Hair Flowers - Finding The Right Women's Hair Flower

Hair flowers have long been a fashionable hair accessory for women. Traditional Polynesian cultures have worn fresh flowers in their hair for centuries. This trend of flower hair accessories quickly gained steam with the young culture today, especially on the West Coast of the United States. Where it is very common to see girls of all ages with flowers hair clips.

It has long been the ultimate hair accessory, a fresh flower pulled from the garden to accent a hair style. This was great, as long as the flower stayed fresh. As soon as it begins to wilt, the petals fall off and you're stuck with a with a dead flower in your hair! Now, silk hair flowers come in many sizes, shapes and colors and stay "fresh" forever! The idea is simple, create a silk flower that lays well in hair and secure a clip to the back so it can be easily styled.

Unfortunately, crafting them isn't so simple. The flower must be chosen very carefully, taking into consideration the shape of the petals in relation to the hair style. If a flower is too tall, it sticks straight up from the head, too flat and no one can see it. The flowers shape must also be considered, since odd shapes will have a hard time blending with a hair style. Online shops (which have the best selection) and craft fairs tend to be the best places to buy hair flowers.

There are many different great women's silk flower hair clip vendors all over the web. My personal favorite is Lucy's Blooms Etsy shop (link below). She makes realistic flowers that range in size from small lilies to huge lotus that would be a perfect wedding hair piece.

Red Rose Hair Flower

Hair flowers compliment any hair style.
Hair flowers compliment any hair style.

Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair

If you're going to San Francisco (or anywhere else, for that matter).

Hair flower clips have long been associated with the hippie culture that thrived in San Francisco in the 1960's. For them though, they relied on fresh flowers picked from parks. Luckily for you, that isn't the only option now!

Hair flower accessories make the perfect compliment to a tie-dye shirt and bell bottoms, as well as the most elegant prom dresses and evening gowns. Having an assortment of sizes and colors of flowers allows you to accessorize them with just about anything and be able to wear them every day.

Wearing flowers in your hair is a sign of elegance. Not every girl can pull this look off. Large flowers generally work best with long hair done up. For short hair, a small flower that lays very flat is best (similar to a bow). If you're lucky enough to have very long hair that styles easily, any type of hair flower will work for you.

A wedding hair flower is also an elegant look for any bride.  Many designers will custom make bridal hair flowers to their exact specifications.

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pinkhawk profile image

pinkhawk 7 years ago from Pearl of the Orient

wow this is pretty cool... flowers in hair! :)... maybe even fairies will be very happy..:) thank you for sharing.. :)

Ebower profile image

Ebower 7 years ago from Georgia

Flowers in her everywhere! I love the beautiful rose! great idea!

The Empire profile image

The Empire 7 years ago from Napa, CA Author

@Ebower - Thank you very much!!

skeri profile image

skeri 7 years ago from United Kingdom

This is so so cool! I always love to put some flower in hair, especially at summer, but during winter its on hat! :))

Craftsmith profile image

Craftsmith 6 years ago from India

women in southern India, wear a jasmine garland !

ccc 6 years ago

i think its AWESOME TO wear a hair piece in your hair butt sorta hard too find the perfect one....

cogi 6 years ago

Flower in the hair is good for men too! I'm male and I wear flowers in my hair all the time, it's just beautiful!

tiffany 6 years ago

think its AWESOME tiffany jewellery

shop flowers 6 years ago

The Empire, thanks for turning me on to Lucy Bloom's etsy shop. There is nothing quite so exotic yet earthy as a woman, barefoot, with a flower in her hair. Reminds me of a Gaugin painting.

raining01 6 years ago


Chichi 6 years ago

Thanks for the tip, I love wearing flowers in my hair. Glad to know I'm on trend!

CookieB profile image

CookieB 5 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

I have a flower cabbage clip that huge. I like putting flowers on my hair, like a wreath or mixed in between the braids. One should try the ylang-ylang or the jasmine family of flowers on their hair, they are elegant and they smell great too.

Danielle Doyle 5 years ago

Now you can wear a fresh flower in your hair with FlowerPiks! The Trendy hairclip that holds just enough water to keep a fresh flower alive and secure in the hair all day. Visit us at to view our entire line.

JasonPLittleton profile image

JasonPLittleton 5 years ago

Great idea.

pjtompkins1 5 years ago

Yes, flowers are great....but what about the women with short hair. Like myself, my hair isn't long enough to hold a flower or a clip, is there another option?

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