead, they sparkle. If there's a lady in your life who is Twilight mad, a little glitter about your cheekbones may drive her crazy, (in a good way.) After all, what's the point of having silly fashion trends in which grown women lust after teenage guys if you can't take advantage of it?

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ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

Whenever I see glitter it tends to stick on my skin without being able to remove it. It's fun though.

One of my Sony PSPs has pearl colored glitter in it's plastic case material. Looks shiny!

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