Hair Color Mistakes

Top 10 Hair Color Mistakes

Getting your hair professionally colored can be a wonderful step to enhancing and highlighting your beauty.  For the best results, avoid these Top 10 Hair Color Mistakes
Getting your hair professionally colored can be a wonderful step to enhancing and highlighting your beauty. For the best results, avoid these Top 10 Hair Color Mistakes

1. Conditioning Your Hair

While you should not conditioner your hair for 2 - 3 days before you get your hair colored (this will close the cuticle and that works against hair color), you should condition, condition, and then condition again as often as possible after any chemical treatment to your hair. You should condition your hair at least once or twice a week for at least a complete half an hour. Doing this will keep your chemically treated hair healthy, full, protected, and shinny.

While we are on the topic of hair color maintenance, it is also important to point out that hair roots are never sexy.  Be prepared and willing to get a re-touch by your colorist on a regular basis.  Consider a non-ammoniated hair color that is more natural and gentler on your hair so that you can get re-touched more often without risk of developing that "over processed" or damaged look.  We highly recommend Organic Color Systems.

2. Properly use highlights

Highlights are a tool for a colorist to use to accent color. Be careful not to use this tool to be a color. Don't try to use highlights to color grey, blend with it, or cover it; unless you are trying to accent the grey. This is a mistake that is often made by both a salon professional and at-home colorist and is one that is easily avoided. If you love your grey hair, a nice highlight in a complimentary tone can accent it fabulously. If your goal is to cover your grey, which is often the case, get a base color in a tone and share that you are happy with and then accent it.

When you're ready to change your hair color or highlights, be prepared to get your whole head treated. Don't be willing to walk around with two-toned hair as it looks unnatural and awkward.

3. Use tones that accent skin

Youth is well complemented by gold or warm tones and that is why these tones should be used to accent skin tone. Remember that beiges and ashes are not good compliments to skin tones. If you already have wonderfully warm skin tones and want an ash or beige tone to accent this, then these tones could give you the result you're looking for. If, like most of us, you need to compliment your skin tone to draw out healthy and youthful hues, consider a gold or warm tone.

When deciding on a color, you should carefully consider your eye color and skin tone.  It is not wise to get to aggressively creative with your hair color.  Always consider to incrementally approximate the color and look you want to get to.

4. Beware of complete solids

Remember that natural human hair color, as is many things in nature, is somewhat random and lacks uniformity. If you're searching for a natural look, as most of us are, remember to avoid too much dense areas of the same color as this has a tendency to look unnatural.

You should also considering changing your hair color every other time you color your hair. This way, you can get a sense for slight variations which will help you make some determinations bout your hair color choices in the future. So many women get stuck on the same formula for years which eventually makes them look a bit unnatural. People's natural hair color changes slightly with seasons, geographic areas in which they live, and even how often they spend outdoors; your hair color should change slightly too.

5. Stay away of the extremes

Whatever tone or shade you have selected, remember to stay somewhat moderate. Too much dark and you could assume a gothic look. Too much red and you risk looking a bit "clowny". If you decide to take your hair color too light you may risk making your skin tone or eye color to look drawn out.

You should also beware of following the "hair color" trends.  Not all trends are correct for all people.  Your colorist can help you follow a bit of a trend to see how you like it without going all the way.

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Jack Honoway 6 years ago

Great information, thank you. These do seem like common mistakes when applying hair color.

SalonExpert profile image

SalonExpert 5 years ago

Great article. I learned so much about hair color mistakes that I will avoid after reading them. There are many mistakes I have made in the past. LOL

BraidHair profile image

BraidHair 4 years ago from Nevada

These tips work well on your own natural hair, but if you wish to add hair extensions and do highlighting, then use only unprocessed hair.

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