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Got2b Glued

Got2b glued is styling glue that I have started using about 2 years ago and have not gone with anything else since. It is made by Schwarzkopf and is a very inexpensive product. The thing I like about got2b glued is the fact that you can use it in a few different ways. Depending on how much you use will depend on how it looks, obviously. If I want to style my hair without it looking like there is any product in my hair I can just use a little and it gives my hair more body and style without the hard look you get from hair gels. If I was interested in spiking my hair up and going with that Jersey shore look I can just add a little more and it will do the trick. One of the main reasons I like this product over other products is most products you use you will put in your hair and they aren’t strong enough to actually hold the hair where I want it to. I have a cowlick in the front of my head which usually over powers any hair product I have used in the past, but with got2b glued I can manage to keep that thing at bay without my hair looking like I put cement in it. Another good thing about this product is it does not have a super strong or bad smell so you will not have a ridiculous smelling head. In conclusion got2b glued is a very good all-around hair styling product because it is cheap, easy to work with, produces results even with the hardest to style hair and in the end just gives you a good look for any occasion. I rate this product at the top of the hair styling products list.

Figured a picture of beckham will inspire the doing of hair.
Figured a picture of beckham will inspire the doing of hair. | Source

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Quick update for my hair product review of Got 2b Glued. I am still going strong using it. It has been working very well for me for a while and I have used many other products in the paste. You have complete control over your hair without it getting too hard like most gel products. Give this product a try to make sure you are using the original in the all yellow tube.

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Heather Says profile image

Heather Says 4 years ago from Buckeye, Arizona

They're such a good brand. I use the freeze spray in the giant yellow can because I've never found a better hairspray. It does the job and is worth every penny. My husban jokes and calls it my airhorn because it certainly looks like one ;)

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