Hair Removal Choices That Work

Some of us have unwanted growth we need help taking care of. There are many alternatives to getting rid of hair and I have tried just about all of them. I’m going to share with you my experience and opinion on the various methods of uprooting an undesirable situation.


You can use a disposable razor, one with replacement blades or electric shaver depending on the amount of hair and the texture. Some women have blond fuzz and an occasional once over with an electric appliance is enough to remedy this issue. Then there are those of us with some serious forests.


As most people know this cuts the hair off flush with the skin giving a temporarily smooth finish.


Shavers with blades are sharp and you can cut yourself if you aren't careful. I still have a small scar on my ankle from when I was young and learning.

If you use a non-electric shaver, lubricant will be needed such as soap, lotion or shaving cream.

Electric Shavers

Electric shavers don’t always give a close smooth shave. They need to be cleaned out and the heads have to be replaced when worn.

Continuous maintenance is needed to keep up with this method or stubble will result. Some of us have to shave daily in order to keep everything smooth.

Frequent shaving can cause ingrown hairs.

Hair Removal Creams-

These work well for some people but does nothing for others.


You just wipe away the hair.


It can burn and irritate your skin especially in sensitive areas.

Doesn't work for everyone. I have darker hair and it didn't phase mine.

It has a strong chemical smell that can be offensive to some people.


This is a hand held appliance that looks similar to an electric shaver but is very different. It consists of a rotating head of tiny tweezers that pull the hairs out by the roots.


The hair doesn’t grow back as quickly as it does with shaving.


It is painful and not for the faint of heart.

It can cause red bumps that look similar to a plucked chicken skin. This goes away after a few hours or a day or so depending on how sensitive your skin and how large the roots.

Some aestheticians claim the hair grows back thicker. I haven’t noticed this in fact some hair doesn’t grow back at all.


This is best done by a professional. I use this term loosely. I have had aestheticians that were supposed to know what they were doing but obviously were novices. One took the top layer of skin from under my eyebrows. The good news is I no longer grow hair there but it was painful until it healed.


Like the epilator, the hair is pulled out by the roots only with this method it is done quickly and is less painful.

The hair comes back more slowly.

You have nice smooth skin for quite a while depending on your rate of growth.


If you get a new person and they take skin and all it can take several days to heal and if it’s in a sensitive area like your bikini area it can be quite tender. (Yes, I know about that one first hand too.)

Doing it yourself with a home kit can not only be a disaster but can give you comical blog fodder for later. Do a search and you will find a few humorous tales to read. Some get the wax stuck and require the help of a physician to remove it. Bless their hearts. I’ve never tried these and always go to a salon.

Again, aestheticians say the hair comes in thicker. I have not had this experience but it is something to consider.


This method is done by a professional, usually a doctor or nurse with a machine that electrocutes each hair follicle individually. If that sounds painful that is because it is. They will give you a numbing cream if you so desire. Trust me, you will desire. I couldn’t tell the cream did much good but I had my upper lip done and that is supposed to be one of the most sensitive areas.


In many patients the hair does not grow back. (I could not tell a difference.)


It is expensive.

For some people the hair still grows back. (Probably those of us growing forests.)

It is painful even with the numbing cream.

Laser Hair Removal-

This is by far my favorite and most expensive method of all. The hair does not grow back. The skin is left smooth and silky.


The aestheticians are all registered nurses and know what they are doing. There is a doctor or physician’s assistant on staff to make sure the equipment is calibrated correctly and no burns happen. At least this is the case where I go. Make sure you check references and the Better Business Bureau. Do not skimp on this one or you could wind up in the hospital.

I’ve had my upper lip, under arms, legs and bikini area lasered with pleasing results. Never having to shave, wax or worry about it again is worth every penny I spent.


There is a little redness afterward they treat with aloe vera cream. It only lasts a few hours.

It is a little painful but not as much as the epilator or electrolysis method so if you’ve tried either one of those you’ll have an idea. Laser hair removal feels like you are being snapped with a rubber band several times. I've read some website discussions of women saying they thought it was too painful. Your pain tolerance, the type machine they use and the aesthetician will have some bearing on this. There is a canister of cooling agent in the machines my nurse uses and it makes a difference.

If you get someone who doesn’t know what they are doing you could wind up in the burn ward of the hospital. (I’ve gone many times for several areas and never had any problems.)

It typically takes six visits, more if you have that forest previously discussed. You pay by the visit.

It is expensive. Prices vary depending on where you live and the clinic you use so I can’t really give you a figure. Call around to get quotes. Even here where I live we have a few offices, some charge twice the price of others. Location has a lot to do with it and competition. We have new salons opening all the time which drives the price down.

As of this writing African American women and others with darker skin do not have good results with this method neither do true blonds. Call and talk to them first and make sure they are aware of your ethnicity and skin type. They come out with new machines all the time so it may be different now.

Light skin with dark hair is the best candidate for this type hair removal system.

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tnderhrt23 profile image

tnderhrt23 6 years ago

Interesting, well-written presentation...seasoned with a bit of humor. Voted up!

Pamela N Red profile image

Pamela N Red 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Tnderhrt23, it's a hairy situation. :o)

tnderhrt23 profile image

tnderhrt23 6 years ago


pan1974 profile image

pan1974 6 years ago from Columbus,Ga

I like this hub.Good information.

Pamela N Red profile image

Pamela N Red 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Thanks, Pan. It's something many of us have to deal with at some point in time.

katrinasui profile image

katrinasui 6 years ago

Very well written hub. Keep posting.

Pamela N Red profile image

Pamela N Red 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Thanks for reading, katrinasui.

Pamela N Red profile image

Pamela N Red 5 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Hairycure, I haven't heard of that product. I'll have to check into it. Thanks.

me 4 years ago

I would like to go on for a laser removal but those forests kid of lowers my confidence and might laugh at how my armpit looks like. thats what really scares me. I dont care about the pain.

Pamela N Red profile image

Pamela N Red 4 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Me, they are very nice and do not laugh at anyone. They are nurses and physicians assistants and very professional. I highly recommend it. I've had my armpits and legs done with great results.

me 4 years ago

I mean maybe they would laugh behind our backs and talk trash about those arm[its. (well that's me being so conscious and pessimist) anyway,so it would take six visits before the hair would be totally removed??and how long would the gap be between each visits.

Pamela N Red profile image

Pamela N Red 4 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Me, it depends on the machine they use and the aethetician. Some say wait six weeks between visits and some recommend eight. Yes it takes about six treatments.

I wouldn't worry about what people say after you leave and anyway you shave before you go in so they don't see the hair.

me 4 years ago

Does it mean that between those six to eight weeks hair would still grow. And if yes, could I shave/wax it?

Pamela N Red profile image

Pamela N Red 4 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Me, you will still have hair growth and should shave. Do not wax or use an epilator as this could cause the hair follicles to repair themselves hindering your laser treatments. They recommend shaving 24 hours before your visit because if you don't the laser will kill the top growth and the root won't get penetrated as well.

After about 3 or 4 treatments you will notice a great deal of hair reduction. Less hair growing back more slowly. You have to go the full amount of treatments though or your follicles will repair themselves and start to regrow. Some even have more growth than before, so be sure to continue the follow up treatments.

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